Sunday, August 16, 2009

Public Option Turmoil:::Contact Information for the White House for the Public Option ( or Single Payer)

As of Sunday Evening there are Rumors on the Internet and MSM news this eve that the Public Option has been
" abandoned by the White House", ( and yes this is the Language that is being used). I Strongly urge all of you stay informed and read up, but also to contact the White House and Voice your Concerns and Needs, NOW. ( please do read further down as to how this Fracas started on Sunday eve, it all started with Secretary Sebelius on CNN stating that the Public Option was Not Essential...). Crooks and Liars posted the Video and then AP and NYT and CBS ran the story. ( She also then went on to expound on the Co-Op "Idea"- even though it is not a part of any bill and is not favored by most in DC or the Medical Community). And yet here is more about her message kept changing in another interview she was touting the Public she contributed to much confusion.
Phone Numbers
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitors Office: 202-456-2121
Congressional Swithcboard: (202) 224-3121
Call the Dem Senatorial Campaign Cmmittee & let them knw No More Donations (& why) (202)224-2447
The White House Blog as of Sunday evening make no mention of dropping the Public Option. Do Click the Title above and it is linked to the White House Blog and do click the contact section.
Raw Story August 16th, Robert Gibbs Statement about the reform efforts, nothing about dropping Public Option.
President Obama's OP ED in the NYT this weekend does not say that the Public Option has been set aside, it clearly says that we need Change and Reform.

Here is an indication of What started this Fracas, apparently Sebelius did mis-represent or mis-speak about the Public Option and spoke of the Co-op issue ( I have seen her do this 3 times in recent weeks- I was thinking it was a mistake- but now it continues, and it has caused major issues and raised concerns about the Public Option. ) Please do read the NYT article ( that did get reported by CNN, CBS and AP), this NYT article definently is concerning....

And early Monday Am Huffington Post has an article called "White House gives Mixed Messages, that ends saying Sebelius Mis-spoke.( Which I could believe but she has been talking like that all month.
Contact the Senators too,
Here is the Contact List, do it....write and call.
And need to know WHAT kind of Letter to write , Here is an excellent letter to get ideas from....Share.
My Letter is posted below, sadly ALL the AM Papers are reporting the Public Option Thrown to the Curb by the Whitehouse, and they better Do Something Quickly, because it has turned into a huge mess in 24 hours.
If you need Inspiration about WHY we need to work on this scroll down to the RAM Medical Event Story below.


enigma4ever said...

who reported it, Daily Beast, and CBS - eve news bit during golf, and huffpo....

enigma4ever said...

and the AP

enigma4ever said...

My Letter I wrote and sent tonight:::

Dear President Obama,
This weekend we heard rumors that the Public Option was to be abandoned by the
White House.I, as an UnInsured Nurse, hope and pray that this is not true, but
it was reported by CBS, CNN and the AP. Atleast 52 Million Americans are without
ANY Healthcare or Insurance. There are another estimated 14,000 people per day losing Healthcare.
It is estimated that Millions more are UnderInsured with their present Insurance
refusing care and treatments, or denying coverage.It is also estimated that
72% of ALL Bankruptcies are related to Medical Bills and hardship, when Insurance
refused or capped out and people were left destitute. No One should be losing their
home for Health.

We the People do not need Insurance Reform, we need Health Care Reform, because
we are in a Healthcare Crisis ( created by the Insurance Industry).
Tax Credits will do most Lower Middle Class and Working Poor no good
when they have No Insurance and No healthcare and have already been denied
and cancelled.

Part of the Rumors stem from Secretary Sebellius stating in interviews and
on the road that the Co-Op Option is being pursued and would provide affordable care,
I have never heard her on cspan tape or interviews speak forcefully for the Public Option.
If she is to lead DHHS she must support your lead on this issue and also support the Public
Option, and in Public do so. Linda Douglas has done this on Media Interviews and for that
I am grateful. ( You did have a Doctor from your Advisory Team speak on a couple of Interviews, but I have not seen her in recent interviews).

This past week RAM Medical Team held a Public Event in LA and it is estimated that
thousands stood out in the huge lines waiting for basic medical care, and that when
all is said and done 100,000 People will be seen by this team at the LA Forum. If you
speak to the RAM Director and Founder Ken Brock, he will tell you many were insured
or recently unemployed and could not afford basic medical care or Cobra at all.

I am asking you please to stay strong on the Issue of True Healthcare Reform,
Supporting the Public Option or the Single Player Option. My son and I supported
you and your campaign because we believed in you and saw you speak twice, and
we believed that you would help Fix This Healthcare Mess. We still have faith in

NEWSGUY said...

ALSO, Nurse, let people know they can log in to < > and sign his petition for serious health care reform which includes the public option. It's one of his three important principles.

We have got to generate a shit storm against dropping the public option.

enigma4ever said...

That is just a fundraising arm, but they MUST enter the Whitehouse page- those do reach him...really important...

this all started because Sebelius Mis-spoke ( she has been for weeks- I wrote to Sherrod Brown about this she keeps going out and talking about the Co-op) well, she caused a real storm this is the link to the NYT that caused all this- and then AP, CBS and CNN ran with it,,

I could email you - or FB you on this ?

( I am still updating the post thanks...time to kick some ass...this can not go way. millions need it)

( hey want to go report on the LA Forum for me ? )

enigma4ever said...

Right wing Blogs and Rags are really gloating this am- way to go sebelius- Obama better step up and make this right....QUICKLY- before the smoke clears or clouds any more issues..this should never have happened...

enigma4ever said...

( I feel bad about the Sebelius issue.- I had seen it on cpsan 2 or 3 times- I had no idea she said it on National TV or Sunday.....urgh)

huffpo Snippett::::
" On Sunday afternoon, White House health care reform spokeswoman Linda Douglass also emphasized the president's support of the public option, echoing Gibbs' comments and declaring that "nothing has changed."

In an email to Politico, she wrote:

"Nothing has changed," said Linda Douglass, communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform. "The president has always said that what is essential is that health insurance reform must lower costs, ensure that there are affordable options for all Americans and it must increase choice and competition in the health insurance market. He believes the public option is the best way to achieve those goals."
And on Sunday night, The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder wrote that an administration official told him that Sebelius "misspoke" in underplaying the importance of the "public option":

An administration official said tonight that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius "misspoke" when she told CNN this morning that a government run health insurance option "is not an essential part" of reform. This official asked not to be identified in exchange for providing clarity about the intentions of the President. The official said that the White House did not intend to change its messaging and that Sebelius simply meant to echo the president, who has acknowledged that the public option is a tough sell in the Senate and is, at the same time, a must-pass for House Democrats, and is not, in the president's view, the most important element of the reform package".

enigma4ever said...

have not been able to get through on the phone this am...

Howard Dean on MSNBC today speaking to the Public Option issue right now, that there is no True Reform without it....

DrNancy and CNN are both humping the Coop idea ( thanks to sebelius..) this is a nightmare..

enigma4ever said...

DrNancy" the public option is a dirty word", ( she is an idiot), and how about retooling the public option, and letting people buy into Medicare .

( dean sighs and explains that is what people wanted and had compromised with the public option)

and now she interviews the insurance rep: "if the public option does not win" she said that...yup..

what the hell kind of doctor is she ?

AArdvarker said...

Dr. Nancy IS the definition of "IDIOT".

AArdvarker said...

oh, heh heh, thank you. You are such a passionate blogger, full of purpose and truth.

the walking man said...

Honestly? Until the back door deal with the drug companies has further explanation I doubt there will be an honest and forthright dialog or intent from the President or anyone now weighing in on the debate.

In the one memo and the denials of its existence I am feeling bushtrayed again.

I hope the law, whatever it turns out to be, has a condom on when I get screwed again.

And yes I have contacted my *ahem cough cough* reps to voice my opinion and got the usual scripted responses.

NEWSGUY said...

YES WE CAN. But only if the Republicans give us permission.