Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Really wonderful interview with Michelle Obama by Suzanne Malveaux. Caroline Kennedy also sits in for part of the Interview as well. Michelle's brother is also interviewed. Excellent Interview. She handles the questions with grace and warmth...all class. She will be a wonderful First Lady.

( as a side note I have to encourage you that if you live in NC or Indiana please go see her- she is an amazing speaker. I have Linked to the Title Youtube Video of Michelle and Barack speaking to a group in Indianapolis, thank you Jack for sending it...)


D.K. Raed said...

Was this on AC 360? I recorded that to watch tomorrow.

JackB said...

I'm one of those who feel that Michelle Obama might just be the best person of the 4 that occupy our time.
Michelle, Barack, Hillary, and Bill are all working hard in this race, and the spouses are nearly as important as the candidates (which I listed in some personal order of choice.)
Yet, and as a supporter AND one who hopes America can get past old stereotypes and discrimination, it pains me to say this: I fear Michelle will be the focus of much Repug attacks.
As many women will attests, they know men who shy from Hillary because she is "strong", a quality men don't attribute to women with respect - more like out of fear.
And, if you tasked me with giving odds for a dust-up between Michelle and Hillary, I'd make Michelle a prohibitive favorite.
The woman is amazing in her intelligence AND character.
So, each time I watch her, especially in more unguarded moments, she reminds me of a relative who had a similar bearing.
While almost always right on facts, and rarely intrusive, the fact that she was forceful in her opinions had others gnashing their teeth when speaking of her. (And those wearing down their enamel were family members - of the same race.)

Boy, do I hope that America - and my family members - have grown over the years.
Because each time I've watched her - that wasn't a scripted event - I've been thoroughly impressed.
Having an intelligent President would already be such a change that . . . yeah, I'll say it . . . it would make me proud to be an American again.
I just pray that having an intelligent couple, of whatever race/creed/color/party in the White House isn't too much for an America citizenry that allowed our Constitution and heritage to be razed just through the use of irrational fear.

it is time for having responsible adults at the helm; Barack and Michelle fulfill that requirement.

enigma4ever said...

you said that beautifully...and she is very intelligent...and honest....and character- there is something we deserve too...and as far as spouses go- she is wonderful....( Huge difference between her and Bill....) I was so glad I went to see her speak here, she blew me away....I was glad to see her being respectfully interviewed last night...

( About the Repugs- they would be wise to tread lightly- the Beer Baroness has her own Past...that is more than problematic)

I think it was AC360, but it was an interview with Suzanne Malveaux...they reran it over and over last night....and then Micheal Moore was on Larry King just like you said....( and he has a new film coming out - I think this summer- and it is on the Election Fiasco of 2004...perfect timing eh?)