Saturday, June 30, 2007


The News Stations have been humping the Terra Agenda with the Red Bannered We Wanna Scare You "Breaking News" all I am going to go take my dog for a walk , In search of ice cream and hotdogs ....A Long Walk....and Take a Break....

Okay so we have had a week full of Hatemongering ( Annie Coldass Coulter) and her tourettical nazi rants against the Edwards.It was very depressing that Tweety and David Gregory and other piddleheaded waddlenecked pundits felt compelled to assist her narcissistic pathological campaign championing her drivel of a "book". It was as pathetic as the Media Welcome of Paris out of Prison. I did check my calendar, Was it " Cater to Emptyheaded-Blond-White-Women" Week ? If so my calendar is in error.....

And then in the UK there have been some failed bombs ( that no one has proudly claimed responsibility.)My son pointed out that if they were Suicide bombers ( as CNN has been humping all day as they rerun the Glasgow footage for the 1800th time), "Well, they weren't very good if they jumped out of the car because it was on fire". I am sorry , but I find all of this very odd and not quite real- and certainly not "terrifying"...and I have no plan to "remain Vigilant".( Well, other than to check the cookies in the oven so they don't burn). Has Anyone else noticed that this happens EVERY summer right around July 4th.
The Media should be talking about IMPEACHING the Consititutional War Criminals in the Whitehouse, and maybe the Horrorific mess of Iraq, or even the Floods of Texas...but no they have to dramatize this crap....

**** And to my UK Friends, I think you understand that I do worry and care about you, but I think these incidents are being humped ( exploited ) for the Terra Mongering Hypocrites in DC.

***** If the News Media continues to pump this out all week, I may be forced to set Fire my TV.....hmm, now would That be Terra??****

Off to find the Flip Flops and Leash....I will be back later...

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Hot Dog Days of Blogger

Enigma Here to say thank you. It is very late Thursday Night, and after a Hellish eve Blogger apparently has repaired it's problems.I should have just recognized it was just Blogger Woes, not just a Watergate Summer Problem. I was worried and took the inability to leave and or access Comments personally. Especially when I could go to another home and another computer and leave comments. ( I mostly just wanted to escape to blogland on Thursday Eve and dialogue with others about SCOTUS disgust after the Bad Decisions of the week and Constitutional Concerns regarding the WH). But like a dog on a hot porch I could not see past the Heat of the Moment and the sandfleas on my rump.

Then Something amazing happened, I got great advice and help from others, while I could still access email...and one Nancy Drew Discovered the True Culprit....

(1) "SMENITA "was actually appearing in the comments Word Verification for Some to See....Okay MANY. This is apparently a "code" that appears letting folks KNOW that Blogger is having trouble....

(2) Google the "SMENITA"- and you can see yourself the History of this "word" is definently a form of Paranormal Word Verification, and there is is even a blog devoted to it, google SMENITA77. ( and it could sound like a wonderful Greek Island or even an exotic cocktail,but it truly is Hell. Although in Italian it means " Disavowl", it means Nothing to Blogger. So if you write and complain to Blogger it might be a Problem they Know Well.....too well ?

(3) If it happens again I am going to take advice and disable the Word Verification part of the Comments....

See Blogland you are so much wiser than Enigma....thanks for Your Patience....and Advice.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Voices of the Past

Sometimes if we want to look at the Road Ahead we have to listen to the Great Voices of the Past.....

So my son and I play this game....."What would a Great Leader say about Today's Mess ?"
We obviously are talking about the Buscho Regime, but we ponder What Real Leaders would have said about this Titanical Administration. We also look up quotes to attempt to back up our thoughts.

So today here is some Wisdom of President Lincoln for you..... IF you have some great Lincoln Quotes we would love to hear them.....

"Fearlessness for the Right is a better thing than Fearfulness for Peace"
( I doubt that the Terra Mongers would appreciate this quote)

"Character is like a Tree, and reputation is like it's shadow. The shadow is what we think of it-the real thing is the Tree."

( about Campaign Attacks)
"Every foul bird comes abroad, and every dirty reptile rises up".

"Would you have voted for what you felt to be a lie?"
( kind of interesting in our day and age...would Lincoln have voted for the Iraq War, I don't think so.....)

"He who has the right to criticize who has the heart to help".
(Compassionate Conservatives believe they don't have to "help"...but they do have to Criticize....)

(about Crisis)
"I pass my life in preventing the storm from blowing down the tent, and I drive the pegs as fast as I can."

(about Cowardice)
"To Sin By Silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Need Waves of Change

I have been only back to Blogland a has been illuminating. I made a decision to return because it Mattered, because my son reminded me that we still have The Future of Our Children and the World's Children very much at stake. He reminded me that CHANGE does not come with just Hope and Prayers tossed on the troubled winds of these Dark Times. He no longer believes in "Heros", he does Believe in Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things to attempt to Salvage Our Tattered Democracy. He knows all about fighting the Good Fight....but what I worry is that he has not seen Good Triumph over Evil...He has seen Good People disenfranchised in their own Country.It is up to us to Save this Country and teach our Children What Matters. No Child or their Dreams of Hope should be Left Behind.

I did not come back to whine about my own circumstances or seek comfort, in the Flaming June Post I did in a very personal way share pieces of my story, because I do think that many people in the Country have struggled Under This Regime. These past few monthes I realized that Silence would not Heal ANY of the Wounds this Country has Experienced.I am grateful to all that have been supporting of my return as well as understanding of my plight, and that grasp the gravity of it.

In the Past week I watched as the Edwards , especially Elizabeth took on the Battle of HateMongering. We live in a Country that has been pulled to a level that is Unreal. The Talking Fox Heads, like Ann Coulter that think it is Fine to spew Hate against Noble people that are concerned about such things as Poverty and NOLA and Health Care Reform. I often wonder WHO pays AC to be such a loudmouth hateful Bigot ? Who pays her to spew ? And why does ALL the Media support such Hate and Hurt to be flung against such Fine People ? Words can indeed be used as a Weapon, and can indeed incite Violence and Pain, but the Media is a Willing and Shameful Participant, and it is NOT Journalism.And why should Elizabeth , a strong articulate woman not defend her man, her family, her dead son, or her Country ? Are we in such Dark Times that women can no longer Fight Back with Words and Logic ?

I hate to say this but if Women are to be treated wtih such disrespect and disregard we are in for some very Stormy Times , and truthfully I think we are......

We need Waves of Change....


So maybe just maybe we all need to read Resolution 333 that Kucinich proposed.....Because think about it- if we Impeach Dick, (Lord of Lies and Secrets) FIRST, then Bush can be NEXT, because Crimes have been committed and are STILL being Committed. See I don't give a tiny Rat's ass about what Nancy Pelosi said about "Impeachment is off the table". ( Really WHAT Table ? because we have been talking about it nightly at OUR Table).Read the John Riddly Post over at Huffington Post today, it is called Dennis Kucinich is Right.

Laws have been Broken, We The People STILL have a Constitution.

NEWSFLASH ****NEWSFLASH****1:30PM today June 27th DICK HAS BEEN SUPOENAED TODAY .... (Supoena Signed by Patrick Leahy demanding records regarding ILLEGAL SPYING BY THE NSA......)


NOTES: It is so frigging Hot here, in the 90's, no painting today....just sitting here in a slip... reading with 3 fans and a bucket of ice and my laptop. Good day to read and check on folks. Our Shakes Sister is having trouble AGAIN- any Geeks that want to help leave a messege here, please, we need to help....

*** yes, Painting by Lord Leighton again....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Drenched in Summer....

I am painting my stairs and office floor "Sandy Sage", it mostly is making me have Beach Yearnings.
I went looking for Beach Photos and this is what I found. Enjoy. Have a seat.

At Sunset I walk my dog in this little neighborhood in the evening,
and it has all the Summer Aromas that I love.

Sundried Linen swaying on the breeze of an old Clothesline.
Wet watered petunias and geraniums and Lilacs.
Cut grass and the birds that like the clippings.
Cats asleep window railings and windowsills
-draped to catch the last warmth of sun.
Children playing tag as they dance through the sprinklers.
Towels drying on a porch rail,
wafting of Coppertone and sand.
BBQ Chicken nesting on a grill , buttery corn on the cob,
and the clink of cold beers in an icey bucket.
Children gathering lightening bugs in old Mayo Jars
and dripping popsicles.
College boys talking girls and baseball on a porch
as one plays the guitar.
The slight singed smell of burnt S'Mores.

My dog walks hurriedly drinking it all in, sniffing and
and wagging....smiling.

Sometimes we all just need a Little Dose of Summer...

**** WONDERFUL SUMMERTIME READING: Rude Pundit for a Laugh, Stone Soup Musings for the BEST Health Information Ever, and please do read Poetic Justice the Poetry Man has a lovely Tribute to his Aunt Dorothy.****

Morning Mylanta.....

Okay ask me if I care ?
Prison is glorified for this Bad Girl, and the MSM treats this as "News' ?
Paris should spend some time in the ER and Trauma Center seeing the RESULTS of Drunk Driving

And Speaking of Driving the WhiteHouse Drunk.....and Other Acts of Reckless Endangerment

A Vice President that has Totally defecated on the Constitution.....yet still also claims Executive Privelege. Impeachment Anyone??? And I can not help but question the Motives & Timing of the WAPO for running this story, I fear it is to scrap some tarnish off Condi so she can make a run for the Whitehouse......

These are just some morning thoughts that have me searching the frig for the Big Blue Bottle....morning mylanta....


Oh, Please Can we Have Elizabeth Edwards as First Lady

Okay ,so I am watching the Edwards on Jay Leno. She is so Real and has Courage, and Grace.....and she cares. OMG Jay has taken the Cheney Plunge....John has mentioned that we have a Consitution what a Revelation. All the things that mattered have now been mentioned, the War, Poverty, and Healthcare Crisis.....on that note.G'nite.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Turn on Cspan 3 today,right now- Nadler on the Hill NAILING Whitman on the DUST and Air Samples Post 911 for New York City. I will post more later, as I watch this. She is sadly having MEMORY trouble.Now Conyers is asking Astute questions about DUST and WHY Masks and Worker Safety Precautions were not taken to PROTECT Workers?? ( and here's a thought these are Judiciary Hearings about the "Abestos" Hearings??? hmm, I wonder if it is Knowing Endangerment?) Big Shock....EX EPA Director and OSHA Director is here saying that there Was NO Abestos in the AIr at the 911 Clean Up Site and they keep siting the Wallstreet Readings- they have not openly discussed the actual Ground Zero SIte Readings......

( NOTE: Need to learn more about Abestos ? read up on Mesothilioma, and also Grace Mines in Libby Montana....there are over 40,000 911 Workers afflicted with Heart and Lung Damage- permanent.....and WHAT are the Lung Cancer Rates in NYC Now ??? Esp. in NON-Smokers.)


The Return of Hobos

In the Above art you see Markings, interptative signs that were used by Hobos in the 1930's. ( I am bringing these Signs/Symbols up for a reason, so hang in there Enigma is going Somewhere with this). The markings were used by unemployed men to communicate with each other as they wandered across the country in search of Work, Food, and Housing. It was a way for the wandering men to take care of each other. Hobos were known for their Independence, but also for their Work Ethic, they were mostly men that had been employed and were creative and thoughtful and talented, and many had held Skilled Employment before the Depression Hit. They used the symbols in trainyards and on the Homes near train yards. They also used the symbols in neighborhoods to let other Hobos know Where it was safe to Sleep, or find Hospitalities such as Good Cooking. They created many of their own symbols and some differ regionally. Some Hobos also were extremely talented, and you may have heard of "Tramp Art" made from useless or discarded objects.
( The odd thing is that there is a difference between Hobos and Tramps, tramps tended to be men that were not working, Hobos were known for seeking work and working hard, quiet diligence).

On the back of my Grandmother's house scratched into the frame by the Kitchen door was what appeared to be a broken clock , it was the symol of a PIE, the highest praise for "Good Cooking". A gardener at their home explained The Symbols to me when I was eight back in the 1960's.

I now live in an Old Neighborhood, and oddly enough there is now a quiet Return of the Hobo Symbols.

I walk my dog and this spring I kept seeing "W"s large, yet daintily inscribed, occasionally on a tree or on a sidewalk in the neighborhood. Finally a good fellow that helps me with my yard saw me looking quizically at the "W" that is down just past my house. I laughed and showed it to him and said " This damnwell better not be a Dubya this close to my house ?!?!?!".

He laughed too, and said "Nope, don't you worry it does NOT stand for That Crook".

(( Cici does yardwork with me, I needed some help and he comes every other week. I give him icewater or lemonade, and sometimes I bake Something. And if it is his last job of the day sometimes we sit on the porch steps and talk Life. He is a Vet with a Limp, and he tells stories with a great sense of Humor, and Southern Manners. I appreciate his help and the quiet diginity that he carries with him.)

So I asked WHAT does the "W" scratched in the Sidewalk stand For ???

It Stands for "WORK".... "Work Available".
And now when I walk the dog I keep an eye peeled for the Markings, the Symbols of Our Own Hobo Era.

Edwards on Leno tonight June 25th, 2007

John Edwards is on Jay Leno tonight. Already the Neocon-Bushco-Need-a-New-Ronny-but-will-kiss-Fred's-ass- Idiots have started to attempt to Swiftboat John. ( As if they have a Strong Candiate yet to cling to as the Current Titanic Administration lingers on Life support ???) John and Elizabeth have really showed Heart and Courage over the past 3 years, from Cancer, to the 2006 Campaign, to Poverty Work to Katrina and NOLA ,I have been endlessly inspired by their Intergrity and Courage.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday Reflections

I have spent the past two days trying to get caught up with Blogatopia ( please do read post of June 20th,The Apology /Explanation Post, to learn about my Hiatus). I have been hearing your stories and it seems that many had Bitter Winters and a hard Spring. My Heart has been lifted and filled by so many warm comments, I am so glad that so many understood what I have been experiencing. I am so grateful to be still a part of your lives. The Cafe is Open again ,chairs and floors dusted, fresh coffee and corn bread. Please let's all take care of each other and let's make Something Wonderful happen in the next 578 days. I love you all and the Exiled Enigma has indeed returned. I can no longer do this alone. Solitude will not heal my heart, or what is ailing this Country.Thank you for pulling me back from The Edge.
It is time to fight back with Hope...

*Painting by Lord Leighton "Solitude". Thanks to DK*

Hung Out to Dry

So over the past few monthes I did indeed sink into despair ( as stated in previous post). Despair that OUR Country had Lost it's System of Justice ( as well as any Honor or Ethics). For me the final straw on the camel's thin back was the US Attorney Scandal, because for me watching these Fine Honorable Attorneys be tossed to the curb was and is beyond reproach. For me the moment I saw on the CNN Ticker that they had been fired Without Reason that Bitter Cold January Day was as heartbending as seeing Red Tanker Trucks Midnight-Dump in my Drinking Water in October 1999. ( see post Red Trucks and Watery Lies). I realized in that icey January Moment that I was indeed Hung Out to Dry.

But over the past few monthes after alot of reading and watching CSpan ( my addiction still),I had an Epiphany. In the past six years haven't we All been Hung Out to Dry ? The Katrina Victims and survivors ( and refugees flung across the country) ? Thousands across the Country that have been ILLEGALLY SPIED ON ? Thousands on the NO FLY list ? Thousands that can't GET Passports- because THEY ARE BEING SCREENED AND EARMARKED ? Thousands that have Lost Jobs ? 47 Million without Insurance ? 9 million Children without Insurance ? 37 Million living and Working Below the Poverty Line scrambling to LIVE week to week ? Millions that are Homeless due to Joblessness, bankruptcy, THE WAR, and Medical Bills ? And The Vets and their Families ? And yes other Whistleblowers like me ?

What if We are Hung Out to Dry.....Is there not a LINE that now Connects ALL of us ? To Fight Back Harder ? To Take Care of Each Other ? To End this Criminal Regime...We The People has NEW Meaning, and it means US taking Back this Country, OUR Country.

Me....I Believe that We are ALL Connected.
We may indeed be Hung Out to Dry, but we are Connected.
I look at my clothes drying on the line differently now, with Hope.
I see Prayer Flags blowing in the wind....Connected by the Damage but also by Hope.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Apology and an Explanation from the Real Enigma June 2007

To All my wonderul Blogatopia Friends that left goodhearted Messeges, It is time for Enigma to return, and I have. I also went through the long comment section from the winter. Sadly a very Sick Soul left some pretty awful messeges, and even at one point pretended to be me. I am so sorry for all of this drama and confusion. I am actually a very quiet soul, it is True I investigated Environmental Crimes in the Northwest, but it is time that I set the rest of the Record Straight as the Sick Soul may have harmed friendships and relationships that matter to me. All of the Sick Comments and Confusion have now been deleted.

I have been spending this week repairing my Blog and my Email Account.....Back in March I could access Neither, and I also was without Internet Access, so yes, for a period of time I took a Break. When one moves and things Break, cellphones and Computers etc. One can only fix so many things at a time.....

And now it is indeed Time for the Truth.
Remember this always , I am a nurse and a mom, I have integrity and honor, I never "Run" away from anything, and I certainly never ever give up or bail on things or people that matter. Blogatopia matters to me, and so do my friendships. My friends are my family, but I never ever call you all "Sweeties".And due to my circumstances I never have or will use my name on this blog.....I have a son to protect.

Also please know this I investigated and was a Witness that involved a Large Multi- Billion Dollar Chemical Company that was an International Company ( and was sold in 2005), and ended up being investigated by more than Eight Federal Agencies. I even worked with certain US Attorney's Offices, yes, our Justice Department, and yes, I was even offered Marshall Protection for Federal Hearings. Why? Because I supplied Evidence, including records, film and audio and maps to the Feds, all neatly put on CD-ROMS and sent to multiple Federal Agencies. I investigated a Company that dumped Millions of Pounds of Toxins on one little County for over 40 years in the Drinking Water,Beaches, and in the Air on Homes and Farms. That Dumping has stopped now and the Stacks that incinerated and emitted illegal waste came down in June 2006.

But when you Blow the Whistle on Such a Large Wealthy Criminal that has friends in High Places, life becomes Precarious and Precious, and at times treacherous. I constantly worry about my friends and family, and the members of my NonProfit, and I am more than protective of those I care about. This is partly because I have Good Reason. Good reason is tampered brakes, Unfriendly Encounters with Logging Trucks, Dead pets,Friends and colleagues dying or being injured in Mysterious Accidents, and even Encounters with Snipers. And yes, I lived in the Northwest many years, and after threats left in my house after it was ransacked in Fall 2003, I finally left the Northwest. I moved down the West Coast, living quietly with my son and praying that the Federal Authorities I had worked so hard to help would bring Justice to the Right People. And yes, when Silent Fallout comes out, there will be Revelations that will jolt many. But the Book needs to come out during the Election year......and It will. I am giving some shreds of it here....

And yes, in Fall 2004 I was very badly hurt and I moved to the Great Lakes Region in 2005 to get attempt get well and raise my son.I had to leave the wonderful West Coast, and it was the hardest thing to leave friends, family and "Home". That fall in California while living in a Rooming House with my son our little room was ransacked and the kitchen rooted through. At the time I thought perhaps some poor migrants were hungry. Within days Of this breakin I became very sick, with chest pain, muscle weakness, vomiting, and loss of coordination and falls continued for monthes. In California Doctors initially thought that I had ALS. But one retired Doctor was convinced that I had been poisoned. So we tested my spice containers and found that he was right. So I came to the Midwest to see Specialists and get better.It took many many monthes to get better and remove the poisons. When I was tested it was revealed that I had indeed been poisoned , with industrial professional grade poison, enough to kill a petite cow. I am ever thankful that my son hates spices. I do no know Who would do such an awful thing to a mom but I know I am truly fortunate to be alive.
I am ever grateful and forever spiritually grounded for being here.....

I Blog and Write because It Matters, but in the midst of moving this winter I also was suffering awful emails and some blog harrassment and then once moved, I had to cope with trying to settle my new home for my son while trying to also cope with a broken phone, wireless and computer.( and that was to say nothing of problems with the new home involving heat and water and the bathroom). And I was out of patience, money and heart......and after being unable to access my blog and email account I decided to focus on setting up the Home, and jobhunting, and that I would get Geek Help in late Spring once Life had settled. But please know this I never meant to worry any of you ....ever....I was trying to let Life settle. Most of my emails have been removed, especially from February and March.

And at the same time I was struggling with my own Moving Issues I learned of the Gonzo Fiasco involving the Justice Department. Mr. McKay's a Fine Attorney, it broke my heart and left me grappling for Hope that such Fine Attorney's in the midst of Prosecuting Important Criminal Cases should be Fired, Purging the Justice Department of Honor and Integrity .....

But I am Back Now....for Good. Because after much hardship and soul searching this long treacherous winter and spring that I of all people Know that this Country, OUR Country has suffered Rape and Pillage of it's Constitution and it's System of Justice....and I of all People need to speak out........Loudly.

NOTE: Due to many Internet Problems, my address file needs to be refilled, please please give me try to write me and leave me your email addresses, also feel free to update me on blogs that need to be added to the Blogroll. Also the Beauty is called Flaming June, painted by Lord Frederick Leighton, who loved the Redheads and is worth exploring.