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ABC New Revelations on Waterboarding and Torture....

Click the read the whole story and watch the video....
"As the secrets about the CIA's interrogation techniques continue to come out, there's new information about the frequency and severity of their use, contradicting an 2007 ABC News report, and a new focus on two private contractors who were apparently directing the brutal sessions that President Obama calls torture.Top interrogation officials' "waterboarding expertise" was "misrepresented."According to current and former government officials, the CIA's secret waterboarding program was designed and assured to be safe by two well-paid psychologists now working out of an unmarked office building in Spokane Washington.Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell, former military officers, together founded Mitchell Jessen and Associates.

Both men declined to speak to ABC News citing non-disclosure agreements with the CIA. But sources say Jessen and Mitchell together designed and implemented the CIA's interrogation program."

More from Vanity Fair
More from Gulf News...

Condi Rice told her Stanford Students that Waterboarding is Not Illegal When the President Orders It , WHY is she still teaching at Standford?

(originally posted at 3PM)
Yeah, that's right she used the Nixon Defense ? And please Someone tell me WHY is she still teaching young people ? WHY ? Click the Title to read the Raw Story post on this and to watch the Video.....
"When Stanford University students recently asked former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about waterboarding and torture, her response was uncannily close to Richard Nixon’s infamous claim, “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”Students toting a video camera approached Rice and asked her about a new Senate Intelligence Committee report which states that she gave the CIA its go-ahead for the use of waterboarding in July 2002."
And for anyone that has forgotten WHAT Nixon said:::

And Then we have the Student Tape where Students Confront her and engage her in Discussion about Torture, this was put on youtube by the young turks, watch at the 56 Second mark how she gets defensive about waterboarding....

And NOW we learn hat Ari Fleisher - CNN Commentator would Love to Testify- would be "proud" to testify....
NOW CONDI TOLD A 4TH GRADER THIS WEEKEND THAT MR.BUSH WOULD NEVER EVER HAVE" BROKEN" ANY LAWS TO INTERROGATE ANYONE ???? Oh, just keep on talking Condi dear....just let it all out....don't be shy...

In December the GOP IT Expert who worked with and for ROVE died in a mysterious Plane Crash- His Family has to read more....

This story receieved much airplay here in Ohio when it happened and yet the results of What caused the mysterious accident have not been made public.....
"The sisters of Michael Connell, a GOP IT consultant and former associate of Karl Rove who died in a plane crash last December, are now questioning the circumstances surrounding his death.

“Shannon Connell of Madison says her brother Michael rarely talked about work,” a local Wisconsin paper reported Thursday. “She knew he ran an Ohio company called New Media Communications that set up websites for Republicans including former President George H.W. Bush and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. But it wasn’t until after he died last December, when the small plane he was piloting crashed, that she learned via the Internet of his tie to a voter fraud case and to allegations that presidential adviser Karl Rove had made threats against him."

BREAKING NEWS:::Judge Souter to Step Down From the Supreme Court when Session Ends in June......

Los Angeles Times | April 30, 2009 | 8:20 p.m. PT///U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter to retire in June, AP reports::

"Justice David Souter has told the White House that he will retire from the Supreme Court at the end of the court's term in June, a source said Thursday night.The source spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for Souter.Speculation that the 69-year-old justice will be stepping down has been fueled by his failure to appoint law clerks from the fall term.National Public Radio reported that Souter will remain on the bench until a successor is confirmed.The Supreme Court declined to comment on the report.Souter's retirement would give President Barack Obama his first pick for the high court. Court watchers expect him to choose a woman to join Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, currently the only woman on the Supreme Court."

*click title for more on Souter*

People are starting to Wonder HOW Condi could say that the President had SUCH Torture Powers ?

So Folks- here it is...the Truth...Nixon got away with Crimes.....and Ford pardoned him, and Our Country never healed....but on another level it was a Lesson in the Ultimate Criminal Hubris....and the Players learned their Lessons well.yeah the photos from the 1970's tell it all....Think about it...
Dick Cheney and Rummy at work for Nixon....

Rummy and Kissenger and Nixon...

And yeah Ford meeting with Cheney and Rummy after The Pardon.....the Question is were they always Criminals ?

click the title to remember the Watergate years better and Nixon's wonderful "staff" ....( cough...cronies and thugs ?)

Last Day Of April......

I will be gone until tomorrow afternoon....but feel free to leave me messages about anything...and yes,I will still be following the Swine Flu......and blogging on it tomorrow afternoon. There is plenty down below on it, and how it is being handled globally, and yes, there are links and updates in the Comments.....and yes, the Hog Waste issue is not lost on me....take care of each other...Hang in there...Wash your hands....

( it's not lost on me some think I blogged the Flu too much- I have this thing about being informed, educated, that it empowers, and that it saves lives....that the more we know the better off we are....)

What a month.....torture memos and photos, and the Swine Flu and here snow to 90's in two we shall see what May Brings....

On another note, the Swine Flu has been consuming alot of this blog and I am not trying to create or contribute to panic, mainly just educate and gather helpful information and data and relevant facts, but from today on the Updates will ALL be posted on my New Swine Flu Update Blog on the Sidebar. As a Nurse I am still following this...but we have other issues to cover and discuss...Check it out and see what you think...

21% of Women of ChildBearing Age tested had UnHealthy Mercury Levels....I wonder if their diets are being studied.....No Fish Today....

Hmmmmm, or do they live near a Coal Plant ? Do they have Mercury fillings ?Have they been Immunized in the past 6 years ? Ho many are on a High Protein Seafood Diet ?Hair was tested, but I wonder urine was checked to see if these women are shedding this....Do you want to learn more about how mercury gets in our diet ? or fish ? you can read more here.... Click the title to read more about how Greenpeace tested Women's Hair to check their Mercury Exposure levels....

Swine Flu Update 4.30.09 Update

Okay So here is today's Update:
More than a 100 confirmed cases in over 11 states, and there is more News Below.Okay so the Hog People don't want it called Swine Flu....well , the Fact is that the Feces from a Large Smithfield Farm, US Owned that slaughters over a million pigs a year in Vera Cruz Mexico is being examined and tested for SWINE flu....And there are concerns that the Excrement are part of the Chain of the Outbreak. Scientists are trying to determine if it is actual exposure to the Feces or if flies are involved in the process.Lab samples have been sent to the University of New Mexico. Now let's be real about this, from a hygiene standpoint Feces and fecal matter present health threats, whether it be Hepatitis or CMV or other organisms.....So it is scientifically relevant. I can only hope that all the workers in that little village are being tested and their work practices examined. The Nature Network Link below has more on the Farm and the photos of a less than hygenic facility.
Really Interesting Post explaining Historical Information, and also explains about Large Pork Farms, and explains more about the Smithfield Farm issue. Nature Network is a forum of Scientists that is very interesting and thoughtful.
Great post about the Hog Farm more.
LA Times has latest tally an information.114 Confirmed cases, and atleast 28 possibles, and new testing ongoing- so results take a few days.
And atleast now Migrants are being educated about it, which is wise since many are day travelers to Mexico, or have family there.
Presidential Aide possible contracted Swine Flu when planning trip for Energy Secretary Steven Chu. He and his family are being checked.
WASHINGTON ( huffpo) — "A security aide helping with arrangements during President Barack Obama's recent trip to Mexico became sick with flu-like symptoms and three members of his family later contracted probable swine flu, the White House said Thursday.The disclosure from press secretary Robert Gibbs comes days after the White House played down risks to the U.S. delegation on the two-day trip that started April 16. Gibbs remained steadfast that the president was never at risk of contracting the flu, which has quickly spread across the globe.The employee, who was not named by the White House, is an aide to Energy Secretary Steven Chu and helped plan the Mexico trip."This individual never flew on Air Force One," Gibbs said. "He was asked specifically if he ever came within 6 feet of the president and the answer to that was no."The aide arrived in Mexico on April 13, Gibbs said, and became ill on April 16. He developed a fever on April 17, the day Obama left Mexico for the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. The person in question flew back commercially to Dulles on a United flight on April 18; Gibbs had no details yet on whether people on that flight have been notified."
The Latest from Washington State has 6 possible Cases, one a pediatrician that treated children. The one possible Spokane cases now can not be located. Seattle PI has more on the situation for the state.
CDC Swine Flu Website
Dr.Besser of CDC talking about Latest news on AM Shows.
Guardian Swine Page
Travel Precautions for people that have to Fly.
Readers Questions answered NYT- thorough,smartly done.
Later this evening I am setting up a blog just for the Swine Flu, as I am still trying to determine it's path, it's level of seriousness and the Facts.....stay tuned.

Washington State Figures out that Cutting Thousands from Healthcare Will Fix Their Budget- Way to Go Kristin Gregoire....

Click the title...I wonder if they are Rethinking the title

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For All of those that think I am Blogging too much on Swine Flu ....Here is Michelle Bachman and WHY Education Matters !!!!

Ahh , Michelle....WHO was President then ? Carter ? ahhhh was....gasp...a Republican President...President Ford.

Mexico Shuts down Government and Private below, more later..

LA Times:::
Mexico's government is temporarily suspending all nonessential activity of the federal government and private business as the number of confirmed swine flu cases jumped.

Health Secretary Jose Cordova says nonessential federal government offices will be closed from May 1-5. He said all nonessential private businesses must also close for that period but essential services like transport, supermarkets, trash collection, hospital will remain open.Cordova told a news conference late Wednesday that confirmed swine flu cases have risen to 99, including eight dead.
To be honest I am confused What are the True Numbers there ? and What is really going on ? And I wonder What is Non Essential Government ? The Health Dept ?
Bloomberg asks Why is the Flu More Deadly in Mexico ( I repeat What are the true numbers in Mexico)

President Obama 100 Day Press Conference....8PM

Liveblogging in the thread.... Here is the entire Conference (57 minutes)....favorite part..yeah he says Torture is wrong, and the Churchill Story was signifigant.

This was sent out by Mitch Stewart on April 30th, 2009....

Swine Flu H1N1 Updates:::: Wednesday 4.29.09

Today I am posting all updates below and in the Comments. Please read the posts Below about HOW to take care of your self. I will update this throughout the day. I have also added new button on side bar for the DHHS that has really good information, it also has CDC De.Besser updates. As a nurse my goal is to continue to gather news from around the US and Abroad and share it. Being Educated is being Prepared, knowledge is always power. The Comments will have ALL Updates from all over, good sources, The Guardian continues to cover this well.
CDC Swine Flu Website
Dr.Besser of CDC talking about Latest news on AM Shows.
Guardian Swine Page
Travel Precautions for people that have to Fly.
Readers Questions answered NYT- thorough,smartly done.
Really Interesting Post explaining Historical Information, and also explains about Large Pork Farms. Nature Network is a forum of Scientists that is very interesting and thoughtful.
This Mercola site is reputable and also shows that some of the Medical Community is skeptical and unsure of what is being presented.
DrChan's WHO Press Conference raising the Pandemic Level to five, Conference at 11 PM in Geneva. BBC has more info and the Video.

LA TIMES First Paper to send Out the WHO Declaration:::
WHO raises pandemic flu alert level to phase 5 .The World Health Organization has raised its pandemic alert for swine flu to the second highest level, meaning that it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent.WHO says the phase 5 alert means there is sustained human-to-human spread in at least two countries. It also signals that efforts to produce a vaccine will be ramped up.
4:40 PM W.H.O Conference still ongoing, it is 11PM there in Geneva Here is the WHO Pandemic Chart that explains the Pandemic Levels showing levels 4-6 that may help:::

"PHASE 4:: is characterized by verified human-to-human transmission of an animal or human-animal influenza reassortant virus able to cause “community-level outbreaks.” The ability to cause sustained disease outbreaks in a community marks a significant upwards shift in the risk for a pandemic. Any country that suspects or has verified such an event should urgently consult with WHO so that the situation can be jointly assessed and a decision made by the affected country if implementation of a rapid pandemic containment operation is warranted. Phase 4 indicates a significant increase in risk of a pandemic but does not necessarily mean that a pandemic is a forgone conclusion.

PHASE 5::: is characterized by human-to-human spread of the virus into at least two countries in one WHO region. While most countries will not be affected at this stage, the declaration of Phase 5 is a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.
Video about the Toddler that died in Texas, had been sick since April 4th and was being treated for pneumonia, and now workers at both hospitals are being monitored and tested.

7PM Update::::
Reuters has about 30 Quarnentined Marines and one Confirmed at 29 Palms.
LA TIMES has more about 14 Newly Confirmed case and 17 Probable cases.
Local Health Depts struggling to Cope with this Health Emergency...
More about NYC Health Dept.
Wash hands ****Wash Hand****Stay Home****Acquire Masks****Buy Antiseptic Wipes and Gel****Wipe Surfaces of Concern****
Stay Informed in your County and pay attention to Local Information and Incidence ***** Stay informed.

What To Do If You think You Have Symptoms of Swine Flu ?Let's talk about this.....and make sure Everyone is taken Care of...

First Symptoms::::
Fevers, Chills, Sore throat, and Dizziness, Cough and Headaches,some shortness of breath, and some people have had GI Symptoms Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea.If you have any of these symptoms follow the list below, but also avoid crowds and gatherings, especially ones with children, babies and pregnant women, elderly and Immune Compromised.Dr.Weil has more on this as well.

(1) Call Your Doctor's Office and ask What They are recommending and encouraging ?Are they sending people to ER or Health Dept ? Are they seeing Flu Patients Separately ? HOW is Testing to be done, are they shipping Tests to CDC in Georgia ? What are they recommending for treatment and Quarantine ? IF you do Not have Health Insurance, call the County Health Dept, and the State Health Dept. and ask Where you are to go. Federal Funds are supposed to cover Care and Testing of Residents in every state. No One should be told that they have to pay for the Tests or shipments of the Tests, or Tamiflu.It was declared an National Emergency 5 days ago.

(2) Call your Local Health Dept, County and ask What they are recommending,and also check their Website, and do See the NEW CDC /DHHS Button on my Side bar is full of very good information.

(3) Also ask HOW they are treating , and do they have tamiflu or Relenza Available for treatment.

(4) Once you think you have had, you can not and should not be Vaccinated.
(5) Once you have Symptoms, do wear Mask around other people and out in public you must wear, it is Droplet Spread as a Respiratory Virus. I the Nurse, DO recommend the Mask. Cover Mouth when you cough ALWAYS. And Wipe ALL surfaces and carry Antiseptic Wipes with you. Carry Antiseptic Gel with you. Wipe ALL Contact Surfaces with Antiseptic Wipes, this includes phones, doorknobs,keyboards and ATM"s etc. Do drink fluids and rest.

(6) Some People on MSM are saying it is "Just a Flu", that is Not exactly true,Regular Flu does not Normally kill people under 50,healthy people and children.We also do NOT know enough about the Mexico Victims- how many were young and Children.
That is WHY this is So Critical to know what to do.

I took off this week to Volunteer at a Free Health Fair here in Ohio, and it has now been Cancelled due to with This Flu. So I am committed to getting ALL of us Help , email me if you need to....I am ready to help, or make Calls, and I have researched this very well. I think as of now I am one of the only RN's Blogging the Swine Flu.....( hundreds of articles down below...and Daily Updates will continue, because Education and Information is our best way to be prepared and take care of each other).
CDC Swine Site linked in to the Title
Good video explaining about Transmission and Incidence rates:::

Dr.Martin Blaser on CNN explaining What to do to Protect to Yourself, especially about Mask Protection::::

Mask Guidelines DHHS Updated on 4.27.09, I do reccomend trying to acquire or have ready, esp if you are in one of the effected States.
Wash Your Hands **** Wash Your Hands **** Wash Your Hands.........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Nurse has a Favor to Ask Each of You....Please read this post and help me if you can as I try to cover the Swine Flu in each of our States ?

I have been in contact with people from 3 states that have had Flu Symptoms and have different Flu Experiences and how they are being treated and tested, it concerns me that their experiences have been different. Once the Feds Declared this an Emergency, there should be funds released to the States so that Surveillance ( ie Testing ) should be paid for by the State Health Departments.AS A FLU SUSPECT YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR TESTING OR EMERGENCY ANTI VIRALS, AND SHOULD BE TOLD HOW TO SELF QUARANTINE AND OFFERED MASKS AS THIS IS DROPLET SPREAD AS A RESPIRATORY INFECTION, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS GI SYMPTOMS.PEOPLE SHOULD BE BEING OFFERED TAMIFLU OR RELENTZA AS THE H1N1

Please check your local State Health Departments and see WHAT people are told to do and What they are told about Testing. Also CDC should be in charge of telling the States HOW people are to be tested and WHERE the tests are to be sent. I am going to investigate this for the next few days as this is important.

This Link explains that there is ONLY one test for this Rare Strain, and test kits are to be sent to the CDC for now.
This Reuters article explains more how complicated it is to test.

As a Nurse I am trying to get as much Information on this Pandemic, not to scare, but to Educate all of I will keep posting much on this issue. ( and don't worry I will return to political issues of importance like Torture in a few days.)

Please Post below or email about WHAT is being told to you in your state, or by your Health Dept and your experiences.....thank you.
11PM CDC Numbers:::
California 10 cases
Kansas 2 cases
New York City 45 cases
Ohio 1 case
Texas 6 cases
TOTAL COUNT 64 cases
( 5 hospitalized).
11 PM Guardian Update 13 Cases in California.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Tuesday confirmed Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as health secretary, filling a crucial spot in President Barack Obama's cabinet amid growing fears of a possible swine flu pandemic.The Senate voted 65-31 for Sebelius, brushing back Republican opposition to her support for abortion rights. Sebelius was tapped by Obama to lead his push to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system.But Sebelius will take office as U.S. health officials rush to prepare for a possible widespread outbreak of a new strain of flu that has killed scores of people in Mexico and sickened at least 64 in the United States.The confirmation of Sebelius allows Obama to fill the last open seat in his cabinet. Democrats said the swine flu outbreak made it all the more important to end the delay in filling that pivotal position.

Swine Flu Rising Internationally.....Tuesday Update 4.28.09

CDC Swine Flu Website
I PM Tuesday 4.28.09 Updates:::
LA Times has the latest International number rising to 90..BBC has reported that the UN has stated that The Flu can not be contained as new countries report new cases. ( BBC reported UK issued warnings yesterday about Travel to Mexico and the US.) The US Number stands at 68 have tested postive in five states, only five have been hospitalized, 3 in California and 2 in Texas. It still appears the more deadly form is in Mexico. Very few have had to be hospitalized abroad, and some have been quarantined to prevent spread. The Incubation is still thought to be 2-7 days. Dr.Besser of CDC is still giving daily press conferences, and the Travel Advisory still is requesting Travel to Mexico be limited to Only Essential Trips. As of today ALL states have requested some of the Supplies from the Strategic Stockpile in preparation. This includes non-medical supplies. I will update in the Comments the latest Morbidity and Mortality Stats from Mexico, as well as any Updates.

Bangkok Post has more of the Asian perspective of this epidemic and how it is being handled in Asia. More from The Mercury News has about the spread in Middle East and monitoring and surveillance in Asia.

Jason Linkins article about how the GOP Blocked Pandemic Funding really needs to be read,
as now the GOP's actions really have Global Implications as the International numbers rise.

Another post that is worth reading about the travel aspect is written by Fran over at Ramblings has a post called "Vacation to Die For" that really asks good questions, and certainly shows the angst that Travelers are facing right now looking at the Bigger picture.

Also Distributor Cap has an amazing post that explains the Pandemic Flu Outbreak of 1918 and also re-examines the Swine Outbreak of 1976.

Another article that is getting much focus is The Guardian Article that is zeroing in on the Possible Source of the Flu in Mexico. It centers around a small village in Vera Cruz, and the Large Corporate US owned Hog Farm. ( Yes, it is a Smithfield Farm). The Bigger question that is emerging about the Flu is the path of transmission Actual Contact with the excrement or is it the Flies that have excrement. ( Tests are being run on samples from the farm at University of New Mexico). The Guardian has an entire page dedicated to following up all angles of this Epidemic.
** ? Enigma HOG WASTE Question ?***
As of 3PM::: Is the Hog Farm Excrement used to fertilize fruits and vegetables ? Because if it is then that path of transmission also needs to be examined ? I also have heard no discussion of whether Hog Farm Workers have been sick or tested ? It seems that would be a path of exploration. And sadly yes, it does raise questions about all the Hog Waste Issues and how it could possibly contaminate the food chain or reach people. Secretary of Agriculture Vlsak said that Pork Products are safe in HLS Presser today, he did not explain well enough Why pork is being scrutinized, he turned into a time to promote the Hog Industry.Sadly he is missing the point , that it is NOT just an Economic Issue, it is a Safety Issue- people want to be reassured that their MEAT is Safe. Sadly he caused confusion, claiming that it should not be called Swine Flu which will only cause confusion at this critical time. Sadly a Mixed Message can cause problems, Dr.Bresser of the CDC gave his presser earlier at 2 PM , and he still called it the Flu Swine Flu.)
AP :: ;Latest Video about the Global Rise and the implications for International travelers, and even explains how they face Quarantine issues abroad. ( Linked to the title is BBC Video about travel and global spread, or you can watch here also.)

3:30 PM Update::::
LA TIMES Governor declares Emergency:::
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today proclaimed a state of emergency over the spread of swine flu, expediting state agency responses to the outbreak.State health officials have been aggressively working to combat the outbreak, and the proclamation is simply one more step in that effort, not an indication that the outbreak here has become more severe.The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors also declared a local state of emergency today.
"Carnival Cruises has Cancelled Mexico Cruises" ( AP: 2PM)
Carnival cancels Mexico cruise stops over flu fear//From Associated Press//April 28, 2009 1:51 PM EDT
MIAMI - Carnival Cruise Lines has suspended stops at Mexican ports over concerns about swine flu.The company says it canceled Mexico stops for three ships scheduled to visit the country Tuesday. It hasn't yet announced a decision on future stops there.Meanwhile, the company and competitors Royal Caribbean International and Norwegian Cruise Lines tried to allay guest fears by emphasizing how thoroughly the ships are cleaned.Norwegian's Pearl is on a special voyage with Mexico stops. The company says it is monitoring the situation and asking passengers about their health before cruises start.Royal Caribbean says it's monitoring the situation but telling passengers not to worry because the outbreaks are inland, not in the Mexican coastal cities popular with cruise tourists.
US CDC Numbers :: 2PM
California 10 cases
Kansas 2 cases
New York City 45 cases
Ohio 1 case
Texas 6 cases
TOTAL COUNT 64 cases
( up above I listed 68- but that is what was is being reported on most news outlets and also foreign ones- so I am trying get a better updated number, important to note that the 45 number is based on person to person transmission- only 8 of those went to Mexico- so this is a true Cluster that shows Human to Human transmission).
Anderson Cooper updated his Blog tonight and interviewed Dr.Gupta.
While reading about Sebelius Update;;::
I came across the Sentence in the story that says that the US Number is up to 64 ??? We will learn more tomorrow.
"But Sebelius will take office as U.S. health officials rush to prepare for a possible widespread outbreak of a new strain of flu that has killed scores of people in Mexico and sickened at least 64 in the United States."
CBS is trying to educate people on this disease by having questions and education provided by Infectious Disease Physicians. Huffpost article explains more.
New WHO website


From Channel 3::::
CLEVELAND -- Health officials announced Tuesday afternoon that the Remote Area Medical or "RAM" Ohio event planned for this upcoming weekend has been cancelled.The "RAM" Ohio event was expected to draw thousands of people without health insurance to the Berea Fairgrounds to receive free medical, dental, and vision care.The Ohio Department of Health recommended the event be cancelled due to concerns over the swine flu outbreak. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health is backing the ODH's decision.
The event has been postponed indefinitely but organizers say it will be rescheduled once the swine flu outbreak dissipates....
I was going to work this Event this weekend, as it has been planned here for monthes, and publicized because there are millions here in Ohio without HealthCare, and it is an event that was planned to offer medical and dental care to those in need. It was to be held at Fairgrounds, 2000 Health Care Volunteers,including nurses and doctors had donated services and thousands were expected to show for care. ( I was also planning to report on the event and post on it with photos and videos, but mostly I am sad as many here are in need of this event. I know it will be rescheduled for a safer date- and this is a prudent action.)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Update Monday 4.27.09 , 3:30PM - MN Please Check Comments for Updates::::

Please do read the Post below as it has Updates and Full information, Nursing Advice and Websites ( as well as Many Foreign Websites, Blogs and Papers.)
4 PM Monday 4.27.09 UPDATES:::::
(1) World total is up to 75 Cases of Swine Flu, the total in NYC is now 28 ( was 8 last night), America total is now 40.Travel to Mexico Now being discouraged and Border Passive Surveillance in Place. Mexico has had 141 deaths ( up forty from last night), still unclear of True Numbers, 1600 seeking medical care for flu, and 400 still in hospital. ( The real question is in Mexico City of 20 million and many poor- how many have not sought medical care ? It is worth studying. And that issue also may present a problem in the States, unless Health Depts and Hospitals are willing to offer FREE Healthcare for possible Flu Victims.) Tamiflu can be used to treat this Flu, but it is unclear if it going to offered to prevent spread, or saved for Treatment. Please do read the post below for Self Preparedness.

BBC has more about the Situation.EU is advising against Travel to America and Mexico due to the Flu. Mexico Deaths are set to 150, and WHO has raised the Status to Pandemic Level Four , meaning that there is Sustained Human Spread.
Jason Linkins is reporting for Huffpo that GOP STRIPPED PANDEMIC MONEY REMOVED FROM THE STIMULUS. ( They have endangered millions with their selfish ignorant shortsightedness, this same ignorance has left Millions without Healthcare.)
This BBC site has reports from People and Medical people that are there.
And from CNN there is a whole page from Dr. Gupta who is there reporting for CNN and CBS.
The Guardian has More about the Possible Source of the Flu and where it started, in February
BBC WHO map::::

Mexico: 149 dead - 1600 Cases, and over500 in hospital
United States: 40 confirmed cases of swine flu ( 28 in NYC)
Canada: 6 confirmed cases
UK: 2 confirmed cases
Spain: 1 confirmed case
UK, Spain, Israel, Brazil, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand: suspected cases being tested.
Tonight Scotland has been added.
BBC has more on Travel Warnings.....
A new Website has good updates it is called the Pandemic Chronicle
GREAT POST about the History of Swine Flu and the Pandemic of 1918 ...and the Flu of it, its a great history wrap up.
Guardian has a a whole page on Swine Flu with Updates and more information.
10:30 PM Final Thoughts of the Night::::
Please Note that these top two posts are an attempt to locate solid information that will help us be informed and educated about this illness.....If we have to think on this, the GOP has held up Health Care and Health Insurance for OVER 50 Million People, People that now have been put at Risk, a huge Public Health Risk looms now, and Millions may have no way to be monitored or cared for ? Has anyone else worried on this yet ? and the ProLife GOP did not just hold up the Health Care for millions- they also tampered with Our Public Health System and Emergency Preparedness.
4.27.09 Texas Updates::::

11:30 PM DO Watch ABC Nightline They are Covering the Outbreak: The Facts.

Swine Flu Updates Starting 4.26.09 ( Preparedness tips and Updates in the Comment Section as well)

*{first posted 4.26.09 at Noon}*
CDC Swine Flu Website
First Gibbs spoke, then Brennan ( he is Obama's Chief Security person), then Dr. Besser from CDC spoke and explained about how this is being handled, it sounds like it will be examined state by state. This is being declared a Public Health Emergency by the Dept of Homeland Security by Napoliteano. ( She said this is how any emergency is treated so that Funds can be released ).
Dept of Defense has 7 Million Tamiflu doses available.
(It is a shame that DHHS did not get Sebelius confirmed, as that dept needs leadership at this time.Obama might have to Emergency Appoint ?)
California 7 cases
Kansas 2 cases
New York City 8 cases
Ohio 1 case
Texas 2 cases
TOTAL COUNT 20 cases as of Sunday Eve.4.27.09
They did encourage hand washing, covering mouth with cough. Nothing was said about Wearing Mask or other precautions, or whether it is droplet spread, I will try to find more research on this. CDC FLU page is linked to the title.
Saturday 4.25.09 Updates:::
and there is more
USA Today has more.
BBC is also following closely.
LA Times Update 1PM Sunday 4.26.09::
Los Angeles Times | April 26, 2009 | 10:05 a.m. PT
Government declares public health emergency over swine flu
The U.S. is declaring a public health emergency to deal with the emerging new swine flu.
The precautionary step doesn't signal a greater threat to Americans. But it allows the federal and state governments easier access to flu tests and medications.Federal health officials say 20 cases of swine flu have been reported in five states so far. Officials expect more cases and more severe illness among Americans. About 12 million doses of the drug Tamiflu are being released from a federal stockpile so that states can get it if needed. The 20 cases reported so far are in New York, Ohio, Kansas, Texas and California.
Sunday Night NYT article explains symptoms and treatment really well.
Monday 4.27.09 2am
Very Thorough BBC Article has updates here that are helpful
And more from Mexico Update as of Sun.4.27.09 McCLatchey and Christian Science Monitor

BBC IN THE TRENCH REPORTS From Medical People in Mexico
*** Google Earth Mapping ***
Interesting Sidney Herald Article explains disease from Micro level with cell photos.
and the newest update 4.27 Monday Morn Boston Globe update
11AM Update::::
NYT reporting that Europe is urging halting travel to US and Mexico.
3 PM Monday 4.27.09
WHO is issuing a Report and Warning at 4PM.
Now the NYC Numbers has climbed ( varying reports 28-40 all related to the Highschool in Queens- One Cluster, although over 150 last week out of 2700 reported to the Nurse Sick). Mexico did have another 40 die during the night. MORE Updates in the Comments Section.

HLS HAS NOW ISSUED Travel Advisory about Mexico- NO Unneccessary Travel. ( Clinton was on earlier saying that Situation was being reviewed). Napoltaneo and Brennan are now giving presser at 3:15 PM ( right after Gibbs). Napolitano says that we are at Level 3. ( Level 6- is FULL Pandemic Level).
BBC video explains more...

1 PM Sunday 4.26.07.....I have to go to work. But I will update this when I get home, This post will be kept at the top and updated during the day.I will post articles down below with more information, I will also update in the comments as well. I don't know enough at this time, even though I have been reading. My concern is that the Situation in Mexico is serious, 1300 sick, and 81 deaths. I do think the past 8 years Health Issues have been handled in a deplorable manner ( ie the salmonella etc). So I am hoping that the Obama Administration is trying to be proactive on we don't have a Mexico Situation here.

Wash Hands Thoroughly and Often with warm soapy water, buy some of that Disinfective Gel, and Chlorox Wipes and even keep Lysol handy for cleaning surfaces and yes that means carry in car and briefcase, purse .....Wipe surfaces, ATM, phone, don't leave your coffee mug in the lounge with other mugs. If you share computer or phone with other workers wipe atleast twice a day. Also if religous- esp Catholic I would discourage taking Communion- it is not a coincidence that the Spike in the Cluster rose AFTER Easter ( this also happened with the SARS epidemic.). I also encourage people to check on your neighbors, especially those that might not have Cable or are elderly.

** And yes, I would encourage people to acquire MASKS or buy them now- as we might need them, and yes, I am serious. I think it is best we be prepared and informed and careful with this as it bears close monitoring , I say this as an RN with 20+ years including Community Health Experience, ER and Disaster Training. Stay Calm, Stay Informed.Be Prepared.

WTH ?????An AirForce One Photo Op Flyover in NYC was done over this AM-Causing Panic in NYC- WHO Decided to do this ?????

click the title. WHO did this ? The Whitehouse knew NOTHING ? WHO did this and WHO decided this was OKAY ? Shouldn't Air Force One Actions be known by the Whitehouse ???? What the Hell ?
So tonight this is the the NYT article about Why and What happened, but it is still very unclear WHO orchestrated this event. Someone needs to be Fired.( and WHY didn't President Obama know about it , as President ? and Why did Gibbs Laugh about it at the presser ? ) Okay so the Idiot that Arranged it Louis Caldera a White House Military Staffer- supposedly it was just a "photo op". And yes, President Obama was furious....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Music...."A Change is Gonna Come" Seal.

Friday Night Thoughts...Change is Gonna Come...because it has to...we are at a Critical Moment...more than we realize...but it is up to us Make This Change Come...I have said this all along- it is not up to DC, MSM ...It is up to us....We are strong enough, Courageous enough, and Brave enough....Please read my top 3 posts,they are the most critical posts I have blogged in 5 years and 3000 posts.Thank you. Namaste.
"Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change." RFK
"A revolution is coming — a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough — But a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability."
Speech in the US Senate (9 May 1966) by RFK
Be The Change....Be Brave..Do Tank Man Tinnamen Square June 5th, 1989

Sunday update:::
Editorial examines how it started at the top....

The Heart of the Matter :The Shock and Awe of Torture is About Who we are as a People and Our Moral Compass.....

I have been encouraging people to Look at ALL the Memos, read them, and look at the data and the Photos. And I have been encouraging people to sign the Petitions, because I am trying to encourage people to express their Moral Outrage , Their Angst that ANY of this was Ordered or Covered Up For Seven Years and Done in OUR names. And the Public Out Cry must be loud to support and strengthen President Obama's Position in this situation. Many People expect President Obama to do Something to reset the Moral Compass. But over this week while rereading The "Memos", and the 232 Page Armed Services Report, and the Red Cross Report, as well as some new sites about Abu Ghahiab I had a striking epiphany. ( Do read my Earlier post this week on Torture and other Crimes it has much information did not know before, even corpses, it is linked to the title).

There is the very real possibility it can not be Investigated or Prosecuted by Any American Institution or Legal System and yes, that includes Attorney General and his team....that ALL the Data and Evidence will have to be turned over to the International Courts.....but it does not mean we should not Demand Truth and Justice.

(1) There is a problem with the Current AG and JD Investigating and Prosecuting this case. Under Bush it now appears that His Legal Officials and Team Rewrote and Manipulated Laws to Protect Their Orders. They performed semantic surgery on Our Moral and Legal Codes at the Highest Level to carry our Orders and Protect the White House. So the Justice Department and Our Laws were indeed Compromised at the Very Highest Level to Legalize War Crimes. In the History of World Events this was only prosecuted one other time when a Leader manipulated his Country's Legal System to perpetrate Crimes against Humanity.

(2) There is also the very real possibility that because it involves Crimes in Multiple Countries that many International Laws may have been broken. The Geneva Conventions were violated, but that is only a piece of this criminal puzzle. It is good that Now Our Current CIA Director is closing the Black Prisons, and they can now be viewed or treated as Crime Scenes, and evidence may indeed need to be Collected, investigated and Gathered , even by Holder and then given to the International Courts.

(3) The fact that Multiple Agencies are involved in this Situation, including Military, CIA, Intel Agencies, FBI, Justice Department,
and yes, Paid Contractors and yes, that the White House indeed Orchestrated and ORDERED these Events. It also Ordered Medical Personnel, Doctors and Nurses and Medics to participate and Facilitate the events. WHO could possibly review and investigate ALL of this Evidence. Thankfully the ALCU with FOIA Process has indeed requested thousands of pages of documents and photos and video that once release show the shame and Horror of this. And the Public should be shown The Truth. Another real concern is that a Special Prosecutor or Team would keep all of the Evidence Private, hidden, Secret, we need to see the Truth.

(4) And I can not help but worry how Bush Infested is the Current Justice Department ? Has he cleaned house ? Does he have enough of a New Team to Investigate Torture ? Is it possible that he would still have to turn the Investigation and Date to A Higher Court, an International Court ?

(5) Secretary Gates said on April 23rd Statement to the Press that he and his team do not support ANY Secrets, which means that he wants the truth Public. Hours Later the Pentagon did state they plan to release more than 2000 Photos, and the photos tell the story and show the cruel inhumane treatment, and show it was Systemic. ( ACLU had expected 40 photos via FOIA, but it will be 400 cases with over 2000 photos). These Photos will more than crumble the Bad Apple Defense, they will show Methodical Ordered Torture.

(6) On a World Level, the World does need to see Our Angst , Our Outrage so they know that we did not and do not Condone or Support What the Bush Regime did....
We need to ask WHY Children were Imprisoned at Abu Ghahriab and Gitmo , This photo of the little boy is from Abu Gahraib in 2003/3004 and there is more about it at this link, But we also need to remember there were 4 Children under 16 at Gitmo- and ask what Happened to them ?..... This link shows teenage girls that were held and mistreated and worse.

There were War Crimes and Torture Ordered by the Bush Regime....there must be Justice. Do write to your Elected Reps, Senators and Congressmen, and ALCU and the AG and ask for Justice, in whatever Form it needs to come....It is not just about Needing Obama to be strong on this, it is about us, we need to strong too...We need to have Courage and Face this Critical Moment....because What was Ordered and Done by the Bush Regime is UnAmerican.

As you listen to this Song..." This is not America" that David Bowie performed in 2000 and wrote in the 80's, before this moral downfall started....scroll down and look at the photos and posts below....there is plenty to ponder and take to heart....and do click the title, it has my most extensive post on Torture in 5 years and many links full of Evidence and photos.
The Symphony of Lies...The Question is did the Bush Regime Order and Legalize Torture to try to Force the Connection Between Saddam and Al Queda, did they Commit War Crimes in an attempt to Justify an Illegal THAT What It was All about....ask yourself.

Distributor Cap explains Nuremberg Trials in this post and brings up some History about World Justice that we must keep in mind.
and the latest Perspective by Marjorie Cohn explains even more details.
As Newsguy says:
"It is time for everyone to write to our Senators, our Congressional Representatives and the White House. Or call the White House. They keep track of those calls. (202) 456-1111."

The Torture was Ordered by Whitehouse , Not Just "Bad Apples", Were People Tortured At Abu Gahrib and Gitmo to Justify Iraq ?

(WARNING: graphic images and information originally posted 10 am 4.22.09 photos below are disturbing and concerning, part of the Bush legacy. My apologies that this happened in our name- but the Truth must be shown and told, please do click ALL the links at the end of the post and DO read the Comments where More Information was obtained about Abu Gahariab and the corpse photos.)

About THE Photos, these are from Abu Gahrib, and note the One Girl, one reports says she was a "Medic" ,another says she was a "Specialist" in the Reserve, she posed with Corpses, We need to ask HOW these people died, and why they are on Ice ? and Bloody ? And then note the one where she is stitching a Dog Bite ( she is medically trained, medical personnel were used in the Torture that went on).I found photos of her posing with EIGHT DIFFERENT CORPSES ?? !!! Her name is Sabrina Harmon, it is odd that so much focus was on Lyndie England and yet there was never ever any mention of Sabrina posing with the Corpses. General Karpinski on Countdown 4.22.09 admitted that the Contractors ORDERED the Mistreatment and torture of Prisoners at Abu Gahrib. The photo of the bloody floor is Abu Gharib, THIS is not permitted by the Geneva Conventions. The Bush Regime tried to defend this as Bad Apples in War Time, this is a LIE, this Was Ordered Torture, and in Dr. Mengale Fashion they used Medical personel to carry out Orders.
This Post has details about the Corpses and What Happened.
These Photos are even worse, and clearly show the Abuse and Torture , and there should have been prosecutions on 2004 when these first became Public.
The Abu Ghahrib story broke May 2nd 2004, Rummy went to the Prison even....
The Haynes Memo details What was to be Done to Detainees....
History of Abu Ghahrib
This Report explains Some of the photos and WHO did what, and why one body was on Ice.
New Yorker Report has more on Sabrina Harmon and her "work" .

*** Jay Garner the First Director of Prisons in Iraq should also be called for Questioning What Happened on His Watch there first...He was replaced with Karpinski. He was hired by the Bush Regime our of Retirement THE SUMMER OF 2002 to go to Iraq,
Do Watch Bush the President that Ordered this in the Videos below, and do read the Comments in this Post they contain Much More Information that I obtained about These Photos.

Bush Speaking about Torture Which He Authorized While he was President

( Originally Posted 4.22.09)

2007 Bush " We Don't Torture People"

NOW Watch Bush in this British Video that we NEVER saw from 2008 about Legalizing Methods of Questioning

January 2009....
Bush admitting HE Authorized Torture

Mother Jones Special Report on Torture....Real Investigative Reporting on the War Crimes.

McClatchy is the other Journal that is doing an amazing job investigating and reporting this.Get Educated- read both.

"We Need People to Stand Up " Said Patrick Fitzgerald in Seattle on Thursday Night.

Snippet of Seattle Times Article Fitgerald speaking about People Confronting Corruption.... Click title to read article::
"People can't do this stuff without someone else knowing about it. The metric of whether or not you're doing a good job is not whether or not you get indicted."

Fitzgerald said corruption in business or government can exist only if people who know about it do nothing. He said that during a sweeping corruption investigation into the Secretary of State's Office in Illinois — which ultimately resulted in nearly 70 indictments and the conviction of Ryan — workers told him over and over that the payoffs and bribery he was investigating "was just the way it is in Chicago."

"My response is, 'That's the way you're allowing it to be,' " he said. "We need people to stand up."

Dear Washington Post Find Your Journalistic Integrity, use the Word TORTURE , Stop calling it "Interrogation Methods", and Show the Bloody Photos.

Dear Washington Post,
You did an abysmal job reporting and investigating The War, the Build Up to the War, and the War Crimes that were first revealed in 2004 from Abu Gahraib. And now you are still trying to be the Bush Propaganda Machine ? I read the attached article about Cheney wanting Materials released about HOW Torture and War Crimes "worked" ? And you are helping him ? What happened to the Washington Post that Investigated and reported Watergate ? Now More than Ever at this Critical Moment, please examine Where you as a Paper stand on Reporting The Truth. We The People are asking for the Truth About War Crimes. That is the True Bush Legacy, and at this point you all are Nothing More than a Propaganda Tool.

How Many Military Suicides are related to Torture ? ( and PTSD ?)

click the title to Huffpost- they are working on this angle.....and have found some results...We should investigate how many watched or particpated or refused and suffered anguish over this...or Worse. And also ask Some Real Hard Questions about the PTSD rates.

Breaking News: LA Times at MN :: Obama Administration to make public Bush Era Detainee Photos...

I have been feeling very bad about the photos that I posted in the post below.....but they are concerning...especially the ones that show corpses with celebratory military, and the female medic. These photos are disturbing, disgusting and demonstrate the extent of the problem.... ( If you click the links in that post- there are worst photos). Thank the ACLU for all the work they do and are doing to get to the Truth....Click the Title to the LA Times article.
Snippet From LA Times Article:::
"The pictures show Americans' alleged abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. An ACLU lawyer says they prove that Abu Ghraib 'was not aberrational.'

"Reporting from Washington -- The Obama administration agreed late Thursday to release dozens of photographs depicting alleged abuse by U.S. personnel during the Bush administration of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.At least 44 pictures will be released by May 28 -- making public for the first time images of what the military investigated as abuse that took place at facilities other than the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq."
As of 5 PM it has been stated that approximately 2000 photos from 400 cases will be made public, this is due to the FOIA request made by ACLU.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Whole World is Watching.....This has gone on for over 7 years- it is Time For Justice.....We can not look forward, With this Shame and Moral Failure Unaddressed.....
Please Note that AG Holder will be in DC on Thursday 4.23.09, and the Petitions will be delivered to him at that Time, Information Below is about His Hearings and the Petitions ( ACLU, Afterdowningstreet, Moveon all have petitions).

Information from After Downing Street about the Petitions:
Would you like to see the Attorney General asked about appointing a special prosecutor? Well he's testifying on Thrusday afternoon before a subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, and the subcommittee members all have phone numbers. A coalition of groups will be taking the occasion to deliver over a quarter million petition signatures to Eric Holder asking for a special prosecutor. The hearing will be webcast on the committee website:

If you want to attend in person in Washington, D.C., it's on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in Rayburn 2359, a hearing of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science.

After Downing Street,, ACLU, FireDogLake, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and others will deliver petitions to Holder asking for a special prosecutor. Sign here quick to have your name included!

Obama's Unchartered Territory, Navigating Bush's Torture Legacy....

None of us want to run away from this, we want The Truth.
We Want Justice.....It is up to Each of us to Demand That....
I am home today working on my book....It's cold and wet here, wintery. I have been posting alot on Torture, because I am worried that it will get swept to the back burner by next week by the cottoncandyheaded talking heads of the MSM. ( Who by the way think it is Lefties pushing President Obama to examine the issue). So if they truly think that then I guess Repugs are not required to Follow Laws or have a Moral Code ? ( please somebody ask Ed Henry and get back to me).Personally I think they are uncomfortable with having to report things that are not part of the Bush Propaganda Legacy. For 8 years the White House Press Corp carried Water for Bush, and it was a fairly pathetic little pail, but now they have to ask Questions and use Critical Thinking Skills and hell, sharpen their pencils and research issues like the Geneva Conventions.

I think President Obama is in a very sticky situation, like a Cat in a Room Full of Rockers. I know he has a Moral Compass, but I also think that this is unchartered territory for a President to have to decide whether to Criminally Investigate Another President....and not for unpaid taxes....for Torture. But we also know that he is a Lawyer, a Man of Law, not a failed Businessman with inflated ego, so he will use the Socrates part of his brain and probe this situation. For years many of us thought that the Bush Regime did things that were Illegal and Immoral, we have no trouble wrapping our brains around this situation. But remember there are 50 Million Americans that have never delved the evil of Bush, this will cause great conflict for them. And I am for one am not for making the American Public Comfortable, but this New President needs their support because we are facing too Many Broken Issues at the same time.

So I think he is weighing How to Educate The People about Much of the Mess we are in, and also how navigate this Legal Hell that Bush and Cheney Created.I don't think anyone ever expected to hear that One Person was waterboarded 183 times, or that Memos were written Orchestrating and Coordinating the Torture and Legalizing it After the Fact. In my gut I do think People Died during these Torture sessions, I keep thinking of that Abu Gahrib photo with the girl with the thumbs Up and the man on ice wrapped in a tarp....And I think that it is Worse than we know.

And sometimes I hope that he calls Mandela and asks for some advice, because we are a Country with gaping Moral wounds right now....but the idea that we can go forward without looking unrealistic.

In the End I hope he appoints a Special Prosecturial Team to Proceed with the Investigation of Bush and Cheney for War Crimes. And yes I also Selfishly want Leahy's Truth Commission, because we have been lied to enough. And I think he knows that millions of us are watching him and trusting him, the Constitutional Lawyer,To to do the Right Thing. We Voted for him because he was a Man of Law,a wise man.... we did not vote for him expecting things to be easy.But we did choose him because we need Someone to walk us out of the Darkness of these past 8 years....we still have more Darkness to walk through....More than any of us knew.

I am here stop by if you want to visit, plenty posted below....and is mostly about Torture...because It Is What It Is....
The Logical Song....

The Long Way Home....

It is Not Logical How We Find Our Way Home Now....and it will be a long way Home....Sign the Petitions , these atleast will let Holder and Obama know the Angst of The People....That Crimes were Committed in Our Names...we want Justice...Down Below is plenty on Torture, Abu Ghariab to Gitmo to 232 Page Report to the Memos and Exposing Videos...Evidence. ( I apologize some of it is graphic, but bloody crimes usually are).