Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We Need Waves of Change

I have been only back to Blogland a has been illuminating. I made a decision to return because it Mattered, because my son reminded me that we still have The Future of Our Children and the World's Children very much at stake. He reminded me that CHANGE does not come with just Hope and Prayers tossed on the troubled winds of these Dark Times. He no longer believes in "Heros", he does Believe in Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things to attempt to Salvage Our Tattered Democracy. He knows all about fighting the Good Fight....but what I worry is that he has not seen Good Triumph over Evil...He has seen Good People disenfranchised in their own Country.It is up to us to Save this Country and teach our Children What Matters. No Child or their Dreams of Hope should be Left Behind.

I did not come back to whine about my own circumstances or seek comfort, in the Flaming June Post I did in a very personal way share pieces of my story, because I do think that many people in the Country have struggled Under This Regime. These past few monthes I realized that Silence would not Heal ANY of the Wounds this Country has Experienced.I am grateful to all that have been supporting of my return as well as understanding of my plight, and that grasp the gravity of it.

In the Past week I watched as the Edwards , especially Elizabeth took on the Battle of HateMongering. We live in a Country that has been pulled to a level that is Unreal. The Talking Fox Heads, like Ann Coulter that think it is Fine to spew Hate against Noble people that are concerned about such things as Poverty and NOLA and Health Care Reform. I often wonder WHO pays AC to be such a loudmouth hateful Bigot ? Who pays her to spew ? And why does ALL the Media support such Hate and Hurt to be flung against such Fine People ? Words can indeed be used as a Weapon, and can indeed incite Violence and Pain, but the Media is a Willing and Shameful Participant, and it is NOT Journalism.And why should Elizabeth , a strong articulate woman not defend her man, her family, her dead son, or her Country ? Are we in such Dark Times that women can no longer Fight Back with Words and Logic ?

I hate to say this but if Women are to be treated wtih such disrespect and disregard we are in for some very Stormy Times , and truthfully I think we are......

We need Waves of Change....


Anonymous said...
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Anon-Paranoid said...

Yes enigma, AC is indeed a skank and her beliefs are those that were in effect in Nazi Germany.

She had a meltdown on Joe Scarbourgh and whined about being called a Nazi.

The problem with her meltdown is that if the shoe fits it fits. Nothing will change for her because like the Nazi's in Hitlers Germany they didn't believe they could possibly be wrong.

Truth be told though they were wrong and it took the world to stop them.

I feel we are in the same boat now that the true German people were in and only world intervention can save us. I hope I'm wrong but from where I sit it don't look so good.

Take care and God Bless.

Daniel said...

Tsunamis of Change are required I reckon!

George Orwell was the man. He saw it all long ago, the ease with which the unscupulous can control the mob.

1984 is happening before our very eyes.