Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Apology and an Explanation from Enigma....me.

I love this photo from the Depression, because the LOOK in the Mother's Eyes, I know too well...If I seem to be blogging my heart out this month.....I am. I am partly doing it because the Election, and I am partly doing it because I live on the Edge...If you read my post on Sept.29th at 11am you understand...my living situation is more than precarious. My work situation is not stable, and I live very frugally simply trying to raise a teenage son,..who I want more than anything to send to College and Film School.I worry about all of us, and his Future.

I have no Financial Expertise , I am just a nurse. I am merely watching and blogging these events as best I can so that I can better understand and grasp what is happening.And yes, the Bigger picture for you, me and yes, globally. We have Neighbors in the World..And yes, I know alot of people are like me Living On This Edge, so yes, I blog and share that information. I am not trying to make anyone worry more. I am trying to make certain that we all are better Educated.That we have the information we need to feel strong, informed and never be fearful. Knowledge is Power.Always.

So I just ask for your patience....and know that I blog because I care and yes worry....But I will not ever offer False hope or sugar coat when things are Beyond Rough...I would rather be Truthful even in Dark Times. And I am always looking for the Shaft of Light, no matter how Dim, how thin...how Precious. I also believe that we are a Community that we prevail as we take care of each other.....In Dark times we just hand each other Another Candle..and pass it Person to Person....

Beautiful song "These Days" by Natalie Merchant...about being on The Edge...and still having Hope. ( if you click the Title, you can see the Lyrics).
From Sept.29th post:
On the HomeFront:::
More about National City For Ohio Folks to follow.Say a little prayer for 6-6 and me....This is my landlord's bank...in January 2007 I moved because our Previous Landlord got foreclosed ( we had been living in our Downtown Loft that we loved behind Jacob's Field). So in the Middle of winter, I went searching for a place, in snow and ice,....and found this battered old house, it was Ten Below Zero, but I got us all moved in. I negotiated the rent and Fixed Every Blessed Inch of it, the Floors, the broken stairs, the holes in the walls, the pee stained walls,fixed up the porch. I even painted the Kitchen Floor Black and white....I made it a Home...And this past winter he finally fixed the Heat....It has been nice to have a dining room and here is the Cat Chair....and yeah , I even made a garden out back......but I will go collect boxes today and pray that I don't need to use them, (but here in Ohio if your landlord gets foreclosed, you have 3 days to be out)...I hope and pray that 6-6 and I can stay here until he goes to Film School Next year,(we were planning to stay until then)...and that we get to use that new Heater....I worry about everyone...getting through this,...I really do....Home is a Precious Thing....


"And as we let our own light shine,we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. "Nelson Mandela
Footnote::: Please never ever use my REAL name on the Blog in the Comments, I have had alot of problems with Trolls and hatemail and even worse, so I never ever use my name on here, it is a Safety issue,. Plain and Simple. Thank you.

9.29.08 Wolf on CNN got schooled as to why Palin is Not Fit to be VP, or President, Watch these two great videos.

I posted Part I of this Discussion by Jack Cafferty where he called her "Pathetic" and pointed out how dangerous this all is, and that her being on the Ticket should scare the Hell out of you......( when I first posted it - it was seen 200 times, now it has been viewed 1,147,000 times) well, this is the second part after seeing MORE of the Couric Interviews. This Is Part II of Jack about Palin, ( I have linked Part I in the Title if you missed it).

Fareed Zakaria on CNN's Situation Room, September 29, 2008 explains in very practical terms about WHY Palin is Unacceptable.

( Wolf Questions him about what Fareed wrote- below I have posted again what he wrote):::
Fareed Zakaria | BIO
CNN Anchor, “Fareed Zakaria – GPS”

"Will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony? Is it too much to ask that she come to realize that she wants, in that wonderful phrase in American politics, “to spend more time with her family”? Having stayed in purdah for weeks, she finally agreed to a third interview. CBS’s Katie Couric questioned her in her trademark sympathetic style. It didn’t help. When asked how living in the state closest to Russia gave her foreign-policy experience, Palin responded thus:

“It’s very important when you consider even national-security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America. Where—where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to—to our state.”

There is, of course, the sheer absurdity of the premise. Two weeks ago I flew to Tokyo, crossing over the North Pole. Does that make me an expert on Santa Claus? (Thanks, Jon Stewart.) But even beyond that, read the rest of her response. “It is from Alaska that we send out those …” What does this mean? This is not an isolated example. Palin has been given a set of talking points by campaign advisers, simple ideological mantras that she repeats and repeats as long as she can. (”We mustn’t blink.”) But if forced off those rehearsed lines, what she has to say is often, quite frankly, gibberish."
When you are done this SIGN the Petition That the Alaskans have up...See Post Below...Maybe there Should be Petitions to Remove her from the ticket also ?

You Betcha ,Gryphen and the Alaskans Need OUR Help,...they have a Petition that needs Signing Tomorrow,and yeah , About Palin....

In Alaska...McCainistan...McCain's People have taken OVER the Governor's Office and the Troopergate Investigation...Alaskans like the rest of us appreciate Justice, and they are very concerned about how this is all being handled.IS the McCain Campaign tampering with Witnesses and Obstructing Justice ? Read Gryphen's Post On this whole issue and Sign the petitions and help our Courageous Neighbors in the North.....Thank you...
I think we should think about having a Petition to Remove Palin from the Ticket...what are your Thoughts ?....

As this Titannical Regime hits more and more Icebergs, the repugs and McCoot don't rearrange the deck chairs on deck, they just remove them...

Still No One has counted the Life Boats....

Then it was Tuesday....
So the Market dumped 777 points after the Bailout Fiasco yesterday. ...and then the World Markets did respond...Asian Markets and Aussie Market opened losing 4-5% within opening hour...Now for some updates...Foreign Leaders did try to encourage some sort of Intervention because of the effects are spreading...The World has watched Bush and his Cronies Make Mistakes and Ignore Problems worldwide for 8 years.....For Once the World is needing to see Some Leadership and Some Problem Solving. The Feds are pumping alot of money into the situation,even globally ( that was barely mentioned on the news yesterday ).

This Guardian article explains how the European Markets are responding especially the Banks.
This Sydney Herald article explains how the Markets there were" brought to their knees"and they describe it honestly. More on Asian Markets from the Aussie perspective. Another European rescue is Dexia directly the result of American events.

Wachovia acquired by CitiGroup.... and it's acquisition is still confusing.Here is more on the Wachovia situation.

Another interesting post about yesterday is by Robert Reich I will be curious if he is right about this whole mess. And one of my favorite people that hangs out here , and sends me great comments and articles said this and it sums it all up :
"McCain promised enough Repug votes.Boehner promised enough Repug votes.Blunt promised enough Repug votes.
When vote time came, McCain, Boehner and Blunt failed to produce the votes.But if blame for the failure needs assessing, look no further than McBush's Repug Caucus.The market fell over 777 points, with around 2 BILLION trades being made. The Repugs failed."

More Updates through the day....Plenty Below on Palin going to Debate Camp and the horrible interview last night of McCoot and Palin on with Katie Couric, and Tina Fey as Palin, and also some George Carlin ...and in case you missed it...Dave Letterman did a beautiful tribute to Paul Newman.

and if you need some music this rainy day...some Jackson Browne might be nice.

2:30 PM Update:::::
People did call DC and complain about How the House handled this Crisis, and the Bill yesterday and why they voted the way they did. The Plan will be reworked once the House returns from the Vacation for the Jewish Holiday.
( I am a little confused why those that are not Jewish could not stay in DC and work on this...but ce la vie).

The market is up..so still labile...still volatile not a stable healthy situation.

Obama released a new ad this am that I have posted below and also gave a speech in Reno that is worth seeing and hearing...he is offering up real Leadership and working soliutions for Main Street. One idea that he offered up is FDIC increasing insurance protection up to 250,000. He is calm and thoughtful....

I will be back later...carry on folks.....

Obama's New Ad ( 2minutes) About a Path Forward out of this Financial Crisis....

Katie Couric's Interview with Sarah Palin and John McCoot...

Watch CBS Videos Online

I am sure he came to hold her hand with this interview, Katie keeps right on going asking the Hard Questions, I hope Gwen Eiffell is watching closely...This Interview is Bad For BOTH of them.....omg....read the the transcript. 3 Minutes of Agony....McCoot comes off like a pissed off old Geezer and Sarah comes off like a pleasingly insipid school girl...


Eugene Robinson on the Attorneygate Scandal ( and why Unemployed Gonzo should be worried

This kind of got lost in the Bailout Shuffle yesterday...but may in the end be important....more important than some of us could hope....( it has the link for the 400 page report too)

And Did You See Bill Maher on Conan? Talking About Palin? ( my apologies to any stewardesses out there..)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Meanwhile the Mooselady Goes to Debate Camp, oh goodie, she will see McCoots House From Camp...( which house ?)

Grandaddy McCoot helped her pack her bag, there is the Camp Song Book, and S'MORES, and her Indian Beading Kit..and the Old Coot added Crapshooting 101 to her Schedule, and Cindy is going to teach her how to Accessorize ( Flagpins 101)...Yup she is off the spend the day in Arizona and the Rovian Comando Team is going to cram more STUFF in her Brain...for her to regurgitate at the Debate....Such as, ya know, you betcha, and as ya know...

And first they will make her watch Collen Lopez on HSN because she is so classy and looks just like Sarah.... cough ....gag....laughing hysterically...and worse comes to worse I am still praying for a horrendous blooper like you know...one of these.

Study the Tape Sarah...

Oh, she did study it already...

Think it was bad ? yeah, read the whole transcript you betcha.....

12 Noon Monday The Bailout Battle Continues:First Vote planned at 1 PM

So here it is almost noon...and Things are not looking great...World Markets are reacting...all over, Asia to Russia to Europe.
The Repercussions have started....as we knew they would,....the Question is How bad is this..and can we in America do anything to stop this these tidal waves ?....Would the Bailout Package work as a Bandaid on this Hemorrhage ......I don't know...At this point I am just an Observer...Watching to see what happens next....I will post more during the Day.

Do read Paul Krugman's 3am Phone Call.

2 PM House Voted, and the Intervention Bill failed and the market did indeed plunge.

4 PM Update:
Market plunged 748 points.....10372.54......The Repugs are blaming the Dems....and Obama spoke about the issue, McCoot has been strangely quiet...( maybe he is planning his next suspension).

LATIMES:Los Angeles Times | September 29. 2008 | 1:16 p.m. PDT
Stocks tumble as bailout plan fails in House.The Dow Jones industrials plunged more than 700 points....777 Points — the largest point drop EVER — after the failure of the financial bailout plan in the House.In Other News: The House has decided to reconvene Thursday after the markets nosedive on bailout defeat, the Associated Press reports.

Andrew Sullivan really nails it in GOP KILLED IT.

Here is the update of the Bank Situation as of tonight it is up to 1.75, that is better than Monday. But things are still shaky, and this article also explains that 3 other banks are wavering...

On the HomeFront:::
More about National City For Ohio Folks to follow.Say a little prayer for 6-6 and me....This is my landlord's bank...in January 2007 I moved because our Previous Landlord got foreclosed ( we had been living in our Downtown Loft that we loved behind Jacob's Field). So in the Middle of winter, I went searching for a place, in snow and ice,....and found this battered old house, it was Ten Below Zero, but I got us all moved in. I negotiated the rent and Fixed Every Blessed Inch of it, the Floors, the broken stairs, the holes in the walls, the pee stained walls,fixed up the porch. I even painted the Kitchen Floor Black and white....I made it a Home...And this past winter he finally fixed the Heat....It has been nice to have a dining room and here is the Cat Chair....and yeah , I even made a garden out back......but I will go collect boxes today and pray that I don't need to use them, (but here in Ohio if your landlord gets foreclosed, you have 3 days to be out)...I hope and pray that 6-6 and I can stay here until he goes to Film School Next year,(we were planning to stay until then)...and that we get to use that new Heater....I worry about everyone...getting through this,...I really do....Home is a Precious Thing....

NEXT CHAPTER OF THE BAILOUT DEBACLE:::: ( I worry that Mainstreet is already taking the hit for all of this...)

I don't know about you....but in my gut I am worried...Like 3 AM worried...Like are we being Duped ? and HOW badly ? and HOW badly have they fucked things up ? I want to KNOW and WHY has the MSM not mentioned even ONCE the FBI Investigations in days?? I know the World is needing to see Some Action taken...and Some Response ? but on another level I am worried about our homes, retirement accounts, savings etc....HOW badly have the Fat Cats misbehaved ? I will post updates through the day. I am not trying to panic or fearmonger..I am just expressing some thoughts...Either way I will keep posting relevant Information as I try to learn more and share it with you....We are all in this together...( song linked to the title).

"If this is not going to be welfare for Wall Street, then my inclination is to support it because I think Main Street is now at stake," Obama said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "This could affect every sector of the economy." I have a feeling it ALREADY has effected Mainstreet and will continue to do so...

FIRST THE ACTUAL NEW PROPOSED BAILOUT 110pages. try linking here and also you can leave Comments.

4 AM Update::
This NYT article will make you take pause.... And then there's Robert Reich's Post about it on his own Blog, he is pretty wise, which is why he was in Clinton's Cabinet.

And this Mother Jones Article Explains alot of Background about the Bailout.

Bradford and Bingley ( HUGE UK Bank , Lender) seized by UK Govt read more, we need to read more. Fortis in Belgium, Holland, and this Seizure we would be smart to read about HOW it works, as these Nationalized Banks might teach us what we need to do.
( the post from last night has about FORTIS).

Under New Proposed Plan Paulson will still have too much unparalleled power. ( LA Times),

I mean let's be real...This Titannical Regime has ruined another Country and ruined WHOLE cities here with their blundering dangerous ineptitude, and NOW the Economy .....At this point it is not about even about rearranging the Deck Chairs, it is about that there are not enough Life Boats....and what if it is Just Lifeboats for the Fat Cats ? I want to know.
In the Meantime...Monday Music...."Hold On, Hold Out" Jackson Browne...or you can listen to Stay....

"People you've got the power over what we do ,
You can sit there and wait or you can pull us through" [From "Stay"]

Monday Morning Dose of George Carlin

George tells it like it is about WHO is in charge.
And this is what he would have to say about TODD Palin.
And here he talks about Charging the American Dream.
And yeah Some People are Just plain Stupid.
And just for giggles and grins...George Carlin would have loved what Distributor Cap did to Palin today......
Or as George would say Have A Nice Day !!!

What Happens Next to Gonzo ( for the Firing of the 9 US Attorneys)

More from Washington Post, Report issued does Blame Gonzo and now a Special Prosecutor will take over the case.

McCoot's HUGE Gambling Problem....[orginally posted 9.28am)

Did anyone else wonder about Cindy's American Express Bill that was over 750,00 dollars one month this year ? And has anyone else noticed that McCain takes EVERY weekend off ? ( turns out he needs those weekends to go to New Jersey and Vegas to gamble)....And did anyone else watch the Indian and Abramoff Hearings - McCain was very interested....but in an odd kind of way, and according to other articles he closed off certain files and information about that Investigation and now we know why......Well, it turns out that he was VERY interested and so were his "supporters", atleast 40 of them also have Gambling Problems...and NYTimes and Huffpost have HUGE pages on this today...And it ain't pretty at all. Makes me think twice about Cindy too, her drug problem....and her "Broken " wrist ? There is alot of Trouble with McCoot, his temper, his unreleased medical records, his erratic behavior, his Suspension Stunts this week while he schemed and manuevered to bash the Bailout Negogiations from the sideline....This is a man with BIG Problems...Dangerous Problems....We don't need Anyone Shooting Craps with our Future.

About the Dominos that are Falling...( this was written in 2006...yet prophetic)

I found this amazing graphic, while looking for Domino photos...I linked the blog I found it on, it also shows me that people have been worried since 2006 about What Was Going to Happen ?...look at the graph....it is fairly accurate for events this Fall...and it is from a Blog Post in 2006...click the title to see the Blog Post.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Still waiting for the Congress and Senate to Work the Bailout Details out....Click the title to read the Entire Current Proposal as of 5PM Sunday there is a "tenative " agreement....Still very unclear When the Vote will occur and if this Plan is Being Agreed to ...Caucusing right now...Watch the Asian markets tonight....This bailout is also about our futures, school loans, and home loans, and mortgages and retirement accounts and funds...It is too late to protect us as Mainstreet- we already are vulnerable....The Unraveling has already started, at this point it is about protecting us further.There are NO Good solutions at this point...It's like asking a Fireman how you want to throw water on the fire ? Big Buckets or a hose ?

This Plan effects all of us...and the Repugs of the House are NOT looking out for you and me they are looking out for Wallstreet trying to buy them Time and a "Insurance " plan ( that would be like people of the 9th ward being Offered Flood Insurance August 29th , 2005......if you get my point..) They also have Lobbyists to make happy, they don't want Regulations and Oversight and Investigations and Monitoring....I will post updates through the Night, but Huffpost really is doing a good job, but I will add updates from Reuters, WSJ and Bloomberg....


*****Large European Bank Fails : Fortis....more to come. More on on Fortis...and their bailout.

*** I am still looking back through my posts for the Link to the 32 Page Dodd Plan- if anyone has it please leave it on the Comment thread- thanks..

***** More about effects on World Markets and banks abroad as of 9.28.08

Another Bank in Trouble- Britian's Biggest Lender...critical.

And More about Wachovia which is noew facing being bought out...

9:30PM two links to try to read the Bailout Huffpost one is 130pgs...and the Politico is 106 ?
the first version, and the
Huffpost version is longer.

12:30 AM HOUSE HEARINGS ON THE BAILOUT BILL ON CSPAN......interesting...Slaughter, Dreier, and now Kaptur speaking...

POLL UPDATES and More ::::Obama and Biden spoke in Fredericksburg Virginia 25,000 Showed up in the Pouring Rain.....

Last Night in the Pouring Rain Obama took off his soaking wet jacket as people stood to listen to him...earlier in the day in Greensboro N.C, over 20,000 showed up to hear him and Biden. 57 Million in the States watched the Debate. ( McCain't is hiding in his office down in Arlington for the weekend...still calling House Repugs causing havoc with the Bailout Mess).

If you want to see Video of the Event and watch how these people were there supporting Obama and Biden....in the Pouring Rain....for Hours...Very inspiring.....

From WaPo:
University of Mary Washington Police Chief James C. Snipes confirms more than 25,000 peopled showed up for Sen. Barack Obama's rally today on the campus's main square.After consulting with the fire marshal, Snipes estimates that 12,000 people passed through security to get into the square while another 14,000 were left out.If accurate, Obama supporters doubled the population of the Fredericksburg today.

Based on interviews at today's rally, those who arrived at the campus before 2:30 p.m. made it into the rally before it reached capacity at around 4:45 p.m. Those who arrived at 3 p.m. or later were stuck in a line that stretched more than a mile through the campus.
( and meanwhile Last Night McLame was in DC having Dinner at a Posh Hotel Resturante "City Zen" with Joey Lieberman.....gee I guess he really feels the plight of the common people...cough...)

This morning Obama is on CBS Face the Nation .....tune in...
About the Polls::: ( I borrowed this from Bob Cesna 's Blog- but I don't think he would mind )

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll:
Obama 50%, McCain 42%

Obama (D) 50%, McCain (R) 44%

Research 2000 / Kos:
Obama (D) 50%, McCain (R) 43%

If only the election were this Tuesday. Then again, early voting is underway in 24 states.

UPDATE: By way of perspective, four years ago today, the electoral vote projection was Kerry 207, Bush 317.


Promise me to go see some of these great Alaskan blogs and read about how they want the rest of the Country to Know that they are very much Anti Palin ....they had another Huge Rally, 2000 people with wonderful signs. Do go to these Blogs and read their signs....Mudflats has a great write up and tons of photos, and more here at Immoral Minority by Gryphen. and then there is Progressive Alaska with tons of video. And another great blog Alaska Hockey Moms for Obama. and then there's Shannyn Moore who has even more on it. It is important to realize that 2000 to show up for a rally is Historic there....So go read about The Rally, check out all their photos and great signs and watch all the video.

Up In Alaska they feel like they have become McCainistan and they are not happy that McCain has taken over their Governor' Office and also their governor.....and yes with all the revelations about Palin they are NOT happy with her ( from the Troopergate to the Wasted Money to creationism to banned books and to witness paid rapekits to the Road to Nowhere to her weird scary church to to the Seccession Group ...etcetc)......BUT Alaskans we hear YOU, we hear your Courage and your Integrity....We really do.

More Updates on Press:
On a national level McClatchy covered the Event.

On another level Palin went to a Bar on Friday Night to watch the Debate ( yeah-really classy)...and there were about 400 protestors ourside Booing and Hissing and holding up signs....So Maybe the Alaskans have started Something....read more about the Philly "Love".
So Watch the Video , the slideshow of the crowds and great sign...and hey Gryphen is in the video...


Fareed Zakaria | BIO
CNN Anchor, “Fareed Zakaria – GPS”

Will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony? Is it too much to ask that she come to realize that she wants, in that wonderful phrase in American politics, “to spend more time with her family”? Having stayed in purdah for weeks, she finally agreed to a third interview. CBS’s Katie Couric questioned her in her trademark sympathetic style. It didn’t help. When asked how living in the state closest to Russia gave her foreign-policy experience, Palin responded thus:

“It’s very important when you consider even national-security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America. Where—where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to—to our state.”

There is, of course, the sheer absurdity of the premise. Two weeks ago I flew to Tokyo, crossing over the North Pole. Does that make me an expert on Santa Claus? (Thanks, Jon Stewart.) But even beyond that, read the rest of her response. “It is from Alaska that we send out those …” What does this mean? This is not an isolated example. Palin has been given a set of talking points by campaign advisers, simple ideological mantras that she repeats and repeats as long as she can. (”We mustn’t blink.”) But if forced off those rehearsed lines, what she has to say is often, quite frankly, gibberish.

McCoot's Suspension Bridge to Nowhere.....

The Chinese Baby Formula Nightmare.....Has Now Reached US Shores- Recalls

PLEASE DO READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT US RECALLS:::: The Melamine is in more foods than we thought...yes, Baby Products.

(first posted 9.19.08,updated daily)
This situation is deteoriating daily, over 6000 sick babies, and 150 in hospital, and many needing dialysis, and suffering renal damage and kidney stones.It now involves Melamine in Milk, Milk products, yogurt, and powerder formula.This Crisis is worrisome as it has alot of the Catfood Nightmare attached to it- Melamine is the same chemical that was added to catfood that sicked and killed thousands here last year. Why they add this plastic chemical to food to boost Protein levels is beyond me....

More Updates tonight 9.20.08, NOW China has admitted that this nitrogen product is not really a protein and can be found in milk products, Starbucks in Asia is pulling it 's milk products and powder.....the total of sick infants is 13,000, and also Hong Kong has patients now as well.... Other countries are starting to wonder if it has entered their countries as well. In another article it explains that the Milk there is watered down , now why a Nitrogen Based Chemical that is used to make Plastics would be used as a thickner is very strange.40,000 children have actually been treated for symptoms. Now outside countries have started banning Milk Based products from China., including India, Bangladesh. Today the Number reaches 53,000 and many countries are reviewing whether they go Milk based Powder from China, directly or indirectly.

Tainted Food Products spread....to other countries and Malaysia. Food products being pulled coffee products, candies and chocolates... Read More....

9.24.08 Update:::
Today the Global recalls began and Food began to be tested in foreign countries: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Britian, chocolates, yogurts , and candies and other milk products.

9.28.08 Update:::
12 of 18 Food Products in Indonesia have the Melamine product and have had to pull many mil based products.

10.01.08 Update:::
Turns out the Milk Companies asked the Government for help for a Cover Up Is it worth wondering that the Coverup occurred after the Pet Food Disaster.

10.01.08 Update::
US has now found some of the Contaminated Chinese Milk Products, Conn and California Read More.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Receiving Excellent Reviews In First Debate against McCoot....

It's very early Saturday Morning...Here are some of the assembled reviews from a variety of sources.
First Reviews coming in at 4am ....and posted :
First Off my Favorite Review of the Debate is by Will.I.Am because he really tells it like it is.

Daily News Called McCain "McCan't".....and more.

Eugene Robinson of Wapo has more more perspective.

TIME rates both of them and Obama did very well.

Baltimore Sun has another perspective explaining how Presidential Obama was.

McClatchey has even more fact checking and analysis.

And Willie Brown in the SF Chronicle will make you smile.

Gail Collins of the NYT has an interesting post about it about McCain being Bearish....

UPI - Most Polls declare Obama the Winner and looks at a variety of polls.

Anf Robert Shrum's " I think we know WHO the Next President will be", is a wonderful article that highlights some of the better moments.

Really Amazing POLL results you gotta see.HUGE Obama Numbers from Independents.

We all watched the Debate, and we saw how well Obama did....we Know A Change is Gonna Come....

All over the Country and the World Last night people gathered to watch this Debate....in clubs, living rooms and pubs....

{{ Thank you to all that helped Liveblog thank you for believing it is getting better...}}

*** Do see the Guardian Poll it will make you smile.
This was posted at 5am, More will be added during the day. LIVE Blog posts below....

7PM Update Polls::
After his erratic and reckless response to the economic crisis, McCain needed a game-changer last night to restore his campaign. He didn't even come close.

In a CBS News poll, uncommitted voters see Barack as the debate winner. When it comes to the economy, 66% say Barack would make the right decisions versus 42% for McCain.

The CNN poll results are in more detail also clear:

Who did the best job tonight?
Barack: 51
McCain: 38

Who would better handle Iraq?
Barack: 52
McCain: 47

Who would better handle the economy?
Barack: 58
McCain: 37

So How Many Times did McCain remember to atleast Mention the Middle Class Last Night ????

ZERO....yup..Zero....We are Invisible to this Rich Man....

Via TPM:

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll
Obama (D) 49%, McCain (R) 44%

Obama (D) 48%, McCain (R) 43%

Research 2000 / Kos
Obama (D) 49%, McCain (R) 43%

Obama (D) 50%, McCain (R) 44%

{{{ If you want to read the LIVEBLOGGING of the Debate do scroll down- it is all there...great commentary by all kinds of folks}}}

20,000 come to hear Obama and Biden Speaking in North Carolina today LOOK at this Crowd....Fired Up !!!

Obama Speaking...strong and clear (4 Minutes) to crowd of over 20,000

( photo above Reuters)

Paul Newman Gone...Dead at 83....R.I.P.

Photo Montage of this wonderful man....

This has been one of my favorite movies and scenes since I was seven.....

And Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head....

If you can give, all you have to do is buy Newman's Own products, it is a wonderful organization doing amazing work in so many areas, including the Hole In the Wall Gang Camps for Cancer Kids.......I will post more on him later...too sad....

A beautiful Tribute to read...about a Mom that met him when he was campaigning in 2004 for Kerry.

ALASKANS HAVE HUGE ANTI- PALIN RALLY SCHEDULED FOR TODAY...(later today I will post video and photos)

Immoral Minority has more on this Big Alaskan Rally, I will add more links later...

Friday, September 26, 2008

NEW DEBATE THREAD .....10PM ( and the Post Mortem and Early Reviews)

Obama looking so calm ....unflappable against McCoot..

48 years ago tonight Nixon debated Kennedy......Another Night when young Senator took on Established Leadership....and spoke up for the Common Man....and did an outstanding job....A Big Thank You to everyone who came and Liveblogged with me, and even those who stopped by later.....It is really nice to know that there are people like you that think and read and care and smart....and that Obama is fighting for people like us...It gives me hope...and YES Thursday Night BE HERE, we will watch the Palin Biden Debate...and yes, I will Liveblog it...

**{ So where was the Moose Princess during the Debate ?? At a bar in Philly....I am sorry - but she should have been in a hotel room with pen and paper watching and learning...A Bar ??? What kind of Mom ,especially one with a newborn goes to a bar to watch a Debate.....other than Britney Spears ??}**


At night when I can't sleep....or when something more troubling has happened during this Campaign Season...I picture that it is 1.20.09....It is crisp and cold and there is a light sugary snow falling and Obama is standing with Michelle and the girls and is taking the Oath.....He is OUR President.
Okay....Back to Reality....The Debate is tonight 9 PM...I will be Liveblogging it in the Comment Thread- feel free to join me...Foul Mouth Jar is open ready for donations...and I don't know about you, but I am ever curious how this will go...Will McCoot lose his temper or exhibit more of his erratic scary Brain addled behavior ? Whelp we shall see....There were many many supporters of Obama by the MSNBC set, was beautiful to see...We can be proud of how calm and presidential Obama has been through this awful week....

The Washington Mutual Bank Demise, a summary of articles and what it means..and what happens now...

As many of us had perdicted and worried all summer, Washington Mutual hit the skids on Thursday Night, and was quietly seized by the FEDS FDIC and then sold at Firesale Price to JP Morgan. What happens to all of it's shareholders ? investors ? mortgages ? and it's employees time will tell. One of the Biggest and Oldest Banks in America ( read the WIKI article linked to the title). More Information down below about the History of this collapse and longterm implications. I will post more when I have it.
A Snippet from the Wikipedia::::
On September 25, 2008 (the 119th anniversary of WaMu's founding) the United States Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) announced that it had closed the bank, and had placed it into the receivership of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).[3] The FDIC announced that it had sold most of the bank's assets and liabilities, including covered bonds and other secured debt to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion. Claims of equity holders, senior and subordinated debt holders were not acquired by JP Morgan Chase.[4][5] Washington Mutual's government takeover is the largest bank failure in American financial history.[6] Before the collapse, it was the sixth-largest bank in the United States.[7] According to Washington Mutual's 2007 SEC filing, it held assets valued at $327.9 billion. However, its stock declined from a high of $45 per share in 2007 to 16 cents per share on September 25, 2008.

More on the Actual Collapse and how the Bank fell.

More on the Actual Acquisition by JP Morgan and what it means.

The World Wide Implications are staggering...Read this Article in Taiwan Paper it is time to better understand Global Problems that are being triggered from America.

Sadly the Golden Parachutes are still being given out, read about this 13 Million Dollar one ( for 18 days of work) he just came in Sept and NOW he is leaving with alot of money weeks later.

Night Two of Dave Letterman Skewering McCoot...

Okay...down below I posted the Dave Clip from Night one- and when I first posted it only 12 people had viewed it NOW it has been viewed over 2 Million times...wow...WOW...Go Dave !!!!

So On Night 2....Dave was not ready to let it go....at all..Watch...

And Also Wasilla Residents do the Top 10 Things we need to Know about Palin..(this is for Gryphen)

Jack Cafferty on Palin.....He Brilliantly Points out What is Wrong....

And do watch Wolf try to defend her..gag me...and Jack will have NONE of it..He is livid and worried.

And do read this article about Palin by Matt Taibbi in the Latest Rolling Stone he nails it...best one yet.

Oh, and one more thing, Palin lied about the "Russian Trade Missions"... read more.

Friday Night Music......

Two houses down there are putting on a new roof...they have been playing Green Day American Idiot all day...I keep thinking of McCain...but here is another Song...About Wake Me Up When September Ends...in the mean time..Let's watch the Debate...I am Liveblogging The Debate above...

Prayers to the Lion .....

Teddy Kennedy has been rushed to the hospital this eve. As I learn more I will post it....Light a Candle for this brave soul and his battle.

UPDATE::: 8:30PM...Teddy home now.Had a mild seizure....phew...

11:40 AM, as of right now McCoot WILL Attend the Debate

BREAKING NEWS....more to come...

DO read the NYT post on the Latest Maneuvering and be sure to see the Photo of him getting on the plane with Ghouliani....I wonder if he was a part of this MESS this week....

1. Returns to Vietnam and jails himself.
2. Offers the post of "vice vice president" to Warren Buffett.
3. Challenges Obama to suspend campaign so they both can go and personally drill for oil offshore.
4. Learns to use computer.
5. Does bombing run over Taliban-controlled tribal areas of Pakistan.
6. Offers to forgo salary, sell one house.
7. Sex-change operation.
8. Suspends campaign until Nov. 4, offers to start being president right now.
9. Sells Alaska to Russia for $700 billion.
10. Pledges to serve only one term. OK, half a term.
( sent to me by Jack.....too funny....)

McCain Sabotaged Bailout to Bailout his Own Plunging Campaign ......

This Guardian Article gets it right.Even across the Pond they get it....He went to DC met with the House Conservative Repugs and stoked their rage with Boehner, then he went to the Whitehouse, sat quietly by as he had already sabotaged the Process, mumbled a few unsubstantive words sitting grinning gleefully as his Coup against the Dems, His Own party, and the Whitehouse was in full motion.....He learned well from Keating 5.

( The NEW Repug plan that was coughed up last night that has McShit's finger prints all over it- is full of MORE De-Regulation and Tax Breaks and Cuts for their Crony Friends...how creative...yet another way to Sabotage Any kind of Problem Solving for the American People or Mainstreet...Read Posts below on the Last Night Titannical Manueverings and McCain's Kabuki Theater at the Whitehouse Yesterday.)

More on McInsane's Bumbling Intervention and 4th Quarter Interference.

And WaPo ( Eugene Robinson has more) calling him for the Drama King that he is.

Paul Krugman makes it clear WHY Some kind plan needs to be pursued doing nothing is NOT an option.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So McInsane flys into DC....with an arrogant attitude of McHero.....and he never even read Paulson or Dodd's Plan...BUT he came to the Meeting at the WhiteHouse and HIS plan is that he wants LESS Regulatory Oversight and MORE Corporate Tax Cuts....( Click the Title and I have a Link to Dodd's Plan). He showed up to the Meeting smiling and looking pleased with himself, giddy, and inappropriate, smiling with a silly grin. He never spoke to anyone or talk to the Banking Committee or Paulson, he went and Stirred up Trouble over at the House with Boehner....So I was right he did indeed come to Disrupt and Commit KaBuki Theater.....What a Narcissistic Arrogant Selfish Man, he came there to make a scene to help HIS Floundering Campaign and save it with a Stunt of Mythic Proportions.Shame on him....

He came to DC and immediately went and met with the HOUSE Repugs ( who have never been his buddies), and instigated this whole mess. He never did call Dodd, or any of the other Repugs on the Senate Banking Committee. Didn't he overstep his boundaries, he has NO leadership role on any of the Financail Committees and he has not been in DC since last APRIL , or voted or met with anyone since Last Spring about THIS issue. This was not about assisting the President or the Repug Party.

This made NO sense, the Conservative Repugs of the House don't support the Prez or McCain...so WHO this helps is beyond me. And the Senate Republicans were trying to work with the Dems to navigate through this very sensitive situation. This is an Economic Crisis, it is not something that should be treated like a Theatrical Event.

Here is the 32 page Dodd Plan that was offering structured Installment plan, and regulatory oversight and did protect the taxpayers.....it was a good plan.... worth working on and it was almost settled. I do understand people saying Wallstreet does not deserve to be bailed, but this is about a problem that will and does effect all of us. And even has global implications and consequences. ( There were Banks Runs in Asia last night- Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Also China and Other Asian Banks Issued NO Contact orders with America- no loans or business with America). The Other issue is that people 's Pension Plans and Retirement Accounts are vulnerable during all of this. This HUGE mess does effect all of us, that is why it needs to be worked on. This is NOT a problem that Ostrich Syndrome will solve.

Anytime you have a Crisis, you need people working diligently and quietly and patiently and Negotiation was key.There would be time later to sort our the Criminal Aspects of this Mess, and responsibility will be assigned, and Liability. But Walking Out in a Fit is not a mature rational way to solve Problems. Real Leaders do not manipulate a Coup During a Moment of Crisis.

We have suffered Enough Under 8 Years of this Titannical Regime...and now we will all suffer more, because McInsane Puts HIS Campaign First...Never Country. And he just pulled a Maneuver that Hoover would be proud of....when he says Country First, Someone Should ask WHICH Country ?
Footnote: I don't know how I feel about the "Bailout", I do support Probemsolving and People working together across lines to Solve Problems. I also was impressed that the DEMS were addressing concerns voiced to their offices, about Regulatory Measures and Installments and Oversight, and taking away Golden Parachutes....I felt like for once the DEMS were working hard and did remember Mainstreet....I watched the Hearings, I was impressed that ALL of them were asking appropriate Questions and expressing their angst on our behalf. But this stunt tonight.....well, tomorrow we will have a Black Friday...I hope the Conservative House Repugs know that.
Meanwhile about WaMu:
(1) Breaking News tonight at 10 PM still breaking, some sites have been pulled.
(2) WSJ has more on this.

More Katie Couric Interview with Palin, on Foreign Policy....It is beyond Pitiful.

So she CAN See Russia from her house...urgh..""As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there, they are right next to our state." Yes THAT is what she said....ONE Melanoma away from the Oval Office...


{{{And Don't Forget Banned Books Week starts on the 27th....( BTW ask the Wasilla Library WHO tried to Ban Jon Stewart's Book in 2004 ?)}}}

Keating 5 Explained Watch and Learn....cuz McCain learned his Tricks well and we are seeing them all again...

Watch this video, you can learn all you need to learn in about 2 minutes....

Palins 26 Million Road to Nowhere...click and Learn...oh hell it is just Money...

Wow ...she is so good with money...and building things...and saying that she did not use or mis-use Federal Money.

Thursday Update::: What Next More Kabuki Theater from McInsane? Hopefully he will Not Disrupt the Bailout Negogiations?

4PM Update Today:::
So any minute McCain and Obama arrive at the White House to meet with President Bush, I do worry that McCain will pull more Shenigans, we know that he likes to Shoot Craps, but The Bailout is not a Crap Shoot. McCain can shoot craps with his Own Campaign, but the Bailout should not be used for a Political Theatrical Stunt.McCain has not even called Chris Dodd or come to DC once since April to speak or work with ANYONE on this Huge Financial Mess. He is NOT on the Banking Committee or any Committee that is working on the Bailout. Dodd has 32 Page Revised Plan that is being updated and worked on, and negogiated with Both Sides. I hope that McCain is not coming to DC to pull more Theatrics....But I have my suspicions.

Meanwhile Boehner did issue a Statement today that the Conservative Caucus is not in agreement with the Bailout or the Revisions....Is this another Stunt ? or just a Tantrum ? Time will tell...

Meanwhile....there are blogs wondering if McCain is ill ? or what is WRONG with him.People asking is HE ill ? It is a good question. Or is it like HL Mencken said "Every man is his own Hell".

About the Debate Tomorrow Night, there were Press Conferences today saying that the Debate remains Scheduled. So I wonder if McCain is still planning to not attend, then WHO will fill that Empty Chair ? There are other People that Could Fill that Chair, Ron Paul ? Bob Barr ( he has offered supposedly), Even Palin ? WHO....

Some More to Read and Ponder:::
(1) Chinese Banks have been ordered to stop All Lending to American Banks...

(2) The Draft of the Bailout as of Last Night at 10 PM.

(3) Asian Bank Run and more details.. I do wonder if Bush's speech made Asian Banks nervous ? scared ? Was this their response ?

"Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under." HL Mencken said many years ago....I wonder if he meant Repugs ? or Hoover Lovers ?

If you scroll down, I have the Whole Dave Letterman McCain Debacle, The Horrible Palin Debacles of yesterday.....and plenty more on the Bailout and the Rick Davis Freddie Story, Jack Cafferty on the Debate Pullout, and even Wanda Sykes on Jay Leno talking about Palin and more....

Have a good Night.....

Shooting Craps is Not a Good Idea During a Campaign...

I really think that McInsane is losing his way, and not thinking straight....Kind of like watching someone play poker that is drinking too much.,...at a certain point when they are saturated...you hope Someone will take them away from the Table...He supposedly loves to shoot craps....Well, at this point his Whole Campaign, Suspended or NOT, is a Crap Shoot....Palin ? the Suspension due to Financial Stress ? What Next ?

In the Meantime...Craig Ferguson also weighed in last night and said what alot of us where thinking....

Jack Cafferty Really nails it on McCoot Postponing the Debate, watch the whole thing...

Jack really sums up the McCain Mess, and asks the Questions that ALL of us had yesterday....Wolf tries to defend why McCain did what he did....but Jack points out the Truth of the Situation...Read the Raw Story post linked to the Title.

The Polls have been Scewed By the Landline Factor- Excluding HUGE numbers ( Youth Vote)


Obama's right- We The People need to hear From the Candidates Especially in these precarious times....McInsane has been saying he wants "town hall " meetings- that is a joke- when he comes here to Ohio - ALL of his events are so scripted, staged- Invite only, planted questions, and he won't even talk to the Press, much less real people. If he comes to a Plant- only selected people are allowed as part of the photo op.....We need THIS Debate at this Critical Moment.

Our History has always allowed us to see Our Leaders, and ask Questions and Hear How they would lead. Many of these events and much of our Freedom of Speech has eroded under Bush. It is now obvious that McCain is the McSame.....

( Alaskan Hockey Moms found the petition,thank you).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCoot LIED to Dave Letterman And Dave FOUND OUT.....Watch the Tape of Dave's Reaction and do watch Keith Olbermann on Dave Tonight

So Let's get this straight...McInsane Cancelled today - he was supposed to go be on Dave Letterman...and he called him and cancelled- okay click the title to read the WHOLE sorted Demented Story ( Huffpost has IT ALL)...BUT Keith Olbermann stepped in to fill in as a Guest....and the rest is History....

From the from CBS Blog:
Even after Mr. Letterman brought out Keith Olbermann, the MSNBC host and vituperative Republican critic as the substitute guest for Mr. McCain, he continued to assail Mr. McCain for the decision to cancel the appearance. His critique reached a high point when he learned that at the very moment Mr. McCain was supposed to be on the couch next to him being interviewed, the senator was at the CBS News center three blocks away in Manhattan, getting ready to be interviewed by the CBS News anchor, Katie Couric.

Mr. Letterman ordered his director to put on a live feed from that location, which showed Mr. McCain getting made up to go on with Ms. Couric. “He doesn’t seem to be racing to the airport,” Mr. Letterman observed.

After listening to some questions from Ms. Couric, Mr. Letterman said, “Hey, John, I’ve got a question: You need a lift to the airport?”

He then asked Mr. Olbermann if he thought this was all Mr. McCain’s fault, or whether other factors had come into play.

“He ditched you,” Mr. Olbermann said.
OKAY....Since McInsane cancelled here is a BONUS video from this Month- Obama on explaining to Dave about Lipstick on a Pig.....The OTHER Big McCain Crisis this month....( as of today Viewed 283,679 Times)....Enjoy...


See Obama at his most Presidential....thoughtful, calm, and wise...Obama made a statement at 4:40 PM after McCain attempted to postpone the Debate and suspended his campaign at 2:25PM....Obama makes it clear that The People Need to hear from the Candidates....and then he took Questions from the Reporters.

Watch this Video and the President's Speech and the Palin Interview, and McCain's Suspension Speech....IT is Obvious WHO should be President...Down below I have written up the Palin Day and also do read the" McCoot Can Not Walk and Chew Gum" post- I liveblogged ALL the events yesterday....And do read the Dave Letterman Post as it is part of the days's events too...

2am NEWS on the situation NYT they present it in a rather delicate fashion. And more from the NYT raises more questions about the Motive.

So at 2:30 PM We learned that McCoot can not Walk and Chew Gum.....

So then it was Wednesday, and in the afternoon it got Very Interesting....Please read the Post below both the Comment Thread and the post, I updated What happened.......Short Story, Obama called McCain in the early am, and after he spoken to Coburn,but McCain did not call him back until 2pm, Obama's Idea was that the Candidates should issue a Joint Statement about the Economy and the Bailout....at 2PM McCain called Obama back..and they spoke, and it was decided that their staff would work on such a statement. Then at 2:30PM McCain came out and gave a press conference- he said he would suspend his campaign to return to DC {{ do do WHAT ???}}.....and that he wants the Debate to be postponed. McCain came out looking peevish, pale and scared shitless..and kept talking about THE Crisis...it felt very much like FearMongering...Like we are supposed to be very very scared...(( Like HOW scared???like not think ? not watch the Debates? not read? NOT Vote? What Next ??? Does he think we need a hero to go to DC -lordy we are NOT that Naive...))

(( Sidenote: McCain has not been in DC in many monthes and has not Voted On Anything in Monthes..so now he is going to rush to DC and do what ? have a Fit, create Drama or distract people from their work??))

Obama came out at 4:40PM and explained that "they" did not agree to suspend Anything- that McCain mentioned he was thinking on it...but that Nothing was told to him about postponing the Debate, or anything about Suspending Anything....Obama made it clear that the People need to hear from the Candidates and that he plans to proceed with the Debate and that he has been in constant contact with Dem Leadership and Paulson....but that he does not want Politics to clog up the process with their campaigns. He was calm, and thoughtful and very careful explaining how this all happened and what was said, and what he plans to do. That the People need to see the Candidates that are wishing to lead the Country....and that they need to hear what is being offered in this leadership..that is why this Debate needs to proceed.

By 5PM the Debate Commission issued a Statement that the Debates are to proceed as scheduled.
The Whitehouse has not issued any statement about the McCain Maneuver.

Bottemline: Can McCain focus on more than two things at one time ? Can he walk and chew gum ? Or by Friday will we learn that his dog ( cough....cindy?) ate His Homework ?....and will there be an Empty Chair at the Debate ?

( Bush due to speak to the Nation at 9PM....also Keith on Dave Letterman tonight because McCain Cancelled today..)
6:24 PM::::UPDATE::: ON CNN : Dana Bash ( Breaking News)
NOW McCains People are demanding that Obama and the Debate Commission Suspend the Debate on Friday night and Move ti to NEXT Thursday- NOW that is the Night of the VP debate- they want that Debate Cancelled and moved to some OTHER time...( like Never???).....wow..this gets better by the minute...ONLY CNN is running this story- Dana Bash gave a statement- BUT No one has come out and said this....MSNBC and CNN are still running the ads for the Debate...HA!!!

6:30 PM....More From OL' Miss Their Statement that Postponing or cancelling would cause them Financial Hardship they would lose atleast 5.5 Million No ONE has said how Much the Networks would lose ( they are all still running ads).

So read more over at Huffpost they have a full Chronology of the Days' Events and the Dramedy which has only gotten more silly as the day went on. Jeff Greenfeild gave a really interesting perspective on the Evening News about these events....( I will post when I can find it online).

Hairball found the Link for the Palin Interview so that is here.

SO TODAY THE LIPSTICK CAME OFF PALIN....THANKS TO KATIE COURIC...BUT...we found Video that she is protected from Witches ????

First the really Creepy Video of Palin Being Blessed by her really strange Minister, protected from "Witchcraft" ( I shit you not...) and this was shown on Countdown tonight, and meanwhile the Strange Katie Couric Interview ALSO aired...You tell me WHICH is more Strange.....I have also put the transript linked to the title and in the Comments...BTW While I have a Chance , Please Please Tina Fey - we NEED you on SNL...just for another 40 days...okay ? WHY you ask ? well, watch the Videos......

AND NOW for the Palin Interview by Katie Couric....and remember she could be a choked pretzel away from the Oval Office....

Mooselini and McInsane had a Very Bad Very Awful Insane Day....Yahooooo...I am off to make Brownies....because the Economy seems small compared to these Incompetent Idiots.....I am off to send Obama Money - small pittance that it is,...I have to, epecially after watching these two videos....( I might have to take this laptop with me when I go canvassing for Obama this weekend).
**More On Palin's Visits with Foreign Visitors And Hmmm, so did she meet with Bono or not ????

And More on her "COACH".....( yes, she has a Foreign Affairs Coach from the Bush Adminstration that was supposed to be with her as she met with all these foreign Dignataries...
More On Stephen Biegun Sarah's COACH.... Wow, he has worked with FORD...
And More dirt...oh, this is getting more interesting...
And in 2001, the summer of 2001 he was one of Bush's Security Advisors wow...wonder if he read the August 6th memo that summer....

Wanda Sykes on Jay Leno....must see...

Talking about the Conventions...and Palin...enough said...She is bloody Brilliant.....

King George is Speaking to the Nation at 9 PM LIVE.....and yes, I will LiveBlog it in the Comment thread....do read below for ALL Updates of the Day.

So Bush is going to stagger to the podium and will he be reassuring ( cough - gag) or will he Fearmonger? or will he be drive the podium drunk and peevish, petulant and Blame this Whole Mess on the People....it will be interesting....It is at 9 PM and is supposed to be less than 14 minutes....well, that sounds short and sweet....

( Please do join me I have Lemon Mylanta shooters on ice and marshmallows to heave at the TV )

Obama Over McCain in NEW Polls.....

First I love it when articles in his OWN state admit there is an Enthusiasm problem.And an Arizona article about how Obama is ahead with young people miles ahead.

And 80% say we are in the Wrong Direction, and as far as the Economy People choose Obama over McCoot 45% to 33% New York Daily News found, and the Bailout is also not favored by most Americans either.

But the Best is the Polls out of Wapo that show 83% think Country is going in Wrong Direction.

and here is a snippet:
"More voters trust Obama to deal with the economy, and he currently has a big edge as the candidate who is more in tune with the economic problems Americans now face. He also has a double-digit advantage on handling the current problems on Wall Street, and as a result, there has been a rise in his overall support. The poll found that, among likely voters, Obama now leads McCain by 52 percent to 43 percent."

2:15PM LA TIMES sent This Out:
Los Angeles Times | September 24, 2008 | 2 p.m. PDT:::

New poll shows Obama with small lead over McCain in presidential race.
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama leads his rival, Republican John
McCain, 49% to 45% among likely voters, a new Times/Bloomberg poll shows.
That lead shrinks to 46% to 44% if all registered voters are counted. The poll has
a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

-- voters believed Obama was more likely than McCain to make substantial changes in Washington, 51% to 27%.
-- on the economy, registered voters preferred Obama’s ideas over McCain’s, 46% to 32%.
-- more people in the poll believed that McCain's Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin is not qualified to become president than those who believe sheis qualified. Some 46% said she was not qualified; 41% said she was qualified.

3:30PM Update::
Just got home...and so here is the news>..McCain wants to suspend his campaign ????during this Crisis? and NOT have the Debates ? WTF???? what a giant chicken, I bet he saw the polls and is scared shitless.........And then we learn Bush is planning to Address the nation tonight at 9 PM....( damn right in the middle of Rachel....) ((and my perdictions it wil be 14 minutes of Pissy Petulence and Blame this WHOLE mess on THE People, the Homeowners that have LOST everything....) I will Liveblogg the King's Speech tonight....oye

McCain cancelled his Dave Letterman Appearence today- KEITH OLBERMANN WAS INTERVIEWED INSTEAD ;-)
( so I guess we will all be watching Dave after all...)

4:20 PM::
Shuster read what Barney Franks Said about McCain 's Manuver " Well, it is either the Longest Hail Mary, or worst Mary ever"...
Lieberman interviewed that " mccain is showing leadership"....I think that McCain looks like a HUGE Chicken and I saw his stupid little speech- and thought WOW...he is FEARMONGERING " oh let Grand- daddy save you...I will suspend my campaign for you"....( what a weasel manuver...) Still Waiting for Obama to come forward...See the thing is Neither of these Canddidates is on any of the Committees that are working on this...and also McCain just DAYS ago Said the "Fundamentals are Stable"...and hey , while he is taking some Time off the Campaign trail- maybe he should answer Some Questions about Rick Davis- read below...

4:40 PM::::
Obama gave presser - Blogged the whole thing in the Comment thread...basically he had spoken to McCain, and last spoke to him at 2 PM and they had decided to issue a Joint Statement...then at 2:30PM McCain came out and gave his little presser-and THAT was a totally different situation...McCain had NOT said anything about postponing the debate or suspending his campaign- Barack said it was mentioned in passing - he did not realize even at 2pm McCain was going to do this.....so as far as he is concerned- the Debate is to go on- it is important that 40 days before the Election THE people need to see the Candidates and hear from them....and then at 5 PM the Debate Commission issued a statement that they indeed intend to still have the Debate....Obama made it clear that he is in contact with DC and all revelant people Paulson and Dems ...So there you have it....McCain is trying to weasel out of the debate...

Bottem Line McCain can't Walk and Chew Gum...

Next we will hear how his dog ate his homework....