Tuesday, January 10, 2006


As an American NOLA has to be Rebuilt. And I am not just talking about the Business Sector. I am talking about it's Heart and Soul. I am talking about it's Culture. It's Way of Life.....that we all need to remember. ( 10-10-05)

It is a Way of Life,
It is deep hearted Blues,
It is Gin soaked jazz,
and Grits, Hushpuppies,and
fresh cornbread.
It is panfried shrimp with limes and hot sauce.
It is 3 day Gumbo that leaves
you sweating and thirsty.
It is Sunday Church where the
buildings rock and seismic sway.
It is the slideguitar pleading in the
the still of a summer night.
It is another lonely Crooner sending
shockwaves in an old riverfront garage.
It is women swaying in gauzy dresses
And men in timeless suits.
It is granmommies lullabying babs,singing
This Ol'Man with a hum and a roll.
It is a place where old folks are tended with
gentle hands and respect.
It is where Family is a way of life.

In New Orleans a clock is merely an instrument,
But Time is a Place to Be.

{{{{{This piece is dedicated to a great NOLA chef who died last week-
Austin Leslie of Pampy's Creole Kithcen, and Chez Helene fame. He died in
Atlanta, but he had survived Katrina. He had been on his roof for 2 days with his
wife Victoria, they were brought to the Superdome and then the Convention Center,
and then transferred to Atlanta. He was in the Hospital last week, but still wanting to
get back to the Kitchen. He died last thursday. He was 71. }}}}}

January 10th, The King in all his JimBeam-laden-swagger came back to NOLA this week-
while they are in the midst of buldozing the Ninth ward...and declaring huge sections blighted
Imminent Domain ( AKA Developers Wet Dreams).
Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers, they are Lost.


Anonymous said...

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Scott said...

Great blog. I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.

Signed, Scott from the "Bush"-Whacked Administration

afb said...

Hi enigma4ever!

Just stopping in. Nice to see a new post up by you. Keep up the great work here.

I hope NOLA doen't lose it's culture. Many feel that the poorest area should not be rebuilt but not because it's poor but because it's in the bottom of the bowl. The scientists feel it should return to natural wetlands to absorb water if this should happen again. I feel very sad for those who may be faced with finding a home in another area of NOLA. It will be intereting to see how it all plays out.


enigma4ever said...

Thanks to the visitors and the comments...and yes, it will be interesting to see how and what parts of NOLA rise from the muddy waters....

QcynqSWG said...

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enigma4ever said...

OMG...a golf ad on here???? I guess he didn't read what I write about...

anyways it is Friday Jan.13th, I had taken a break- and my son is really upset about the Blog being down...I haven't decided what to do..but he asked me to put the Nola poem where he can find it....so I did......