Sunday, November 06, 2005


I had the pleasure watching the C-Span hearings last week regarding Flu preparedness, which rapidly spun into a Post Mortem of Katrina . And lucky for the viewers, the hot seat had a new contestant, who was defensive and derisive and less than compassionate. I would say I am horrified, or hell even shocked but then you would be-a -thinking that is one naive redhead.

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I think we can not blame ALL of Brownie's incompetence for the Katrina Disaster. I think we might have to nominate some other incompetent cronies aka scumbags. As a Nurse , who does not have a BS in economics and business, I guess I am not qualifed to judge such incompetence. But because I discovered Yet Another little crack in the White House Armor, it is time to yet again judge the Cronyland Incompetence up in the Castle.

I would love to say that Chertoff and Brownie alone completely mucked up the Katrina Disaster, but I rethought it after watching Mr.Leavitt snivel, whine and snip on the C-Span hearings. Hmmm, Another Participant on Team Negligence. Does Mr.Leavitt have any Expertise or Health Credentials ? No. He has a BS in business and economics. Well, wait a minute He does have some interesting little skeletons in his ol' closet, he does have some little connections to the Health World. He was CEO and on the Board of A large Insurance Company that is present in 13 states. ( and as of 2004 it is unclear if he has withdrawn from these ventures). And he also has investments in Merck and also Johnson& Johnson. I don't have any problems with the Bandaid company. Now the Merck company, I have a problem....

And here is WHY.....
While Mr.Leavitt was governor for 11 years in Utah, he made many changes, including to the health care system. He still was associated with the Insurance company, but I guess no one noticed or saw that as a conflict of interest. Maybe Utah has different rules. Maybe Dr.Video Diagnosis Frist could give him some advice on this issue. One of his main accomplishments there was that he revamped the Immunization programs and insured that 1000's of children were better vaccinated. Imagine that a little ol' Insurance man knew to "improve " childrens Health by adding more and more vaccines .
I do wonder if he had any conversations with Merck Folks at the time- who through the 1990s' were one of the MAIN suppliers of vaccinces to children. ( They shared this distict role with Lederle).

More on Merck and Leavitt and WHY it is SO Interesting....
So by now you are wondering where the Hell the damn nurse is taking us. So under him, More and More children were immnunized, more than any other Utah governor. And other states governors even had him go speak to Congress on their behalf regarding healthcare for children. Now if you follow children healthcare issues you might know that a very large number of parents and education experts in this country are very worried that the Vaccines, extensively dispensed in this country may indeed be causing and contributing to Incredible Increases in Autism in this Country.

During the 1990s Merck - yes the same Evil Merck that forgot to warn some people about their VIOXX script casuing little ol'heart attacks . It turns out that Merck lied and hid documents for over 10 years that it was adding thimerosol, a neurotoxic form of Mercury to vaccines. And then it lied about the amounts and that it had lied. This did not unravel until after 2002. Now back to the Vaccine issue. So from 1992 on chidren were getting vaccinated more and more, because if they want to go to school they have to be vaccinated in this country. Now in the past three years some very Interesting statistics have surfaced.

And by the way just by coincidence, for some obscure reason Lederlee and Merck no longer make or distribute or supply vaccines in the US in the past two years that mission has been deleted from their serivces.

So here it is, in 1994 there were 22,000 known diagnosed Autism cases in this country. And 10 years later guess how many?
And this is the number that are recieving special eduation and are counted by the Dept. of Education ( which means that they are indeed vaccinated). Are you sitting down ? 166,000 cases as of last year between the ages of 6-21. And this number does not include homeschooled children, charter schools numbers, and it does not include private schools. This is called an epidemic. This is called a problem. CDC says that this number surpasses by far all newly diagnosed cancers. 1:166 children born will be diagnosed with an Disorder in the Autism Spectrum.

Because last week when all the budgets were being reworked,tweaked and massaged something dreadful happened. The very budgets that would help care and educate these childen, 166,000 childen in Our Village was slashed. And see I can't help but wonder if Mr.Leavitt wonders about the vaccine program he pushed and the effects of that, because Utah just like the rest of the country saw a rise from 105 cases when he started as Governor and now it is up to 723 cases, that is only a 589% increase. I mean his insurance company , the Leavitt Company I am sure it taught him well about Math and economics. I wonder how much he knows about taking care of Kids with Autism. Or that these very same kids will be adults with Autism one day. Maybe Dr.Frist could help him better understand the complications of trying to stay objective and focused when involved with a Family Health Oriented Business. And we learned this week that Mr.Dark Heart Cheney is going to be teaching the Ethics classes, maybe Mr.Frist and Mr.Leavitt can teach the section called: "Conflict of Interest".

So the Heckuva Job Brownie Award for November is officially awarded to Mike-I-Am-Not-Doctor Leavitt who is "protecting" your health, and Merck's Interest, and The Insurance Companies Bottem Line.


and go to the Dept of Education site and CDC.


CLARIFICATION: Autism is being studied and the causes are being examined. Sadly the main causes the government is funding is Genetic causes ( before that it was maternal factors such as alcohol and drug use that were to blame). There are other causes that NEED to be studied closely, one is Mercury/methylmercury overload, and heavy metals overload, whether this come from Vaccines, which in children under TWO needs serious examination. We are one of the few countries in the world to mandate vaccines for education and also to vaccinate so heavily under age of 2, esp. the first year, with atleast a series of six rounds, all with thimerosol. It is also not sensible to blame diet for the overload as diet under one year is limited, and rarely includes seafood. Also now the vaccine rounds include: Hep B, and Flu and chicken pox.
And the other constributing factors are mother's diet: fish ( tuna, swordfish, shellfish, and Freshwater fish from Amercian Lakes). Another source of mercury burdening is environmental: water, and soils, and air contamination. It is possible that the
combination of all of these is contributing to a larger problem in the States. But none the less it remains a hidden Secret Epidemic in this country that has worsened sharply in the past 10 years.Thanks to the loyal reader who pointed out that clarification was indeed needed.


Anonymous said...

Excellent research as always. I saw that little scumbag on C-SPAN as well, and I think Dennis Kucinich was grilling him, am I right? Dennis Kucinich really tore him a new one.

That was the most heated hearing I've seen, it was riddled with condescending remarks......


enigma4ever said...

Okay so anyone reading this would go wait a minute - is she leaving notes to herself ??? nope- it turns out that hundreds of miles away in Blogatopia there is indeed another Enigma...How funny is that...

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LOL! I should put a disclaimer at the bottom of my comments or something.

Anonymous said...

we offered up the Iraqui used-car dealer who blew more than a billion dollars "re-arming" the Iraqui army, but your guy might take the prize!