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99 Report for March 30th : Guests Shannyn Moore, Jason Leopold, and Special Call In Reports from DC

BLOGTALKRADIO LINK HERE TO LISTEN IN. Today's Show is packed with Radio Goodness. Guests : Shannyn Moore and Jason Leopold. And then an CALL IN update from DC from the Backbone Campaign and Occupy Student Debt. The Power of Five includes Great reading from Shannyn Moore and and Jason Leopold. From Occupy Compassion :99 Ways to give I am including some information from Mike Farrell that is worth sharing, especially for those battling PTSD. And from my Wisdom in History section we have the the words of JFK and MLK to sooth us in these times. And the Music today is from Sanara Pippens and TrueNdeed " Gotta Believe".
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The 99 Report is happy to welcome Shannyn Moore on the show. She was invited to share about the ongoing battle regarding the Pebble Mine as it poses risks to beautiful Bristol Bay. We in the lower 48 need to learn more about this situation and try to help. Shannyn is also known for her fine radio show which can now be heard on We Act Radio nightly.For those who live up in Alaska , The Shannyn Moore Show Monday-Friday 11am-2pm on KUDO 1080 AM Anchorage. You can also read her fine column in the Anchorage Daily News.And many of us have read her fine blog for many years Just a Girl From Homer.

Learn More about The Pebble Mine battle :

(1) Alaska Conservation Foundation.
(2) Save Bristol Bay .Org.

Second Guest on The 99 Report is Jason Leopold. JasonLeopold Editor of Truthout and founder of The Public Record. ( You can find him on Twitter @jasonleopold) He has been invited on to discuss his current ongoing series regarding his FOIA that is revealing the Monitoring of the Occupy Movement. ( We also may be discussing some other timely issues such as GITMO and current projects and works of Truthout and The Public Record.)

MUST READ Of DAY : Jason's ongoing series on his FOIA regarding the Occupy Monitoring. Please read and do see the Video.

Jason's ongoing fine Journalism is part of my "Power of Five" Today ::::
(1) This Post about Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield on GITMO is a must read.....and was updated 1/9/12

(2) And this post from Nov.2011 is also shares perspectives from an Former GITMO Prosecutor.

(3) This November Post about the Pentagon Propaganda Video is also a Must read.

(4) This link is to the Interview with Leopold about his Interviews of David Hicks of Gitmo.

(5) This RT/Truthout Link is about Jason's Interview regarding NDAA and Ongoing Detention issues.


Bill Moyer join the 99 Report to talk about the Backbone Campaign to discuss the Actions planned in DC, you can read more about their work and planned activities Backbone Campaign.Org. They are planning to focus and spotlight the Student Debt Crisis in this Country and raise awareness about the rising Default loans issues, as well as the Housing Crisis, basically focusing on Banks ' roles in the ongoing crisis. They are focused on two such critical issues impacting so many. Do follow them on Twitter for updates @Backboneprog. ( I will post updates here as well).

Also joining us is Kyle McCarthy he is known as @Swarmster on Twitter, he calls himself a "People Mobilizer", he also tweets at the @Default Movie and he started the hashtag #OccupyStudentDebt and is also found at @OccupyStudentDebt.Org . His website ,, has a wealth of information, and is also where folks share their Student Loan Debt Stories. Many are starting to appreciate that the Student Loan Crisis is just beginning to come into focus, and may indeed be much more serious and expansive than the Mortgage Crisis.He too will be in DC this weekend working on the Actions there.

Kyle McCarthy ( known on Twitter as @swarmster )currently serves as the Director of Community Outreach for Default: The Student Loan Documentary. DEFAULT has appeared in over 200 various media and is now airing on over 150 PBS affiliates and is part of this year's San Francisco Independent Film Festival. Kyle was recently named one of "10 Leaders Who Are Fighting for Student Loan Reform" for establishing Occupy Student Debt. This has been covered by the AP, Forgive Student Loan Debt, The Backbone Campaign.

99 Ways to Give; Number 22 ( From Mike Farrell last week )
Sharing Information and a fine book about Healing PTSD with Neurofeedback. Mike Farrell when he was on the show submittted this new information regarding a new technigue that Practioners are learning and using nationwide to help VETS and others with PTSD. It is fascinating research worth reading and exploring. The book is an amazing read as well, it is called The Healing Power of Neurofeedback: The Revolutionary LENS Technique for Restoring Optimal Brain Function [Paperback] And you can find it on Amazon for under 20 dollars.
MUSIC For Todays's Show :

Music this week is by TruNDeed and Sanara. I know Sanara Pippins and she offered this song, as it's inspiring , hopeful, truthful. "Gotta Believe".

James Paige Morrison @JamePMorrison on Twitter has a wonderful CD "Son to the Boy" and you can order Here.
Wisdom From History :

Honoring Trayvon Martin and his family and these Troubled Times. As it is now day 35 and No Arrest has been made I am asking that folks do keep the spotlight on this Crime . I dedicate this song to him, his family and all of those waiting for Justice. ( First 3 Minutes of this will be played for the show , it's poignant lessons from the past from JFK and MLK on Secrets and also Justice and the importance of not being Silent in Times of Trouble.)
SHOW REMINDERS :Tune in next week at 2:00 PM EST for a lengthy discussion with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Discussion will include rise in Hate Groups and Crimes as well as Trayvon Martin. ( Please do read more about his work with Southern Poverty Law Center here.
"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."~Mother Teresa

The Backbone Campaign is in DC this Weekend Raising Awareness.....

Click the Title to Learn More and see the Schedule of Events in DC this weekend or follow them on Twitter at @backboneprog. They are focusing on Important issues facing Americans from Student Debt, Defaulting On Loans and the Housing Crisis in America. Join them in DC they are Creatively raising Awareness and educating people.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Talking Healthcare...."People can get Insurance when they are Well".

Must Hear Interview with Jay Leno....really disgusting. Do Listen to the part about people over 45 and with pre-existing condition, listen closely.....

( Think Progress posted the Transcript)
ROMNEY: People with pre-existing conditions, as long as they have been insured before, they are going to be able to continue to have insurance.
LENO: Suppose they haven’t been insured before?
ROMNEY: Well, if they are 45 years old and they show up and say I want insurance because I have heart disease, it’s like, ‘Hey guys. We can’t play the game like that. You’ve got to get insurance when you are well and then if you get ill, you are going to be covered. [...]
We’ll look at a circumstance where someone is ill and hasn’t been insured so far, but people who have the chance to be insured –- if you are working in the auto business for instance, the companies carry insurance, they insure their employees, you look at the circumstances that exist –- but people who have done their best to get insured are going to be able to be covered. But you don’t want everyone saying, ‘I am going to sit back until I get sick and then go buy insurance.’ That doesn’t make sense. But you get defined rules and get people in who are playing by the rules.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Xena Update...

Thank you to Everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and Light and also wonderful Cat Kidney Failure Advice....Here she is this week helping me do the 99 Report Radio Show...sitting in her spot. Lounging....Purring. So on Twitter and Facebook I have been posting updates. I realized this week I need to post an update here. You have to admit for 16 she looks remarkable and content. Now that she is stable, she really is comfortable. I was going to do Hospice for her, but the Vet said that with SubQ daily Fluids and Meds ( for nausea and lack of appetite), special diet and TLC that she is not ready for Hospice yet. The Vet admitted that she does not know how long Xena has, but that as long as she is comfortable and purring that my nursing care seems to be doing her well. The Vet has agreed to give me pain meds for her if needed, and as long as we keep hydrated she should be ok for the Move. ( Xena has actually always loved car rides and traveling and has lived all over the Country. So 6-6 and I are hopeful she will get to NYC with us). So as long as she is purring...and still getting plenty of time to nap in the sun and watch her birds...she is Still Here...We love her....

Friday, March 23, 2012

99 Report for March 23rd : Justice For Trayvon Martin and also a Discussion with Mike Farrell on The Death Penalty

BLOGTALKRADIO Link for 99 Report 2PM
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( First 3 Minutes of this will be played for the show , it's poignant lessons from the past from JFK and MLK on Secrets and also Justice and the importance of not being Silent in Times of Trouble.)

"And I know that Justice is indivisible. Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere" MLK

The Killing of Trayvon Martin and how this case has unraveled this month can not be underestimated, it is an important moment in our History. It is a Moment about Breaking the Silence, it is a Moment about Accountability to ourselves and each other. As a mom I can not imagine the depth of the loss and pain of of his parents. I have many questions, I think we need to be asking those Questions Loudly. We need Transparency, there can be no secrets until there is Justice for Trayvon.

(1) Why was this man allowed to pretend to be a Security Guard for this Gated Community, he had made over 46 calls to the Police Dept over the past year , calling in concerns ranging from Trash to children playing to yes, Black people walking in his community. Why did no one raise concerns over this man ?

(2) And why is the Media calling him a "Watchman" or a " Unpaid Security Guard" , he was none of these, he was a Vigilante, he had appointed himself to "secure" the neighborhood and in some ways he was stalking the neighborhood. After 46 calls the Police did not think to research or investigate him ? Did they come out and talk to him ? Did they know he was armed ?

(3) What happened that fateful day that Zimmerman followed and pursued Trayvon ? What happened when they met ? How did Trayvon just end up in the Morgue ? And what was the delay in contacting his family ? Where are the EMS reports ? EMS should have responded to the GunShot 911 calls. Why didn't anyone try to contact his family when he was criticallly wounded at the scene. I mention this because 911 / EMS would have tried to identify a way to contact next of kin, they would have used the cellphone to call his family ? Where is the cellphone ? His Head set ? His girlfriend clearly said he must have been thrown to the ground and that is why the head set did not respond.

(4) How can anyone say the Self Defense Line by Zimmerman holds any water ? Trayvon was a kid, carrying a Iced Tea and a bag of skittles, he was walking home in the rain with a Hoodie talking to his girlfriend on the phone. What part of that was threatening to Zimmerman ? And clearly if Zimmerman called him an "F---ing C--ns " , he has a Race Problem and a Hate problem. No one can listen to those tapes and not be repulsed , and even more concerned listening to the 911 Witness tapes where clearly there is a young boy crying for help in the background. ( The 911 tapes and Records are at Daily Kos, The Nation and Mother Jones and Think Progress).

People say that we don't have a Racism Problem in America. We clearly do. People say that Hate Talk and Bigotry spewed by Talk Radio and The Tea Party and Rush Limbaugh ,Ann Coulter etc are not a Problem, It clearly is a problem. Hate and Ignorance can fuel some very Violent Deadly Actions, and we as a Country need to own up to that. We owe that much to Trayvon's Family and to Trayvon and to our own Sons and Daughters. No one should be afraid to walk to te corner market on a Rainey afternoon to get a little brother skittles and a can of Iced Tea.

Our Guest today on the 99 Report at 2:30PM EST ( 11:30 Pacific ) is Mike Farrell, a fine Actor,Humanitarian,Activist to discuss The Death Penalty and his fine work on this issue for so many years. We will talk about his organization and it's evolving leadership and members, as well as ongoing projects. As it is an election year we will discuss which states are looking to make it a Ballot issue and what we can do to help with this effort, as well as how we can make this happen in more States. ( The SAFE Campaign in California is one that is currently getting notice.) Please do read more of his fine Organization Death Penalty Focus, it is continuing to raise awareness about the Death Penalty around the Country, not just California.

We also will be discussing the Alabama case of Thomas Arthur who is set to be executed within 6 days. We will be discussion the DNA aspect of his case, and why his case and other older cases are not allowed to have the DNA of older evidence tested.( See Below) We also will be asking other landmark cases we should be watching and what we can do to help DeathPenalty.Org with their work.

Alabama DNA Case. Thomas Arthur is the man whose Life hangs in the balance, and the Attorneys have the funds needed for the DNA to be run, but the authorities are getting in the way. Please do also share the articles attached as well. This is not just a Death Penalty Case, this is also a case with some questionable maneuvering regarding DNA. Except the Inmate is scheduled for Execution at the end of this month on the 29th, so any attention we can bring this case is very important.

Mike Farrell updated us that this case has been STAYED at this point, the execution on hold while evidence /DNA examined. I will try to update this and find more sources, but this is good news.....stay tuned for more info on the DNA part.

More From the Discussion Today :
Do read about the Safe Campaign in California and how it is helping the State of California bring Abolition of the Death Penalty to the Ballot. It will end the Death Penalty and actually save the state Millons of Dollars. It will also set aside funds to solve unsolved crimes and even test stored Rape Lab Tests and other stores lab tests.It would lead to Life with Parole, Life Imprisonment for the existing 600 on Death Row that have had their executions put on hold for now.

Mike also weighed in on our Discussion yesterday regarding PTSD, and shared info about Practioners that are examining a new way to help Vets with PTSD, it involved Neuro Feedback.This website HomeComing For Veterans.Org has more information about this therapy .
Oct 16th 2011 we welcomed Mike Farrell to Awopradio. to have a Discussion focused on the Death Penalty in America. At that time Execution issue was regaining attention due to the Execution of Troy Davis and the GOP debates ( and Perry's Record). Mike Farrell is known by many as a fine actor and for his work on M*A*S*H as B.J.Hunnicutt , but he also has worked as an activist for 30 years, educating and advocating on many Human Rights Issues, including the Abolition of the Death Penalty. You can read more of his fine Human Rights Work on his own website.
Brave New Films video introduced by Cenk Yuger for "Meet the Bloggers"
Some of the Myths that are mentioned in the videos ::

Myth: Death by lethal injection is painless and humane.
Myth: The death penalty provides "closure" to families of victims.
Myth: The death penalty is enforced only after all efforts for appeal have been exhausted.
Myth: The death penalty is faithful to the Constitution.

On GritTV ( Ann Flanders) (Sept2011) ( 2 Min. PSA on Death Penalty)

On GRIT TV with Laura Flanders speaking on many issues, (17minutes) Sept 2011, including speaking on Healthcare ( please see the 2 min PSA on Single Payer, Medicare4All in this video).

On Mike Farrell's Biography and his organization, WWW.Death Penalty.Org , you can read more here.

Huffpo post on Issue has an article by Mike Farrell from 2010 that is a must read.
Blogtalkradio October 16th, 2012
Listen to internet radio with AWOP Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Also joining the Show at 3:10PM is Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign, and his new actions that are planned for DC next week. The DooOccupy Campaign is focusing on targeting some key issues : the Foreclosure Crisis and the mounting Student Debt and Other Debt Issues. Do see the Link as Next Week and Weekend in DC there will be many new Actions. I will be tweeting more about these DC actions this week.

In Closing this week there is no Power of Five. I do however want to do some Shout Outs:: To Kim of Awopradio for coming on the 99 Report and helping with my 99 Report Special on PTSD and Multiple Deployments and Concerns for our Vets. Shout Out to Tim Corrimal for having me on his show last week. To Jill Bond and Jonathon Capeheart for their work on the Trayvon Martin Situation this week. To James P.Morrison for graciously allowing me to use his song the Way Back Inn on the show yesterday., To Lee Camp for his Moments of Clarity and please do check his website and do see him On Tour in the UK. And to Ineke Kamps thank you for graciously allowing me to share her beautiful art and photos. And for great listening on Friday Nights I encourage you to listen to Kenny Pick on Friday Nights. And a huge shout out to We Act Radio, thank you for all the great radio every week.
Music for the Show::
Music at the Start of the Show is by MamaShine 99%" For What it is Worth" ( remake/remix for the 99% of the Classic Buffalo Springfield song.)


Video and Song by One Eskimo....Occupy Amazing from the UK -Used to Close the Show
Stand Up and Mean What We Say....Dave Dalton

"Hope in Hard Times" by John Clark of @OccupyTampa


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Occupy Spring

Introducing An Amazing Artist : Ineke Kamps

As some of you know I collect old photographs and paintings of certain things, cats, dogs, redheads, and vintage radios ( vintage anything.) So awhile back a friend, a reader sent me this amazing "painting". I tried to figure out who made it, but got nowhere. I loved the vintage radio, but also the cat. The cat indeed reminded me of our 20 Pound Wonder, Harry Cat....and the way the cat was perched reminded me of our Xena the Princess.....and as many of you know I have been using vintage radio on the Radio Posts. It is a way of embracing a bygone era that I truly hope is resurging. I believe that in the 20's,30's and 40's, it was a very powerful tool to connect to share music, information. I especially believe that it was important in the Depression. Now Internet radio has opened up new horizons.

So I posted the art above, and lo and behold this week the artist contacted me. It is actually a very beautiful photograph made by a true artist named Ineke Kamps, she is very talented, she paints and photographs. She studied Illustration Design and has dedicated herself to Fine Art. In 2007 she began to work on her photography , with her cats as models. The cat in this lovely photo is actually named Kedi, and per Ineke is a star on Flickr and has even had cards made of her. ( Ineke has explained to me that Kedi is Turkish for cat). Her photographs are stirring, poignant and so beautiful.

I will also be mentioning her work on the radio this week as she should have more exposure, she is so talented. I would love to help her work get more followers and also I hope that some writers , especially of Children's Books see her work and realize that her photographs would be a wonderful asset.

I gratefully thank her for allowing me to keep the photo above up and sharing about her talent .I remain humbled and grateful by her talent, but also that she was kind enough to dialogue about her art and cats. In a small way she woke me up that Random Beautiful Art is never random, it is truly a gift.
Here are her Links and Websites, please go support her works and Buy Some Amazing Art......

(1) –her regular website or go HERE.
(2) - her flickr website, mostly photography or go HERE.
(3) - facebook or go HERE.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Broken and Wounded, Questions about Sgt.Robert Bales, PTSD, Too Many WarZone Deployments

A few weeks back I read this article about how the Madigan Base near Tacoma Washington was having to review their PTSD standards and patients. This article did not make National News, but it should have. For weeks now the News has been full of stories of soldiers taking their own lives and lives of others.

Vet's Suicide rates have not gone down, actually they have gone up quite a bit in the last 3 years.

Troubling new data show there are an average of 950 suicide attempts each month by veterans who are receiving some type of treatment from the Veterans Affairs Department.Seven percent of the attempts are successful, and 11 percent of those who don’t succeed on the first attempt try again within nine months.

The numbers, which come at a time when VA is strengthening its suicide prevention programs, show about 18 veteran suicides a day, about five by veterans who are receiving VA care. ( Army Times)

EIGHTEEN Vets a day means that we are losing MORE here at home than in War Zones, we are losing atleast 6570 LIVES per year, that means that easily we have lost more than 50,000 Vets due to Suicide in the Past 8 years ? How is No One Covering this Crisis ?

It has been estimated that at least one vet tries to take his life very 11 minutes. It also has been estimated that 75,000 to 90,000 Vets are currently suffering from PTSD, it is unclear if these Vets have all qualified for Medical Care or Disability. It seems that many are being denied. We have 600,000 to 900,000 Vets on the Street any and every night, how many are in Pain or have PTSD, how many are suicidal ? How is our VA program coping with these numbers ? Is the VA able to provide psychological care that is needed to so many ? ( Then why aren't their more postings for Nurses and Nurse practitioners to work with PTSD ?)

Let's talk about Robert Bales and the Killings of 16 Afghan villagers. ( This included 9 Women and children. This was a major event and the amount of secrecy and "Quiet" on this Killing Spree has been shocking. ( We all remember the Fort Hood Killings, the same kind of silence ensued). According to this Boston Globe article he joined up shortly after 911, he is originally from Ohio but has spent most of his Military Career at Fort Lewis ( which is near Tacoma Washington). He has two small children and a wife. He has spent most of the past 10 years in four War Zones. At one point he had his foot wounded and lost part of his foot ( It is unclear how this incident happened or why he was returned to a War Zone with only part of his foot). He also suffered head trauma and concussion due to an IED Incident to his vehicle ( and only some of these are truly classified as "Combat Injuries", even though they lead to brain trauma and PTSD.)

After his brain injury in 2010 Bales did not think ( per the article)he was being sent back into a war zone, he actually had already started training to be a Recruiter. And then in December they sent him to Afghanistan. It is unclear in this article why or who made this decision. My Question is did he receive his Medical Treatment and care at Madigan ? Is he one of the ones who suffered PTSD and did not receive proper diagnosis and care ? In the news reports it is said that he saw a friends leg blown off the day prior to the Killing Incident, which begs the question what happened the day before ? Was he witness to a bloody battle or was he wounded as well ? There is too much silence and too many Questions at this point.

More About Madigan and the PTSD Blunders ( from the News Tribune) "Army will contact all who had PTSD status changed at Madigan: ( Snippet below)

The Army plans to contact every former soldier whose post-traumatic stress diagnosis was changed by a Madigan Army Medical Center psychiatry team over the past four years and likely will reevaluate many of those cases.The Army Western Region Medical Command disclosed that new line of inquiry Wednesday as it summarized its first review of a Madigan team responsible for checking the mental health diagnoses of soldiers seeking medical retirements.

Of 14 soldiers who challenged the psychiatry team’s adjustments, the Army reinstated the original PTSD diagnoses for six. The reinstatement entitles them to a disability pension of at least 50 percent of their Army salaries – more than what they would have received under the team’s changes.In six other cases, clinicians at Walter Reed Army Medical Center concluded the Madigan team was correct in changing PTSD to other conditions, such as anxiety disorder. Those diagnoses do not come with immediate disability pensions.

The remaining two soldiers were never diagnosed with PTSD, and the Walter Reed reviewers determined those decisions were correct.

“These results clearly show that the PTSD evaluation process by this unit at Madigan has been deeply flawed,” Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said Wednesday. “How many other service members have been wrongly diagnosed, how much cost played a role in these decisions, and how widespread this problem is, are still big, unanswered questions.”
Maj. Gen. Philip Volpe, commander of the Western Region Medical Command based south of Tacoma, said the results show that further investigation is warranted.

“We have a responsibility to identify the cause of variance, eliminate diagnostic variance, and standardize our processes across all of Army medicine,” Volpe said in written remarks.Madigan, located on the grounds of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, is the only Army hospital with an in-house forensic psychiatry team that regularly re-evaluates behavioral health diagnoses.

Col. Theresa Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for the Army Surgeon General, said the medical command does not yet know how many soldiers had such diagnoses adjusted. That number should be available this week as the Army contacts those former soldiers.

(1) Boston Globe shares story and background on Afghan Shooting suspect Robert Bales.
(2) News Tribune in WA does a series of stories, this is post from Feb22,2012 on the improper medical care of Military Patients at Madigan for PTSD. And the Military is supposed to be doing a review and also reviewing the patients. (As a Nurse My Question is MrBales one of these patients that did not get the care and diagnosis that was medically warranted.
(3)( News Tribune 2.21.12) Madigan Chief placed on Administrative Leave admidst Inquiry.
(4) Vet Suicide Rates from Army Times April 2010.
And the title says it is time to talk about PTSD, but really it's time to bring our Vets Home and give them the care they need and deserve.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The 99 Report Radio Show Friday March 16th 2PM Blogtalkradio,Guest @Windspike,Aaron Anderson to talk about his book on Resistance Movements

Listen to internet radio with 99 Report on Blog Talk Radio

Intro to the Show, and Intro Music by MamaShine Music for the 99%, "For What it is Worth". This Show we have a Guest Aaron Anderson at 2:30PM to discuss Resistance Movements and how they bring Change, and his book on this issue. Also there is the Power of Five ( Five things MSM has missed and that will empower you). Moment of Clarity by Lee Camp. I am also including audio this week from Maya Angelou "Still I Rise" and "Reality Check" Explanation of HR 347. Also in this episode some more contributions to 99 Ways to Give, and Occupy Updates.
Fighting the War on Women with Wisdom :
This Week Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise"

Issue of Concern This Week that the MSM barely covered : HR347

A Controversial Bill that was signed into law over the weekend, it appears to be about Trespassing Laws protecting Buildings....but it is much more than that, and has great potential to be misused or abused.

ACLU Breaks down the Criminalizing Protest Bill #HR347 and what it means and does not mean.

Video on the issue:

More From RT news breaks down why this Vague Bill could have the potential to be Mis-Used or even abused. And why Civil Liberty groups such as ACLU are concerned.

Lee Camp's #MOC (Moment of Clarity) on HR347. { Do also check his website in the Sidebar, and order his book and his CD and his upcoming Tour of the UK.If you are missing the Wisdom of George Carlin, you need to give a listen to Lee, he's brilliant).

Power of Five...Five Things that will empower you.....that the MSM forgot to report...

(1) HIV Rates in African American Women:::
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 32 African-American women will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime. But a national team of AIDS experts at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere say they are surprised and dismayed by the results of a new study they conducted, showing that the yearly number of new cases of HIV infection among black women is five times previous estimates from the CDC.

What’s more alarming is that the rate revealed in the ISIS study is comparable to estimated HIV incidence rates in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including the Congo (0.28%) and Kenya (0.53%).

Some of the factors increasing the HIV/AIDS risk for Black women include lack of access to health care and the inability to sometimes negotiate safer sex because of financial dependence on a sexual partner. In addition, because Black men have higher rates of incarceration, which can lead to concurrent relationships and the higher prevalence of AIDS in the Black community, the chances of infection are higher with each sexual encounter.

(2) Default the Movie airs this week on LINK TV , times and schedule are here in the link.

(3) CNN story about how Homeowners are starting to grasp that the recent lawsuit/settlement does not help homeowners at all. 11 Million are still Underwater.

(4) Federal Report analyzed in the NYT finally cites Bank Officials in the Foreclosure Crisis ( yet NO national news covered this angle of the story).

(5) Now for a Green Issue, The Pebble Mine in AK. This week I learned from Shannyn Moore about the Pebble Mine in AK, I was shocked to learn of this Mine being put in such proximity of Bristol Bay. ( Which is also a part of a very fragile ancient ecosystem that the Salmon need in the Northwest.) You can read more here, and learn more about this important battle.

99 Ways to Give ::
(1) Progressive Hero Award by WeActRadio for by Campaign for America's Future. Maria Leavy Award to a Progressive Soul doing great work. Nominations are due by April 2nd.

(2) Fresno State working with Feed The Children has set up a program so that they have their backpacks for school, the backpacks have much needed supplies. This program makes sure they have what they need to come to school, families that are homeless or in transition don't always have what they need.

Occupy Updates :::
99 Film is actually a collaborative Film Project that is trying to document the Movement nationwide. Click the Link to see the Trailer and see how you can give.

FUKUSHIMA...Anniversary update ::
The Link to the Feb.28th FRONTLINE Special

Our Guest Today at 2:30PM is Aaron Anderson @Windspike on Twitter he has written a really amazing book about Resistance as it relates to Change that is timely and relevant.

Aaron Anderson is currently the Acting Executive Director of the San Francisco State University Graduate Business Programs. He has been involved in the education industry for a career spanning about two decades, having worked at schools such as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Berkeley, and his current institution. For fun, he runs, windsurfs, and enjoys regularly playing traditional Irish music.

Amazon has a really nice review and BIO written up on Aaron and his Book "Engaging Resistance: How Ordinary People Successfully Champion Change "(Stanford Business Books). It is also available on Kindle.

Music for the Show::
Music at the Start of the Show is by MamaShine 99%" For What it is Worth" ( remake/remix for the 99% of the Classic Buffalo Springfield song.)


Video and Song by One Eskimo....Occupy Amazing from the UK -Used to Close the Show
Stand Up and Mean What We Say....Dave Dalton

"Hope in Hard Times" by John Clark of @OccupyTampa

Shout Outs to WeActRadio, The Shannyn Moore Show, Nicole Sandler Show on WeActRadio and RadioOrNot, Turn Up the Night on Friday Nights,Tim Corrimal Radio Show this weekend, Awopradio on Sunday with a show about Ash,Next Week on 99 Report Mike Farrell to talk about the Death Penalty, especially re. DNA cases, and also the Ballot issue in California.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

99 Report for March 9th 2PM BlogTalkRadio : Commentary by Lee Camp, Guest Denis Campbell on Austerity Measures in UK, and more....

Listen to internet radio with 99 Report on Blog Talk Radio

( Show is at 2PM as always, for one hour on BlogTalkRadio )
This week I have been pretty distracted worried as I found out our Lovely Xena is in Kidney Failure. I first must thank so many people via Blogland, Twitter and Facebook who left me advice, amazing messages and stories. For now we are focused on trying to make her comfortable. Her labs were so awful and she has been so sick that I don't know what will happen. Do read more of her story on Watergate Summer and you will understand why she is our Miracle Cat.But as this week was spent a good deal at the Vet, I learned a few things. (1) Shelters are overloaded with animals due to the Housing Foreclosure Crisis (2) There is Ash in our Animal Feed, is this contributing to Kidney disease in our pets ? I don't know but it is worth thinking about ( I have included an article on this issue). For many of us, Animals are family, they also are healing, Rescues also in many ways rescue us. So to everyone who sent us support,articles,love and Light I say Thank you.

Power of Five
(1) Petition to have Racist Judge Cebull Removed.
Federally Appointed Judge ( by Bush) sent a racist email to about the Obama's.In light of his lack of tolerance and his racism there are now petitions being shared to try to remove him. Petition Link here, please share. And if you want to read more about the email he sent you can read about it here.

(2)Alabama DNA Case. Thomas Arthur is the man whose Life hangs in the balance, and the Attorneys have the 1085 dollars that is needed for the DNA to be run, but the authorities are getting in the way. Please do also share the articles attached as well. This is not just a Death Penalty Case, this is also a case with some questionable manuvering, shoddy evidence procedures and miscarriage of justice. Except the Inmate is scheduled for Execution at the end of this month on the 29th, so any attention we can bring this case is very important. Later in the month we will be discussing Death Penalty issues here, and Mike Farrell has been invited on to discuss Abolition of the Death Penalty but also why more of these older cases that have DNA issues are not getting the scrutiny or review that is needed.

** More From Andrew Cohen's article in the Atlantic.

NYT article even points out that Alabama is in violation of International laws.

(3) ASH article actually explains all the Grain Foods that have "Ash" in them. My Dog got very sick last summer, and I switched her off all commercial food at that time. I actually make her food. ( And I seriously thinking of doing that for our cats now ).
Here is more about the Dietary issues in our cats and dogs, really examines what we are feeding them.

(4) Richard Engel reported from Fukushima this week , since the Anniversary is this Weekend. I encourage that folks do read about what happened there. The Coverage of Fukushima is really important. And to our Friends down in Georgia, in the Occupy Sites there they are starting to fight the NEW Nuke Plant that is planned there. It's called The Fallout, and an excellent piece what happens after a Nuclear Accident.

(5) The LINE Story ( it got no coverage except for Democracy Now). 5000 people lined up in NYC to demonstrate how big a problem it is to have Millions out of work, they said it is 14 million. Other sites are saying 29 Million when you include UnderEmployed or all that have been Unemployed under the Bush Depression. ( And yes that is what I am calling it). Democracy Now did cover The Line.

Occupy Updates
Around the country the 5th Month anniversary is coming up and sites are focused on different issues, from Student Debt to Housing and Foreclosure Justice to NDAA to SOPA ( or PIPA), to GITMO to Jobs. So do check with your site near you and see what they are working on. ( I am sorry I was not on Twitter or FB enough this week).

99 Ways to Give...
I have mentioned Stephen Dimmick before and I am mentioning him again, he is amazing. So I am giving this to you today, his website. This past week he did three must see videos, one on Self Esteem, another on Suicide and another on anger issues...He is really making folks think and learn to find their inner beauty.

SHOUT OUTS of the Week::
@WeActRadio out of DC you can listen to it on your Droid or iPhone with TuneIN Radio, all kinds of goodness Thom Hartman, Bill Press, Ring of Fire. And Nicole Sandler of RadioOrNot is on at 11PM, really great for bedtime listening. ( This week's show on the 7th on ADHD was excellent). Tim Corrimal's show hit 200 shows this week-so we wish him well. Also a huge thank you to @argylestyle for the VET wisdom this week.

FILM of the Week is "Bully", go to the website about the Bully Project, it is a film showing what is like for kids and young people that have been bullied. Its supposedly an in depth look, sadly it has been rated R due to language ( which is needed to tell the story).

Lee Camp MOC
This week was in many ways heartbreaking and mind bending so Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity #MOC is "We Are Nothing". ( I have also including two more bonus ones below. Please also do go to his Website on the Sidebar, and also remember he has a great book, and CD, and an upcoming tour of the UK this month).

Do also see his MOC this week about How to Make Congress act Ethically.
And be sure to go to as he also has new MOC up about the Occupy Anniversary.


Our Guest joins us again from across the Pond, a fine Journalist, Author Denis Campbell, @UKProgressive is another soul who keeps Twitter lively with his political insights and observations. He is known on Twitter as @UKProgressive, but he is also a renowned journalist working with ITN and Al Jezeera and BBC Wales, The Guardian and many other fine UK publications. During the Egypt Uprising he became one of the many to really track the Movement on Twitter. Yet he also was astutely tweeting American Politics. This year he was one of the first to recognize the strength of Twitter during the Egypt Uprising, and it is woven into his book "Egypt Unshackled" that has just come out. And taking it to the next step he has been tweeting and appreciating the Occupy Movement in a global sense. ( Denis was last on Awopradio show on 10.23.11 and also on Awopradio for the Egypt anniversary.) I am having him on the 99 Report to talk about the Austerity Measures in the UK ( which have some valuable lessons for our country, especially as the GOP keeps trying to bring them here as well).

(1) Cameron's maneuvering of DHS program ( The Guardian Jan.2012 by Denis Campbell)

(2) Great Website Covers global issues, UK, and even American Politics.

(3) Nine out of 10 Doctors Oppose the NHS Reform, Denis breaks it all down in this Guardian article.

Denis has set up a whole website about the book, how it was written and how the tweets are woven together, it is also a really valuable read for Occupy, as are the lessons of Egypt. And this Fine Book is our Book of the Week for the 99 Report.

*** Also he has a new E Book called "Lipstick on This Pig" which we will discuss and share on. ( Political Analysis of our Election Cycle is always appreciated).



Video and Song by One Eskimo....Occupy Amazing
Stand Up and Mean What We Say....Dave Dalton

"Hope in Hard Times" by John Clark of @OccupyTampa

‎"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."~~ Harriet Tubman

When People do the Right Thing...

These Dolphins were beached off Brazil, and innocent bystanders, walking on the Beach were able to jump right in and save them..Sometimes it's up to us, at the right moment and the right time to act.Not to question ourselves or the situation, just to trust our Instincts and listen to our hearts.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Morning Meditation....the Great Bell Chant at Plum Village...

Sharing gratitude for all that have sent prayers,advice,comfort and Light to Xena and our little family....6-6 and I are grateful..

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Occupy Amazing...( Occupy Music for the Week)

Video and Song by One Eskimo....Occupy Amazing

Occupy is still waking people up, making them think, work for change, create is still a global movement...And yes, Winter in some ways has quieted the movement on some fronts...But Spring is Coming....Really Beautiful video...share it. Occupy Compassion. ( Sharing on the 99 Report on Blogtalkradio at 2PM Friday ) ( Posted Feb 23rd and reposting....)

I am watching Super Tuesday.I drove by some empty polling places today....and I have noticed that they are NO bumper stickers here, not one...

I don't care what anyone says but the 99 Percenters have been making a difference..waking folks up, and making them think.
Stand Up and Mean What We Say....

Friday, March 02, 2012

99 Report on March 2nd BlogTalkRadio 2PM Focus on GITMO, Interview with GITMO Attorney Barry Wingard

99 Report is proud to have Barry Wingard on show at 2PM EST #BTR to discuss his work with GITMO detainees. We also hope that we have an opportunity to discuss NDAA with him as well. ( From Huffpo) Barry D Wingard is a Lieutenant Colonel representing Fayiz al-Kandari. He began his career in the Army as an enlisted infantryman and then an infantry officer. Currently he is a Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the Air Force, has served 26 years and is a veteran of both Bosnia and Iraq conflicts. The views expressed are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of DOD or its Components. We have set a whole show aside to take Questions and allow Barry to discuss GITMO and the prisoners there. I am encouraging people to call in as well as Send Questions via email or on Twitter @watergatesummer. Barry really wants to have a vibrant discussion. Personally I think we should be talking about GITMO and why it is still open and why Prisoners are still there 10 years ago.

This article by Barry, The War On Terror : Beyond the Military ( Huffpo July 2010)

Article about Barry's Work and Writings (TPM)
WIKI bio on Barry and his work as VET and an attorney.

Really Stunning Interview with Barry regarding his GITMO work in CagePrisoners. A Must read into the extraordinary work of this fine Military Lawyer.

More on Faiz his client from the NYT Gitmo Docket....

Fayiz Mohammed Ahmed Al Kandari's Facebook Page, is the Kuwaiti Prisoner that Barry Wingard represents, please share it and his story. He is at GITMO for over 10 years, basically because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time....doing charity work.....Sitting in Prison...Our Prison..based on hear say of hear say...It's Unfathomable...please get the word out.

Andy Worthington's article on Fayiz is a must read....

Here is the Facebook page of Abdul Ghani the other client that Barry Wingard represents.

Barry was a guest on Awopradio on Sunday Feb 3, 2012 , you can read more about his appearance here or link to the Podcast /USTREAM of that show and hear the dialogue on GITMO and the prisoners. We hope to follow up on this discussion on the 99 Report and learn more about the Prisoners.


(1) Update from Arab Times on the Parliament 's Stance on the Needed Release of the Two Kuwaiti Prisoners, We will be discussing this, as well as Barry's Recent Trip to Kuwait.

2PM EST to 2:30PM ( Special Commentary and Occupy Updates with the Power of 10...)
Special Commentary About Bullying and Also Depression. I usually try to start off the show upbeat, but there are some things that happened this week that warrant some attention, some concern. First off I live in Ohio and Ohio made the news because there was Another School Shooting and young lives were lost. But once again the Media quickly painted the Shooter as a Lone Wolf. I don't see it that way, I think there is more to this story that we may never hear. He did come from a Broken Home, there was a restraining order against the dad due to violence. And he was in a special class. And some of the students said " we don't talk to them" and one station did report that there were Bullying Issues, so we may never know the truth , but we do know that there is / was pain that led to this horrible event. It was not random, it was planned. He didn't just snap, alot of pain fed this event. And on another note, this week I learned about the death of Eric Slocum in Seattle, and he was a Broadcaster and Radio Voice there too. But he also was in alot of pain, and battling depression, and he even admitted in his blog that being gay was painful , especially getting through Teen years and dealing with Bullying. And in my mind this fine sensitive man was indeed scarred, and in much pain his whole life. So Every week I say Occupy Compassion and I mean it, if you see someone hurting, offer support or help, but don't just silently walk by. And I say the same thing about Bullying, don't be silent, and don't pretend it is ever justified or acceptable, it isn't. Break the Cycle of Pain. And I am going to play you John Fugalsang on Grit TV talking about Bullying , What it is and What is not.

Due to the recent wave of kids -- especially gay teenagers -- who've been bullied to the point of taking their own lives, the U.S. media's begun talking about bullying & teen suicide. It's so horrible that Americans have finally begun to do what we do best - fight with each other over what to do and never accomplish anything. Distributed by Tubemogul.
John poignantly and profoundly points out that Bullying is not really being confronted in the right manner, that it is truly Brutal Harassment. And that people get hurt....that it is indeed dangerous.
This week I have combined the Power of Ten with the Occupy Updates. The Power of 10 is my special report of 10 things that the Media is Under Reporting, but will empower you and others if you know about...and this week that happens to include the Occupy Update as they are working hard on the Foreclosure /Homelessness /Bank Fraud issue. I am also including Lee Camp's Marvelous MOC ( Moment of Clarity in this Section this week as it about the Bank Fraud Issue). And to see more of Lee Camp's MOC and his appearance on Countdown I have a whole post below with all of his Fine Commentaries.

(1) War On Women is still going on, reaching new bizarre heights with the Blunt Amendment Vote this week. And yes a March For Women and By Women is being planned for April 28th, check it out on Facebook and Twitter and do get involved.

(2) Susie Mandrak of Crooks and Liars is covering a Capital Punishment case in Alabama that needs scrutiny as the Courts are refusing to test DNA evidence...

(3) Before we start talking Housing and Homeless and Foreclosure issues, KOMO News has a story of Architect Rex Hohlbein's Role Helping Homeless hat is a must read....

(4) From CNN ( and not getting any airplay), ONE IN FOUR Homes was SOLD in Foreclosure last year...

(5) Occupy Minneapolis has been really focused fighting foreclosure on all levels, at the homes and working the Media and protesting the Banks. Speaking of Homes, Occupy Minneapolis Update Sucess for one Family, a VET who they had been helping for 3 monthes, and there is a court date for Regina White on Friday. They did Home Stake Outs, AND Bank Stake Outs and also made sure Media knew of their work...they were relentless.Do follow @OccupyOurHomes on twitter . Also they have a website now,, where they are focused nationwide on the Foreclosure Battle and Crisis...really excellent work....

(6) OccupyDC is winning the battle to keep bertina Jones in her home, and getting coverage, they also have been fighting Freddie Mac

(7) Do Check on Occupy Tampa ( update from John Clark), From Salon

(8) Occupy Riverside is still fighting for Arturo De Santo's Home ( Ex Marine). and Occupy Portland is directly protesting Banks trying to save homes and raise awareness.

(9) And for all of us that were asking is Homeland Security monitoring or funding Surveillance of OCCUPY, The Rolling Stone has an excellent article about this issue by Micheal Hastings, That is a must Read.

(10) And Finally Lee Camp's MOC about Bank Fraud #119...
119 About Bank Fraud MOC ( use on show, 3 Min)

99 Ways to Give...#OccupyCompassion
Ways to share your food Money even on a Budget, best way to help those that are Hungry, give your money to Food Bank, they buy in bulk
Music ::::
(1) Mama Shine : For What It's Worth ( Opener)
(2) "Way Back Inn" @JamesPMorrison ( Before Gitmo discussion)
(3 ) "Amazing" Occupy Song ( Transition to Finale) by OneEskimo
(4) "Sold My Guitar today" Sharon Bautista @Sassysongstress
Final Notes :::
Be sure to Listen to Tim Corrimal's Episode 200 of his show this weekend. And also Kenny Pick Turn up the Night is on tonight on Radio OR Not. Also Do Keep Checking @WeActRadio every week as they add more and more fine shows to their Line Up. And Also Awopradio was off last Sunday but there 's a great show this Sunday about Legalizing Marijuana ( Medical Pot) and also a a great Talent from Seattle is on the show, Lisa Koch.
I wrote a post earlier in the year about Suicide and Suicide Prevention Tips....If you know someone hurting and in pain make sure you are there for them....

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. ~Walter Winchell