Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bin Laden Killed by American Special Ops Team in Firefight in Pakistan

President Obama announces to the Country and the World about Bin Laden's Death. White House Blog has the full transcript and more information.

Firefighters at NYC.....gathering at Times Square and WTC....

Chicago Times Newspaper for tomorrow....( out as of MN)

NYC Firefighters in NYC celebrating.....
( I will post the video and the announcements...later) Much celebrating there...there should be a Memorial there....for people to gather on a night like this...

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tom said...

Very glad he is dead
don't care if the mass murderer was armed or not

People should cheer, we (or my parents) cheered when Hitler and Mussolini died

Very gracious of us to actually give him ANY funeral service

3 thousand victims at the WTC
who many were vaporized got no
religious service

Thanks to the President with the STONES to order such a raid
Thanks to the American Hero Seals who had the STONES to DO the raid

nuff said