Friday, April 29, 2011

Historic Storms and Tornadoes Shred The South...



Massive storms and Tornadoes ripped through the South, leaving a path of destruction through 9 states and killing 300 and wounding hundreds. ( Photos above are from Tuscaloosa Alabama , one of the cities worse hit by this destructive cell system.) It destroyed Police Stations, Fire Departments and even Red Cross Centers. These storms left huge damage to homes, businesses and lives.
Death by a Thousand Papercuts Blog has the Aerial Photos and the Aerial Fly over footage that shows the extent of the damage.
HOW TO HELP ::: (this list will expand as I gather more information)
(1) Salvation Army is organizing it's Disaster Teams and has a very extensive website that allows people to give a variety of ways. Click the link to learn more...
((Enigma Note :::I am encouraging people to give to Salvation Army as I am very impressed with their disaster teams work. I have some significant questions about the American Red Cross, and I say that as a former Red Cross Disaster worker. I Specifically have questions about their Work and expenditure of funds in Haiti. I will not be giving to them again. I do totally support the work of International Red Cross. Another real logistical issue is that Red Cross Centers were effected in this storm, so it is better to donate to a group that has more Mobile Units, which Salvation Army does.)
Really Good Article explaining the Destruction of Tornadoes ( The Guardian April 28,2011)

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Sewmouse said...

I'm sorry all these people are hurting. I'm sorry for their losses.

But I also can't help wondering how many of them would be pointing their fingers and saying how "Gawd" was punishing the "Evil Lib'ruls" if this had happened to San Francisco.