Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thought For A New Week.....

My Grandmother Flo used to say this all the time....and it got me in the habit of saying it.She would go stand on her porch and stare at the moon, and I would hear her muttering it. I said it when I ran High Hurdles on an all Boys Team,thanks to Title IX back in the Seventies. I said it when I waited tables with a less than graceful attitude.I said it as I worked and cursed Full Moons in the ER. I said it when taking care of the AIDS patients in the Seattle Hospice. I said it when I was in labor with the world's largest watermelon. I said it when the EPA officials lied to me about "how Safe" my little Town's Drinking Water was, yet they drank canned soda at the meeting. ( and the US Attorney's office called my home to make sure I had gotten home "safe"). I said it the week of June 20th when I said I was Coming Back to Watergate Summer, for good.

I had a Bad Week last week. I had a bad Bleed that is still healing, and I guess my Invincibility Cape got torn. I don't think women that blog should have to put up with Harrassment and Death "Wishes" just for Writing a Blog, yet that is the Age we live in. But I learned something Valuable. I learned that there are still Good People in this World, and they have Courage and Wisdom they are willing to share, and that inspires me. So I am repairing that Torn Cape......

BUT I am still Here. And alot of people have Bad Weeks. But This Week will be better. It is Sunday Night and I walked the Dog, and it was a beautiful moon and I could hear Grandmother Flo say" Never Give Up."

*{Click the Title: Music is the Dixie Chicks....I think Grandmother Flo would have loved them.This is the Live Version of "Not Ready to make Nice" , from the Grammies 2007, with a beautiful introduction from Joan Baez, the video is a bit grainy, but is nice hearing these Brave Women on the stage.]

For the Sake of Our Children....

And Why the King should Not Play God.....

I spent alot of time watching the kids on my street playing this weekend, doing Things that kids do and shouldn't do.. Unicycle on a steep driveway, the boys tobaggoning down the front steps, and even the 5 year old across the way ride his bike too fast. I watched them and thought about the VETO that surely will come from Mr.Bush this week. I thought about how I would love to walk him down my street and ask him, WHO should not be insured??? None of the families on my street are wealthy, or trying to take "advantage" of ANY system. They are all Working Middle Class, or Working Poor, trying to take care of their families. 47 Million Uninsured in this Country, People without Healthcare , 9 Million of those are Children. And there is a Chance here to Protect and Provide Health Care for These Children, Our Children. They are Our Greatest Resource, Treasure. And we should be ashamed that we have a leader that Has Disenfranchised Them so that he may continue to warmonger.

Do the right thing, call the Capital Switchboard and Raise Hell, it is why God Invented Cellphones. Call Media and ask that they Cover This Issue, remind them they have Children too. Call those Running For President and demand that they show Some Courage and Speak to This Issue.

"Love Children Especially for, like angels, they too are sinless, and they live to soften and purify our hearts, and as it were to guide us." Feodor Dostoevsky ( Russian Writer 1821-1881).

*[Click the Title: Sarah McLaughlin " Angel"]*

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night Music 9.29.07

For some reason Fall, the ending of Summer always reminds me of Mark Twain. Tonight the air is crisp there are leaves falling. The air is fragrant with the wafting aromas of hotdogs, hoagies, and cookies baking.....I took little yellow dog for a long walk, we admired the squirrels busy at work, and Lilly tried to play with the little girls playing hopscotch and jumping rope. And college boys playing football in between the parked cars on the street.There are others sitting on porches eating crispy apples and reading and laughing. It takes anyone back, and those years don't seem so far away.It is odd to realize that my past is colliding with my hopes for the future. An era when one believed anything was possible, and that being "Invincible" was more a state of mind , and matter of Courage.....My neighborhood is full of Law students who argue and the Med students who sit reading....I hope and pray that they value that OUR future will be in their hands someday. I hope they know that we tried to teach them well.

So now a bit of Twain and others...The door is open ...throw your best Twain this way...

" Keep away from small people who try to belittle your ambitions.Small people always do that,but the really great make you feel that you too can become great."

"Courage is resistance to Fear, Mastery of fear, not the absence of fear".

"You gain Strength,courage, and confidence in which you really look fear in the face. You must do the thing you cannot do."
{ I put this Eleanor Roosevelt quote, because I thought it was Twain, but it turns out I was wrong, I think she must have read him though...}

*** Music is OLeta Adams "Get Here"*****

When People hurt People...

First off my apologies that we even have to have this discussion. Earlier in the week, I posted a An Idea for a discussion, and it was a very simple small Embryo of an idea. It was not meant to be imflammatory or incendiary in nature, it was an idea of something that might be good for bloggers. But something happened in the Comment section that is still on my mind and my heart. During the night the person, this one person that I do not know and have never met before, or even seen on any other blogs , came and left insults and rude comments, personal attacks. Called me Eva Braun and a liar, and on and on. Sneaking in when people were asleep. It was like having Mud thrown at my house in the Middle of the Night. It was hurtful. I can't help but wonder is it because I am a woman, that this person felt empowered to do this? I don't really have a reason, since I don't know this person and have never met them, and as far as I know I did nothing to provoke them. But I do know it is pain that I don't need, and yes, I deleted the Comments that were attacking me.

The Unification idea below, I have no idea what will happen...I do know that it is a discussion worth having, and maybe I guess I am not the one that should have brought it up, but I don't regret putting it on the table. I certainly never expected to be attacked for suggesting such a thing...and maybe I was not the one that should have put it on the table. So if others want to continue the discussion elsewhere I understand....

I have run this blog for over 2 years, Watergate Summer was my first Blog, and yes I run it like a coffee shop, and I ask that people be nice to each other, talk quietly amoungst yourselves when I am not here or if I am at work. Treat each other with care and respect...pour coffee and discuss, but not argue in a way that people get hurt. No Personal attacks are allowed , because that means that people get hurt. And yes, I am very sad when I have to show someone the Door and ask that they please not hurt me or those that come here to read and talk......

This is not about censorship it is about Personal Attacks and Pain and being allowed a Respite from all the Hatemongering that we see and hear everyday....and for a long time I have tried hard to create a space that nurtures, that is why I post stories, thoughtpieces,quotes, and art and music to every title. I try to take care of those that are trying to get through this Hellish Time in history. It is a simple goal really....and maybe selfish of me. My blog for over 2 years has been about trying to have a place where people could find Hope, even for 5 minutes.

So my apologies that a post about something good became a place of pain and strife.


*[click the title: Bono &MJ Blige "ONE"]

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Gifts 9.28.07

Friday Thoughts:
"The heart's affections are divided like the branches of the cedar tree:
if the tree loses one strong branch,it will suffer but it does not die.
It will pour all it's vitality into the next branch so that it will grow and
fill the empty space."
Kahlil Gibran 1882-1931

"To put the world in order we must first put the nation in order.
To put the nation in order we must first put the family in order.
To put the family in order we must first cultivate out personal life.
To cultivate our personal life,we must set Our Hearts right."
Confusius c.550-478 BC.

My apologies that the Friday Gifts are late. It was a long day,I had work to do, I did not get here until late. I am still reeling from watching the heartbreaking events that are happening in Burma. I will light nine sticks of incense and say prayers for the monks.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments below about the Blogger Alliance , it is still in Embryo, email me offline , the discussion is still open and ongoing.

New posts will be up this weekend.Please do read the Fireman story below- and feel free to try the Chili receipe, it is perfect for a fall weekend.

*[Click the Title: George Micheal sings"I can't make you love me", beautiful song that a friend sent me- and it makes any night better...]

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Whole World is Watching....Still

9.25.07 The Monks in Burma have caught the World's attention. Peaceful Monks trying to end a Tyrannical Regime and loss of Human Rights.....The Telegraph (UK) and also the online Papers out of Sydney and Reuters ( see Chronology) are the Best Sources. These quiet Monks marching in the Streets have again shown us there is Courage In Peace.....

****9.27.07 this am 4:30am our time, it is afternoon in Asia....the journalists and bloggers have been updating hourly, and there is concern, as the monastaries and temples have been raided, atleast 300 monks arrested. The UN and The Larger Countries should be making statements, this is a Dangerous Situation when monks can be dissappeared and beaten and also jailed. The Monks are also a huge part of the Burmese Culture, and effect all levels of life there,as well as education. I have lit nine sticks and said prayers for these brave Monks, who are protesting for Freedom and Democracy, as well as protection of religion. The Pulbic has joined them and the next 24 hours could determine what happens there. We would also be very wise to note how China is involved. Today there has been very little info getting out with problems with emails, blogs, and internet service( Many feel that China is involved with these difficulties. )

*[ Click the title: Footage of the Burmese Monks, and prayer song, beautiful illegal footage, this is a regime that is as dangerous as North Korea. For 100,000 People to come out and support them is amazing. Click the title below is more History of the
Orange Revolution]*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Falling Leaves,Firemen And Chili.....

This post is a break from Politics and Political Worries,I started this post a week ago, and I am still trying to rest my eye, so it is a relatively short story.....It is a story from my past and also a receipe for a Crisp Early Autumn, Indian Summer Eve and yes ,there is Music in Title as usual.It is actually transferred ( stolen from Silent Fallout).Here I wrote a story a last year " Miracles in the Deep End", this is the Second Part. It all started because my son wanted to know about how I became a nurse....Which ended up with me telling him how I became a lifeguard, which only half answered The Question.Now for the Rest of the Story....

Part One: The Bad Date
This is many years ago....So one of the summers I was lifeguarding, I met alot of people, and I was set up on a date with an undercover cop. He was nice enough. He was from Jersey, he had an attitude, and he had a sense of humor.And as a Baltimore cop he had stories. And yes, there was something interesting about dating an undercover cop, kind of like Bond, more Mystery than Substance. So I met him at a downtown bar after work one eve. It was Indian Summer, sun still setting late, and fairly warm in the eves, and Leaves turning golden yellows.So we met at the bar, which was named after somebody, and while there it started raining. A nice noisy downpour. The Eagles were playing on the Jukebox, and it was turning out to be an okay date. It was my 2nd date with the Cop. All of the sudden there was a Huge Screech as two cars went careening by the pub. Somehow we all knew that Something was Wrong, and somehow we all knew that Something was going to crash. I don't know how we knew that, but we knew.

So a bunch of us filed out and as if in slow motion the cars hit the corner way too fast. And the One raced past the other and shoved it around the corner, and the Hit Car ended up on it's side by a telephone pole. There was a tremendous violent creak of metal.And the one car drove off, and the other sat there balanced precariously on it's side, and part of it wedged, wrapped around the pole. Yet it was on it's side, with the passenger side down in the rainsoaked gutter. The smell of leaking fuel was wafting in the rainsoaked air. Sirens were heard in the distance. Yet everybody was still kind of frozen in time. I walked over to the car, and the Date pulled my arm, I waved him off. I went over and the driver was nowhere to be seen.Then I heard a moan coming from the side of the car down in the gutter. There was glass everywhere. I could see the gasoline pooling on top of the leaves and trash in the gutter. It was still raining slightly. I knelt down by the car and the gutter, trying to get closer to the moaning noise.

The car was making an interesting creaking noise. The Date came over and was yelling at me, something about "flammable" and " you better move,are you Stupid?"". He sounded muffled and far away. So I knelt down next to the crumpled passenger side, and there down in the corner with much broken glass, was a head wedged down in the smashed glass and dashboard of the passenger side.The hair was matted with blood. It was a man, but I could not tell how old he was. So I started talking to him. I told him he had been in an accident, and that help was on the way . ( atleast I was hoping). For Some reason I figured that if he was hurt, and moaning, and if I kept talking he might not pass out.And for some reason I thought that if he stayed awake he might live.

So the Firemen arrived. And there was much hussling about and yelling, and a fireman came over and asked" Do you have medical experience? " I told him I was a Lifeguard. He said "That will do". He asked if I wanted to leave, and explained that there was fuel leaking, I said I didn't care. He asked if the "Victim" was conscious. I said " I think so". He said," Keep talking to him, it will help. He might go into shock. We need to figure out how to get him out, and out of the car". He was working with others, there were lots of tools, and grinding noises. I ended up laying in the gutter, and through the broken glass I shoved my favorite suede jacket through the Hole in the broken glass, to pad the head. I asked where it hurt, and he said "Everywhere". I said More Help was coming.I laid in the gutter and kept him talking. His name was Jeff. The fireman would check on me everynow and then in between the grinding noises.I lost track of time laying in the gutter.

There were some jokes about how nothing had to be hosed down, the rains were doing a good job.I kept talking to Jeff, asked him about his car, his dog, his mom, we sang 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall, He made me sing Christmas songs. And finally the Firemen got his car to a point they could flip it down. At that point, the Fireman came over and put a Jacket on me, and he pointed out "you'r frozen, and your lips are blue". I said Thank you. I was hussled over to a curb as they brought the car down, and finally were able to get Jeff out. As they finished sending him off, and I said my goodbyes, I started to walk back to the one FireTruck to return the jacket. It was a nice big REAL Fire jacket.
As a I walked back I ran into the first fireman I had talked to, he said, "Do you have a jacket ?" I said no. He asked if I had ride? I said No that my date had well, left ( dissappeared). He looked at me and laughed" You're a mess." And he told me to stand by the truck. He went and asked if he could give me a ride home. He came back and said ,"you want a ride home?" ( In a firetruck-" Hell yeah").

Part Two: The Ride Home
So The Cute Fireman gives me a ride home. I am soaking wet, and covered in wet leaves, fuel, dirt and broken glass.By this time , it is very very late ( or early in the morning. ). And I got to ride in the empty streets in a Firetruck. He laughed. He said "You know you did a really good job? " I said "I did? ". He said "yeah, and you should think about making a job change." I said "you are right". He said something about how it was really good I knew what to do. At some point he looked over and said I looked kind of cold. I was pretty wet. My teeth were chattering and I couldn't answer him. He said, we better get you home. I nodded yes. So we got to my little 3rd floor studio apartment, and I was still wrapped in the Over Sized Fire Jacket. When we got inside he asked "Do you have anything hot?' I said I have Chili. So we heated up my Chili in my little plug in coffee pot ( that I used to heat food in my little Kitchenless studio). I offered him some through chattering teeth. I went and changed and he was still there. I asked if he had to get back ? He said he had a" little time". I said okay and we went on my Fire Escape (my living room) and ate chili as I sat wrapped in an old blanket and dry clothes.He said it was some of the Best Chili he had ever had.

Part Three: Wisdom from the Fireman
As he went to leave after two big mugs of Chili, he said " I was serious, you need to make a job change. You knew what you were doing tonight. And you did a good job. " Now this is the part of the story when I cringe. I thought in my naive Fireman Bliss moment that he was going to tell me that I should "be a Fireman". But no.....this is what he said," You need to think about being a Nurse, you would be great". I handed the jacket back to him with great sadness.He turned and said' Oh, come on, you have nothing to lose, this is your time to make a decision. Sink or Swim. And I already know you are a good swimmer."

And yeah....I thought about it, 3 years of College Psychology, and many hours of waitressing, and bartending, and lifeguarding, led to a different path, thanks to a Fireman on a wet and rainy night. know the rest of the story.

Sometimes we all need a Fireman to tell us to Sink or Swim.

*[Click the title; Really interesting artist, Francess Ruffelle" Sink or Swim". My Best Chili Receipe Below]*
*[ Epilogue: The Victim did survive, and two weeks later I recieved a package- my suede jacket drycleaned and almost good as new, yes, from the Fireman.]

Enigma 's Best Chili

Big old Pot.
4 cans of Chili Beans
1 Pound of Ground beef
1 spanish onion ( chop finely)
1 sweet red onion
1 red pepper ( small)
1 green pepper ( small)
1 quarter cup banana peppers chopped

In a Frying Pan brown up the following, the ground beef and add in the chopped onions and peppers. And one Beer ( I reccomend Heinken ). Sprinkle Hungarian Paprika, Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper, one tablespoon of Wasabi Sauce, one tablespoon of dijon mustard, one tablespoon of Worstshire sauce, and Chili Pepper as much as you want. And of course Black Pepper and Garlic Powder.For some reason Wet Rainey Nights are the best nights to fix up a big batch of Chili.

Once the beef and peppers are all browned and throw it all in the Big Pot with the 4 cans of beans and simmer for about 40 minutes.

Serve with Cold Beverage and Garlic Bread......Enjoy...Share with a Fireman.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn Dreams...

To the Enigma Cafe Folks....
I am still sitting here in the dark, trying to heal this eye. This is what happens when you don't have insurance, you have to rely on your own healing skills...but you all have been patient, and I appreciate that. So for the next couple of days I am going to post music and art. This was definently my worse bleed in 5 years ( I had a bad eye injury in 2001, and it weakened my eye, so ce la vie).I can only check my email and blogging is down to about one hour a day.This is definently teaching me some patience.

Everybody left wonderful comments, I encourage you all to go read each others blogs, you all are insightful and thoughtful, from Josie to Tomcat to Walking Man to Daniel Down Under. I encourage you all to go over and read Cosmic Messenger, he has a new post up. He reccommended Joan Armatrading...she is wonderful and not heard near enough ( yes, she was big in the 1970's , and she is back with a wonderful Blues album. Click the Title to enjoy some of her latest with a really interesting video. "In These Times" ).

Breaking News:11am: UAW on strike, but MSM can;t get the story straight...there is talk that it is related to " Retiree Health Care Benifits", this will effect thousands of families, 73,000 workers. First Strike since 1976.

Art is Georgia O'Keefe, "Lake George".......

Thought for the Day: " I should be able to love my Country, and still love Justice". Albert Camus

*** Re-edited and moved to Sept.25th, originally put on Sept.24th***


So some of us were talking about this and I want to open the discussion. If there were an Organization was out there for all Bloggers and Blog readers to be part of, would anyone join? Would anyone appreciate the value of having an Organization that could offer some empowerment and some solidarity ? ( Especially before the next Election). A Non-profit Organization that would be FREE to all members, and offer some benifits of a Real Media Entity, would anyone be interested ?Some of the perks? How about Press passes for ALL events? How about Media Discounts and invites that little bloggers are not presently getting ? How about a Rainy Day Fund to assist Bloggers in Crisis? How about an organization that would have conventions once a year ?

So the Banner was designed by Robert of Left of Centrist, and it is beautiful and inspiring. So I am just asking for your input and your thoughts. Let's Discuss what could be the Start of a really good idea.

**** Update Late Sunday Night 9.30.07: Due to some Issues, this post has been moved to another date. The Coalition Idea is still being pursued but quietly with well intentioned souls. I will update you will more news later. Due to harrassment and threats , a quieter approach was needed, but the idea has in no way been abandoned. Thank you for your patience, and wonderful ideas.
Post was originally put up Wed. Sept.26th.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Night Music 9.22.07

The Last Saturday Night of the Summer.
Enigma Still in Pirate blogging.
Thank you for all of your comments , I will
be hopefully out and about in Blogatopia
by Sunday apologies.

*[Click the Title: For Saturday Music...Eagles"Love Will Keep Us Alive"]

Saturday Night Encore 9.22.07 ( Best Sax Solo ever...)

Since this is the last weekend of the Summer, I was torn by what songs to put up. And since I can't blog much, I thought I should atleast put up wonderful art and music.Click the Title: This Sax Solo melts is the Kenny Loggins Song "Celebrate Me Home", but I do not know who plays the Sax...If you know let me know.Have a good Saturday Night...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Night Music 9.21.07

On Friday nights I usually lay around and read and wander around Blogatopia, it is the best part of the week. ( No Matter how bad the week is. ) I had a very strange week, and tomorrow I will blog the story on my eye debacle, but not tonight. Tonight since I can't hang out much at blogland, since I am sitting here with my Tres Cool Pirate Look....I might watch "Good Night and Good Luck" and a downloaded Version of "Shut Up and Sing".....and just lie low...I think Sorbet might help my eye. Have a good night friends...

[Click the Title: Glen Frey "The One You Love"]


I often sign messeges and comments with this. A strange journey led to me using that word, but that is story for another time. People have been asking What it Means. It has Asian roots, both Hindu and Buddhist,and has ancient Sanskrit roots. It is a word that implies both Empathy and Compassion. It is a word of Honor and Humility and Dignity and Respect. It is spoken with softness, and hands pressed together and at heart level. It is pronounced "Nama "( like mama)+ "Stay". It directly translates "I bow to you". But the deeper meaning is " I am with you in Spirit". ( You can always go to Wikipedia, and scroll down the page to all of the meanings, but the meanings are about being Connected to others and Honoring That Connection.)

If you have a word or expression that is from your Culture or your Heritage that means much to you, I would love to hear it....Please share...below. Namaste.

[enigma is taking a little break today due to a wounded eye that needs about 24 hours to heal, so I won't be out visiting blogs much today, and I might be late answering a few emails. Friday Night Music is already picked- so please do come on back later.]

[Click the Title: Jackson Browne" Lives In the Balance"]

FOOTNOTE: (okay, so I didn't even make it 3 hours without coming back to blogatopia- but I can't help it , it is like that big old Lazy Boy sitting by a Fire- it just keeps luring me back...Anyways: PLEASE do go to Spadoman's Blog today, he has a post up Honoring MIA/POW DAY, and it is a beautiful post.....)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Keith Olbermann is recovering from an Emergency Appendectomy Surgery at the end of Last Week, but tonight he is going to be on and give a Special Comment. TUNE IN.
( Big Hattip to larry of Lydia Cornell's)

The Courage Within....

"Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere." MLK
[Click Title:"Hands to Heaven" Breathe]
{MOVED TO TOP AGAIN ON THURSDAY 9.20.07 DUE TO ONGOING DISCUSSION, originally posted 9.19.07 6:42am]
There comes a time when it is easy to feel small , futile, overwhelmed by a situation. We are at such a place, where it would be easy to feel Small ; daily we are witnessing more Injustice and more erosion of Rights.Our Youth are Our Greatest Resource as a Country, we need to Value their Voices, their Questions and Their Expression.Heavy Handed Injustice is throwing Who we are as a Nation into turmoil.It is up to us to share the words of Martin Luther King and Ghandi and Mandella and for all us to set foot on this Path For Change.We are at a Critical Moment of Our History, but It is Not Too Late.

We can not move this Country forward, Our Country, if we teach our Youth that Oppression and Submission are the Rule of Law. It is in Our Hands to reclaim what is left of Our Tattered Country and Our Tattered Constitution.We can not End this War or This Criminal Regime if we do not find Our Way Together.It means Listening with Care and Wisdom. It means listening with Hearts and Minds Open, not waiting in Judgement to pass easy answers upon a bad situation. It means Remembering We The People, E Pluribus Unum , must teach Our Greatest Resource, Our Young, that Freedom of Speech is Part of the Laws, The Constitution, that once held us Together as a Country.

And yes we are at Time when we need to Embrace Our Constitution, and be able to Say it's Words Loud and Clear. And we are at a time where we need to carry Cameras to Document this time in History and send and post the photos to Speak the Truth and Show it as it is.Cameras can remind Enforcers that The Whole World Is Watching.

Be Brave. Be Strong. The Power to Bring The Change is With in You.
"Faith is taking the First Step even when you don't see the whole staircase." MLK


I am asking you to go to Crooks&Liars today and read Logan Murphy's post about Carlos, the Gold Star Father that was Beaten Up at the Anti War March on Saturday , he was beaten up by the ProWar Group "The Gathering Eagles". It is horrific what happened to him. Please go read this and also see More Footage on Left of Centrist. We need to be able as A Nation to know that VETS and their Families can not be treated this way. The Media has Refused to acknowledge or cover Carlos's Story. This should NOT happen in America.

As a parent how can we not be horrified what is happening in this country , Our Country.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Our Country is in Trouble, A College Student was attempting to ask Senator Kerry about Impeachment and the Voting Fiasco in 2004, he was tackled and wrestled to the ground and TASERED WHILE BEING RESTRAINED BY UP TO EIGHT"OFFICERS". ( I am not sure if they were Campus Police or Gainesville Police). Please note when you watch the video- that the Students were cheering because Kerry had agreed to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, THEY WERE NOT CHEERING THE POLICE...

He was arrested and restrained, and TASERED AFTER HE WAS ON THE GROUND AND RESTRAINED, he yells help, and he says to please let me go,and THEN they Taser him. He was charged with Felony Charges- for VIOLENCE??? He had to spend the night in jail after being tasered and tortured with 50,000 volts, and now faces Felony Charges ? What is Wrong with this Country? Are University Police there allowed to Restrain Students and then Taser them- this is Torture.

FOOTNOTE: Tasers are very dangerous, there are many Deathes a year from them , because they disrupt heart rythyms, as well as many states are banning them for this reason. If Someone has heart condition, abnormality or damage, they KILL. And as another interesting aside Bernie Kerrick and Rudy had a Company that invested ALOT of money in Taser being sold to Police Departments around the Country......and the information has been pulled off the Internet. ( after there were 70 taser related deathes in 2004).

I am not sure what we as Parents do next....BUT this is Serious....and definently about Intimidating the Youth of the Country and to remind them we are in a Police State.


Tuesday Blogging for Peace.....9.18.07

Click the title: Todays Song: Fragile by Sting Dedicated to Our Broken Democracy,
to all that have been hurt by this Illegal War and this Criminal Administration.
Today the top three posts are dedicated to Peace.Many of us could not be there, but we were there in Spirit.
( and we did spend alot of the weekend writing and calling the Media to cover the March.)
Two fine bloggers that we know and love were there Robert and Mary.Please go to "Get Your Own" and "Left of Centrist" over on the Blogroll.Both have wonderful writeups and photos, and Robert has made some amazing YouTube Videos.
At Some Point we need to figure out How to get the Dumass MSM back....because for the sake of We The People we need this Media Black Out to End.

Peace to Everyone.....

If You are a Mom, you need to see WHAT Sally Fields Said....

Well, the Flying Nun did something Very Brave, and we didn't get to see it, we saw Only the Censored Version....She won an award playing a Mom on a show, but she spoke as a Mom, and she spoke about the War, and how wrong it is , and about the Moms waiting for Their Children to return from War, and How if Moms were in Charge,there would be NO war...and We The People missed it Here in America....BUT the rest of the World saw it. So here it is On Canadian TV....CLICK THE TITLE....Sally Uncensored...

It was a Very Bad Weekend for Freedom of Speech, between the MSM ignoring thousands marching in DC to the Censoring at the Awards, it just gets worse by the Day. SO When does the Revolution Start ?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Night Gifts....

"When Light touches Water,
we are privileged to witness Miracles;
when Light,Flowers, and Water come together,
we have a glimpse of Paradise."

{Click the Title for Soothing video}

About K'Ville

A Show about NOLA...about Katrina's Most Damaged City in America....So tonight it debuts on it Exploiting a sad situtation ? Is it Wrong? Is it Shameful? Is it okay to show a show that is raw and still shows problems in NOLA ? I think it is atleast worth a watch....but time will tell if it has any redeeming qualities or storylines ( after all it is Fox).
[Click the Title: See The Edge'e Video about Music Rising: His Organization that is raising money to bring Musicians and Music Back to NOLA}

Sunday, September 16, 2007

About Tattoos....

[Click the title: Goo Goo Dolls]
So this summer I have decided that I need a tattoo...not because I need to decorate my body, but because I have come to view it as a right of passage, something to mark and celebrate everything that I have encountered on my journey especially these past eight years...Any that know my story or my the plight of my own path will know that I am not joking ...Please know that I am older, and so I don't want anything "cute "( like puppies or daisies). I do want something meaningful and maybe something Zen and something exquisite. I am pale and Redheaded and Scottish, ( scroll to last weekend and you can see me), and I am not really very girlie, but have some ladylike traits, so please do bear all that in mind. Now I am not going to tell you Where I am putting the Art, but I would love for you all to contribute any ideas, or suggestions or even your own stories of Ink....Thank you..

The Bully in the Sandbox

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When George gives speeches I sometimes find myself reflecting on other Bullies in my life. I can't help it. The first bully I ever met was a Neighborhood Variety kind, his name was Stinkie Robinson, and that was what the kids called him, he used to steal his mother's cigarettes and do terrible things to Frogs. And he was the first Bully that I ever fought, and I was five. There was spitting, kicking and namecalling involved with this Battle.I indeed may have kicked where I was not suposed to, it started simple enough. It ended with my being told that I "needed to apologize", and to "act more ladylike", and of course the obligatory "Two wrongs don't make a right".I can tell you right now, there was No Apology, and much time spent in one's room.And in a way I should thank Stinkie , because he was the first one I fought, and after a few battles I learned that spending time in my room was prefereable to compromising my principles.So I am well read thanks to Stinkie.So from these Childhood battles I learned early that there are always Bullies, and they may differ in stature or levels of Cruelty but they are everywhere.The one thing that I actually never contemplated is that they Grow Up.

When my son was little he was playing in a local sandbox, he had brought his favorite toys and diggers and it was a location where we went almost daily on hot summer eves. Suddenly another boy arrived and started grabbing at all of his things, and also burying his toys, and when 6-6 spoke up, the "Child" started throwing sand in his face. I now realized that no other mom was going to intervene, so I did. I quickly dusted off 6-6 and put myself in between the two boys.The Brat ( as we can now affectionatly call him) began stomping his feet and yelling, still kicking sand everywhere. I spoke up loudly and told him to stop.I yelled over to the mother" I think your son is actin inappropriately, could you please come speak with him?". She put down her Latte and her paper and yelled from her comfy spot on a near by Bench,"I don't want to get sand in my shoes, the boys will have to just work this out." Then I yelled back to her" They are three year olds, they lack the skills". Now her lovely child was still screaming and called me and my son " Poopheads". She yelled over "Johnny, use your words." I yelled back ,'He did just use his words, you need to come over and monitor your child, he is still throwing sand!". I said this as my son cried and I tried to comfort him, and gather the toys to leave, because I already knew that Mrs-I -must-have-my-latte- on-the-bench was NOT going to deal with her Angel. As I gathered everything up and put them in the bags, I looked down at the Screaming Angel and said loudly for Mommy Dearest to hear,"Please do ask your Mommy What a Bully is ?".

And I walked home and carried my crying three year old full of sand, frustation and confusion. He was bewildered WHY this bully acted the way he did to him. And I explained it was not about him at all, and nothing he did, that Bullies look for fights and don't really ever care what others feel or experience.They don't care about hurting others.And we talked about it over and over as we went home and ate Breyers vanilla ice cream.

So watching Mr.Bush give his speech the other night, it finally dawned on me, that they don't grow up, they just get bigger.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Night Music 9.15.07

[Click the Title : Micheal Buble LIVE "Home"]
Tonight I am dedicating this song to some friends that have been going through a very stressful time....they have been on my mind and I hoping and praying for them..that they get good news soon. In the meantime this is a nice slow song for them to snuggle, maybe slow dance....So I will light candles for them sending them waves of light and Hope.

The Photo is a favorite, it is by Robert Doisneau, he was a very interesting photographer. He was able to capture the wonder of a fast and fleeting Kiss ( hope the romance wasn't! ). He started by taking photos for postcard companies, and Renualt, and also for Sculpters. I love how he catches people as they are moving. This Photo is called Hotel De Ville, the people in the photo were never identified. It is especially his photos from WWII that capture Love and how fast things were moving. He was a very shy, sensitive, unassuming man, yet during The Resistance in France he used his photography and engraving skills in every way possible to help The Resistance. In a way reading about him is inspiring , for even a quiet soul can be a warrior.......

Have a wonderful Saturday Night....

Tu es dans ma couer et dans ma tete......


This weekend as far as I know over a Million People are in DC, trying to End the War,Bring the Troops Home, and Impeach the Criminals that are running this Country. After the Gestapo Police Tactics of this past week, that MSM did not cover, this means there are NOT enough Cameras and Media there. There is Foreign Media, but we need more.We know that Media does not cover what matters to the People.We The People are trying desperately to save OUR democracy ( or what is left of it) . Propaganda is a Dangerous Part of a Crumbling Government.This is also a matter of trying prevent another Kent State, when one is in a Police State , this is a Serious Concern.

[1] Cspan is a Service that WE all pay for with our Cable bills, but they also get Federal Funding. As of 2pm, NO Coverage, and they have shown previous Protests and Marches on Cpsan, PLEASE CALL and WRITE:
PHONE 765-464-3080
( tell them we do not NEED to see Gonzo the Criminal's Goodbye Ceremony SIX times this weekend)

I will put up more numbers as I have them or if you get them put them in the Comments.I will Post.

PLEASE READ 6PM UPDATE: ( Again I ask that you call Cspan and Let them KNOW that this is NOT equal Coverage)
(1) Cspan is NOW airing the "Gathering of Eagles" ( which is some tiny little gathering that is Protesting the Protest)...
THIS IS SO WRONG...that the REAL protest, over One Million is NOT being shown....( it started at 6pm Est.)
(2) Please go to Daily Kos and Left of Centrist and learn about BUS Situation- it is appalling...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Night Music 9.14.07

Click the Title, Enigma does "Mea Culpa". Very Beautifully done.
Art by Gustav Klimt.

"Follow the Stream,have faith in it's Course.It will go on it's own way,meandering here,trickling there.It will find the grooves,the crevices, Just Follow It.Never let it out of your sight."
-Sheng Yen-

I think the Blogs were quiet today. Much to Absorb After the Ultimate Liar spoke his piece. I cleaned my little house relentlessly seeking some Inner Peace again.I worked on my little garden and I lit nine sticks of Incense. And some time to look for Hope in my Heart. And hopefully I will sleep tonight, and you too. I think many of us are Restless and Worried. I will hang my Christmas Lights in My 3rd Floor Windows, and I will Light Candles and Pray for the Marchers In DC, and Pray for all of Us as we try to Fight this Evil Regime and get the Troops Home. Namaste.

Simply the Best....

{Click the Title :Dedicated to Newsguy..
I have said it before I will say it again...the NEWSGUY is the Best. He has done it again, Go over to his Blog and you will find THE BEST Commentary and Analysis of Bush's Delusional Speech. And he does it with True Color and Style. Newsguy I put The Stones on for you...( I was very torn , it was that or Pink....or the Dixie Chicks),
  • "Enduring Relationships",Delusions of Grandeur, and Blood in the Sand.....

    [Click the Title: another version of PINK:Dear Mr.President]

    So we all watched the King give his Speech last night. I do not know WHO the speech was for, it was Not for We The People, it was Not For the Troops, It was not for the Rest of the World. The King is Delusional, he spoke of" Enduring Relationships", with His Allies in the Middle East and Iraq.We do not know Who he is talking about. We Do KNOW that he does NOT have an Enduring Relationship WITH We the People. He does not care about Spilling More Blood, of Iraqis or Our Sons and Daughters. In His Mind Voices are telling him to do this. We do not know WHO these Invisible Friends are. We only Know what we see Everyday in the Real Media. We do know 1000's of Iraqis are dying every month because we are fueling the Hatred that comes with Occupation.

    We do know that we Have Troops In Harms Way, and that he is Responsible for harming them, and also for fueling Hatred of America around the World.This is not about making Anyone Safer, it is about A King with Delusions Of Grandeur. He is a Rogue Leader at this Point listening to No One. I watched him and I thought of Hitler, Mussolini, and how No One stopped them.I am waiting for America - ALL of America to Wake Up. I am waiting for the Lightening to illuminate the Darkness that is upon us. I do not know what to do. Do we to take to the Streets ? Do we have General Strikes ? What do We The People Do, when Our Government is being Run by a Mad Man. This Is Worse than Vietnam......This has Gone Too Far....


    {Click the Title: Dixie Chicks " I Am Not Ready to Make Nice"]
    NOT all of us can go to DC, it is not that we don't want to. It is sometimes about Jobs, little ones, sick family member, or yes, financial hard times. I said that for those of us at Home we need a Way to Show Support for the March and Support for the Troops ,that We Need to Bring Them Home. And we need to be able to Show Support at Home. During the Revolution People put candles in their Windows to let the Soldiers Know that The People Supported them. I am asking that ALL weekend People Put Candles and Lights in their Windows, as Much light as you can. If you have Christmas Lights Hang them in your windows. We need to find a way to let Our Neighbors Know that this Criminal Regime needs to End and the War needs to end. It sounds small, but imagine if ALL of us did it, and what our neighborhoods would look like ? Hell, I might leave mine up for a LONG time....I am Not Ready to Make Nice , are you ?

    This is just the First thing we need to do..This Is Where it Begins, At Home.

    * We also need to call and yell at Stations for NOT showing the March. We NEED MEDIA to help protect and provide Free Speech for Millions of Marchers*

    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    LIVE BLOGGING THE KING'S DAMN SPEECH,In the comments.... 9.13.07

    [CLICK the Title: Dixie Chicks very powerful Video: "I Am Not Ready to Make Nice"]

    Edwards making Statement After Bush "speech" tonight


    [click the Title for PINK Dear Mr President]

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    What We Need....

    [ CLICK the TITLE: Robert of Left of Centrist made an Awesome Video with Rolling Stone "Gimme Shelter"]
    As a mom that was around during Vietnam, I have been haunted by Visually how much Iraq is reminding me of Vietnam. For me it is small things, I can be at the grocery store and I can Know I am standing next to Recently Returned VET. I can see it in how their hand shakes, how they twitch when bus backfires, and I see it in their eyes. It is tugging at me, I can not watch the Hearings this week and not have waves of Deja Vu. So I posted the Gimme Shelter Vietnam Video on my blog earlier this month and it was moving , and so beautifully done. So I mentioned it to Robert over at Left Of Centrist, well, he is so talented, do Click the Title and See this Great Video, he wove it all together, Vietnam and Iraq, and Gimme Shelter. ( Also be sure to go to his website and see his other videos).
    About the DC Marche on the 15th:
    Please Folks do take care when you go to DC, Do Take Cameras, Do take Cellphones, Camera Cellphones are even better. Do travel in Groups, and do have atleast one person wear a Red Cross armband, to let others know One is able to render care . ( Also it helps to let The Bully Police that you have prepared, so they might not even try to intimidate you.). Do travel in Groups, do not travel alone. If you want to be really Creative I highly reccommend making yourself Press Passes, even Give yourself Press Passes from Fictious Foreign Papers, that they will not check. But Foreign Press Passes are very initmidating to The Bully Police in DC. I am saying to be Creative and Be Safe.

    I give this advice as this week during the Hearings a Minister was bullied and roughed up trying to attend a one of the Petreaus Hearings, and his leg was broken. Yes, a Minister.And yes he was arrested and charged with Bogus Charges. We are in a Police State, and we are in Dark Times. ( read More on this Issue over at Left of Centrist and Crooks&Liars ).

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Violet Purred today......9.11.07

    [Click the title, it is 6-6's favorite "World" by Five For Fighting]
    ( Originally we blogged and posted about Violet on Sept 4th, after we had had her for few days, " Sick One at the Door", and then we updated again on Sept 7th, when she finally was out of the woods so to say....6-6 asked that we update today...and post Something that was a little

    We have been feeding her, almost every four hours for days now, she gets baby formula ( nonmilk- very small amounts), and water, and baby food ( chicken and gravy is her favorite). And my son carries her and tends to her like she is a newborn....and she rolls on his carpet, becoming a fluffy static Marmalade Fluff Ball.....we think she is imitating my little yellow dog. So here is the photo he took with his phone with her all staticky, fluffy and she fell asleep. ( More fluff than actual weight). There were never ads up looking for her, and no one called saying she was Missing, so she is Ours...She has gained weight and today she PURRRED.....

    9.11.07 Shattered Dreams and Unsung Heroes

    [Click the title:911 tribute,song Jewel]
    Post below was written on the eve of 9.11.01, I have
    never put it on my blog before.I wrote this about 12 hours after the 2nd Tower Fell.I was living in the Northwest in a small town in a little house with a little picket fence at the time, my son was 10,and I was still married.I wrote this sitting on my porch, late at night.I have lived in 5 places since then, and my son has grown into a teenager....I have tried to always make him a Home....and give him a sense of Peace and Community.My own heartbroken path has taken me on spiritual journey that can not be denied....and yes,it is intrinsically woven into this Dark Time in our History and has been drastically affected by This Regime.I am even more sad for this Country, Our Country, then when I wrote this....I still treasure what matters....I blog it everyday.
    [Please do read the Comment Thread Below esp the Comments by Deudersson and his life in NYC after 911, it is beautiful]
    Shattered Dreams and Unsung Heroes 9.11.01... 11pm

    We went to bed last night and we woke up and nothing will ever be the same.Our televisions brought us such images of death and destruction that have never even been portrayed on movie screens.Not at home, Not in Our Backyard. Not Here, Please not here, not in Our Home Lands.Not in the United States.And then we listen to familiar Voices trying to explain what can not be explained, Peter Jennings and Arron Brown so calmly trying. A New York Skyline resculpted by a monsters plan, a shredded symbol.

    As these images flash across the screen I am left with images in my mind of people trying desperately trying to get to those they Love.Firemen groping in rubble and smoke.Unsung Heroes who ran into buildings to help people because that is their calling.

    Reporters and cameramen filming while running desperately trying to still get the Truth Out.I am stuck with the realization that hours earlier, they had breakfast,walked their dogs,laughed with their kids..Hours later they may have been clutching perhaps a wallet photo and whispering "Goodbye"and "I Love you " into a cellphone...Courage is found in the Rubble and the Dust,dark smoke does not cloud such Bravery....Rubble,ashes,and paper falling like snow, like tears.....a Deadly Rain.

    Tonight my son is drawing SuperHeros with his friend, and they are eating peanut butter sandwichs, and my dog is in the yard, and my cat is still pestering the Canary outside in his cage under such a blue sky, and those skies are so ominously silent.My husband is a flight nurse and I look expectantly at the skies, for the first time EVER I don't want to see him flying.I want his feet on the ground.And I am haunted by the date, 911.. Emergency.

    So What do we do now my son asks ? It is a good question. Then he asks about the People Wanting Revenge, and I have to tell him that for this level of destruction and death,there is perhaps there is no Retribution, that Revenge does not measure out when there is Such Evil at Work.We have to stay calm and focused,being careful not to judge What we can not understand.

    So what to We Do now? .....Perhaps we try to take care of each other,hug our kids a little harder,check on neighbors,give blood, and we pray and we light candles. Be gentle to each other my friends and have Hope. And remember days like these are full of Unsung Heroes that can be eclipsed by the tragedy of the moment. They are People just like You.

    A Film for New York 911 Survivors : "9/12 From Chaos to Community"

    [Click the Title: It is called After 9/11 The Intimate Story" it is a clip from a Documentary called "9/12 From Chaos to Community"]
    To My New York Friends:
    This post goes with the Post above, I found this beautiful video and Documentary about How New Yorkers took care of Other New Yorkers....Please find out more go to,

    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    The Real Enigma....

    *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* I finally decided that I didn't want anyone to think I really look like a Pin Up or a Lord Leighton Lovely...even though I post them all the time...and I decided that it was time , after two years to let you know I am real....6-6, my son, picked out the Music today....and since I love the Goo-Goo is my new theme song..."Let Love In".[Just Click the title as usual].

    Sunday Morning......9.09.07

    [Click the title Tangerine Dream: Love on a Real Train.]
    Sunday Thought: "When we tug on a single thing in Nature,we find it attached to Everything else."John Muir
    My first thought when I read this quote this morning was that Mr.Muir must have had a lot of sweaters unravel on him.
    My second thought was that Nature is the one thing that helps me stay connected and grounded, if I wake up and the birds are twittering and the squirrels are chittering I can start my day feeling intact...When I was in California living on the Coast , I would wake early and listen to the Seals barking at each other on the Beach, they would drown out the waves.....
    So how about you ? Is there Something in nature that helps you feel Connected ?
    Leaves are Changing...yet it is so hot and humid it feels like July.
    This morning we have more rain and showers, it fell all night with sporadic storms.
    I turned on Cspan- selfishly hoping for Pavoratti's Funeral ( hey we have had MANY funerals this year...why not...).
    I am ready for fall, ready for Change. Ready for the Heat to leave, and I know folks out West feel the same.
    I long for Leaves to change, the smell of apples, and jack O'Lanterns, and the smell of the first fireplace smoke on the air.....
    Curling up with a good book, with a glorious old ratty sweater and thick socks, and some hot OoLong Tea, or just good Sunday Morning Blogging and waiting for the pumpkin bread to finish baking....

    Oven 350 degrees
    2 Baking pans- buttered.
    I can pumkin pie filling
    1 cup sugar
    1 cup flour
    1 tablespoon brown sugar
    1 large egg (or 2 small)
    half cup raisens ( optional)
    1 tsp. of baking powder
    Smidge of Pumpkin Pie Spice
    Smidge of Nutmeg
    Smidge of Ginger
    Smidge of Cloves
    half cup water
    2 tablespoons Orange Juice
    Mix til smooth, then pour in baking pans....
    lightly zest an orange across the top....Bake for 30-40 minutes.
    (makes fine muffins too)

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Saturday Night Thoughts and Music 9.08.07

    It has been a long week.This week my blog has a little of Everything, on the Homefront the struggle to save a wounded abandoned cat. The post about Violet very much goes with the Letter to Mr.Bush about Abandonment of America .The Friday post about The Impeachment March on September 15th, very much goes with the Post comparing America Today with 1930's Germany.And then a little snippet about Opium Wars... When there is pain and angst around me, it makes it so much harder to feed and tend Souls.So it is true that sometimes you can come here and there is Political Revelations and Angst, and other times there is just Life of Mainstream America, told through the eyes of a Nurse, a Mom.....But there is never Silence....Never.

    Have a Good Night....Dance....Cool off ....Make Some Salsa....
    [Click the Title :Rob Thomas and Santana Do " Smooth", Rob met his wife on this video, see if you can pick her out]

    So a Bit of Music ....

    It ain't just Poppies.....

    Okay so I have repeatedly said how I feel about MSM, that being said there are a few folks that I feel are doing their Journalistic Best, Keith Olbermann being one, and the other being Anderson Cooper. Tonight on CNN he is covering the Opium Wars, and Afghanistan.And I think people do know that the Opium Heroin trade is booming. I am going to give it a Watch.I also do link to his Blog,( Over on the Blogroll), because it has some Interesting Observations by people behind the Scenes at CNN.

    Click The Title of this Post, and it is a Link to the Movie "Air America", and it I think is one of the best first 3 minute Summaries I have ever seen about Heroin and the Drug Wars ( the very beginning of the clip). This was a very interesting little movie that went pretty much unnoticed. If you watch the Clip I think you will want to rent it., and not because it has Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr in it, but because it has Some Messeges.....Take a Look, 9 minutes you won't regret and tell me what you think.....

    Friday, September 07, 2007

    Welcome to America, OR is it 1930's Germany?

    *[click the title: PINK:Dear Mr.President]*
    Has Anyone else felt this? That we are living in an Environment that resembles 1930's Germany ? Has anyone else felt or seen the Pendulum of Public Emotions that run from outright Apathy ( aka Ostrich Syndrome) to Tormented Rage.Historically we are witnessing the Worst Time In Our History, and We Know It. I see it all around me, the Vacant Eyes, or Tormented Eyes.Next time you stand on a Corner Bustop or at the Grocery Store look a the EYES of those you stand with, and tell me what you see.

    It is worse than the 1930's in many ways, there is Labor Unrest, Economic Instability, and Workers and Families have been disenfranchised and blighted.And Civil Rights have been trampled beyond Recognition.When in any of Our Lifetimes, have we heard "Debates" About Torture,Renditioning, No Fly Lists, SPYING on citizens, SPYING On Emails, Letters, Homes, Bank Accounts, Only Demonstrations allowed when the Government says so, People being denied Passports, and Others being Deported. People being cited and arrested for Wearing Impeach Bush Tshirts, People Being Removed from Voting Rosters.Remember this there are 1000's, Hundreds of thousands on LISTS. When in our Lifetime were there ever Lists? And now people that are in DC to organize the IMPEACH BUSH Sept.15th rally were harrassed and arrested this week. ( Go to Crooks&Liars for More on this).

    I stood in line at the Grocery Store at dinner time with four people buying large amounts of Very Cheap Liquor last night. There was little eye contact, no jokes, no smiles. There were two other moms with small children buying Pedialyte and Milk, using Food Stamps. Is there NO Way that this should not tug at my heart.47 Million without Health Care and Health Insurance in this Country, Our Country. 9 Million of them Children.And What are the Real Homeless Humbers? What are the real Unemployed and Working Poor Numbers? I want to know. If the Bushco Administration were concerned about Terrorism, they would realize that they have been Fearmongering, Hate Mongering, and Terra Mongering for years now while they Disenfranchise THEIR OWN PEOPLE. And while People, OUR PEOPLE have been starving, losing healthcare, and their Homes and their Jobs they are also LOSING Civil Liberties and Rights. And the Bush Regime tells People to go Shopping......

    And the Main Stream Media has abandoned us in so many ways. They do not report what is happening in Main Stream America, and that Level of Propagandizing the News has in many ways harmed the America That was here only 6 years ago.
    The Media has forgotten that we are the ONEs that pay their way, we buy the food and soap that is advertized.I think many of us thought that there would be a "Bin Laden Terror" tape that would of course appear before the Sept 15th Impeach Bush Rally or before the Petreaus Report Release Date. These are Desperate Times for the Whitehouse.

    When I lived in the Northwest, back in 2000 I met an Old Polish Woman that had Survived the Concentration Camps and WWII., and she said that the "War On The People started in the 1930's". She spoke about how first people lost their coffee shops, and Parks, and Places to MEET and talk.There were no more Public Gatherings, and the Police were Everywhere.And then the Newspapers became controlled. She talked about how Fear was used to ccontrol the People. Then they lost their ability to travel and visit and share news with others. She spoke with her thick accent and her weak Voice about how it Started So Simple, and grew day by day....Her words have haunted me," In the End I did Not Know My Country at all".

    This America is not the America that we Knew and Loved before the Bush Regime Stole Power. I want Our America Back.I am tired of feeling like a Refugee in my own Country....We are NOT the Enemy.We should NOT be on Lists, or treated like we are Terrorists. We are WE THE PEOPLE.....Remember That.

    We The People Have the Right to Speak and Protest About What is Being Done in OUR Name...Remember that.

    *{click Title: Gimme Shelter- History of Vietnam, also has the Words&Wisdom of MLK}*

    Those of us from the Vietnam Era KNOW that the Troops Came Home, because Everyday Americans Let the Nixon Whitehouse KNOW it was Over......

    Go See Riverbend at Baghdad Burning....

    [Click Title: Emerson,Lake,&Palmer singing "C'est la Vie"]
    For monthes many of us worried about Riverbend and her fate, as she had not blogged in Monthes. She is back and she is blogging and she explains what has happened to her.....and her precarious path. This song kept coming to mind as I read her update....go read and add her to your blogroll and light a candle for this dear woman...

    Violet Update....Friday 9.7.07

    (Click the title: Elton John 1970]
    It is late Thursday Night, and after so many supporting kind emails about little Violet, I felt that it was time to give an update on our fragile little friend. She is doing much better thanks to all of you,for all your Hope and wonderful advice. Everything seems to be helping from worm medicine, to baby food and formula, to yogurt, to Kitten Formula, to pedialyte and sugar water.Her face looks much better, and she has a little belly and she has gained weight.When she looks better I will post Photos.She is a Wonder. Thank you all.

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Dear Mr.Bush 9.4.07

    [click the Title: One Tin Soldier *Warning* Very Graphic. Please if you are VET, or have family in Iraq, or if you have PTSD do NOT watch.Please do also read the Post Below about Abandonment of Our Country...not just a cat.The two posts are meant to be read together. And yes, this letter is for We The People, not the Illiterate King.]

    Dear Mr.Bush,
    I watched you drop in to Iraq for a little visit this weekend.You went to a base and made others come to you, and you snuck there in the Dead of Night.We know you went to get more photos for your Legacy Album. You did not walk around the burned bombed out streets of rubble. You made the Troops stand outside in 110 degree heat , and they stood and waited while you got a fresh shirt and adjusted your make up. You made them stand and wait in the Heat and Grime and Sand.You treated them as if they were merely Toy Soldiers in Your Photo Op.

    They are Not your Toy Soldiers, they are Mothers, Daughters, and Sons, and Fathers, and Brothers and Sisters. They are there occupying a land where they are not loved or respected. I looked at them wiping sweat from their brows and I could not help but wonder WHO will not be there in That Picture tomorrow or the next week. And Mr.Bush did you think about that ? We learned that you "cry a lot "according to your latest "Book". You do not know what tears are until you have held a greiving mother in your arms and felt the heaviness of her tears.You do not know what tears are until you have had to tell a grieving Child that Their Daddy is not coming home. You do not know what tears are until you have seen a Mother handed that Folded Flag by a freshly dug grave. You do not know Tears until you have seen a Father dust fresh snow off His Son's Grave.

    Mr.Bush we are Telling you to Bring the Troops Home From Iraq NOW. We are telling you it is Over. The Damage is Done. It can Not be Undone. We are telling you NO, you may not treat them Like Toy Soldiers ANYMORE. We are telling you that YOU have Failed the People of Iraq, the People of the Middle East, and the People of the World, and the People of the US. It is Time to end your Delusional Quests and bring OUR People Home, for the sake of the Troops and the Iraqis.

    Sick One at the Door....

    [Click the Title: Sarah McLaughlin "Arms of an Angel"]

    Late one night this weekend a sick emaciated cat arrived at our door. People always think that nurses have Vet training, we have had many sick critters arrive at odd hours.( Here is the short list, all kinds of rabbits, a pregnant Skink, a chicken with a head injury, a turtle that suffered a bad meeting with a garbage disposal, a three legged hedge hog and on and on). My big manchild of a son, 6-6, carried the wounded slip of a creature up to his room and made her a bed . I had had her in a carrier with towels and blankets, I recieved a scowl and a lecture on my"bedside manners". There has been much scurrying and sleeplessness, caring for this little damaged creature, warm milk, kitten food, water sweetened with gatorade. The 7 pounds of skin and bones and sunken eyes ; I know she will be tended and loved and fluffed and fattened in no time. By 5am this morning my son announced she had a name, Violet.

    But what struck me was that when the cat was brought to us, my first thought was let this be Something that I can handle because there is no money for vets and fancy drugs and treatments.It is the same emotion that floods me and my neighbors when someone is sick, because so few of us have insurance. And the other emotion that flooded me was that someone abandoned this creature left it to fend for itself, no food or water, no protection. And I found myself flooded with more emotion, as aren't we all abandoned at this point....on our own to take care of our own. There have been no signs and no one looking for this little creature...She has been discarded, set adrift in a world that she can not navigate. No one should be set adrift.

    I see that President Clinton has written a book called" Giving". I am struck that the book might need a Primer, called Caring. I worry that we are losing our Compassion , our ability to Care. And people that do not Care certainly do not Give, This Regime has certainly schooled us on Abandonment. And people that do not care or give, do things like Discard those that are Most Vulnerable.

    Violet is asleep in my son's favorite chair, and Xena our Elderly Princess Cat has walked by with looks of disdain , and Yellow Dog has nervously checked on the wounded cat every few hours, and now is asleep like the exhausted nurse that she is...

    So my apologies for light blogging this weekend, we were tending a Little Life.

    Keith Olbermann Special Comment tonight....About Iraq

    Tonight Keith is doing a Special Comment, yes, about Iraq, and the President's Drop In Visit.
    ( I guess we can only be grateful that it was not a flyover).
    Watch and Write to Countdown after you watch.
    Thank You Keith for speaking Truth to Power.