Saturday, December 10, 2011

Suicide Prevention Tips ( For Use on Twitter/ Internet)

(originally posted 11.29.11)
(1) If you notice someone in their Timeline is Voicing Depression , Hopelessness, "Wanting To End It" Wanting Out" Etc. Do Read their Whole Page, try to see what triggered this line of thought, do see if they are talking to Anyone ? Or are they talking to themselves. If they are talking to themselves, this also means that they are still willing to talk, and NEED to talk. Do Engage, but ask quietly, nicely " Are you Ok? What is going on? I am worried about you? I care.."

(2) If they don't respond it is fine to send Tweets of comfort, hope, caring, let the person know they are not alone. That you are THERE, you are not going anywhere.

(3) This does especially come up at Holidays. If they tweet that they have reasons, let them talk, let them cuss, voice concerns, even get pissed. That is fine for if they are pissed off, or venting, atleast then they are talking, and not engaging in hurting or harming themselves.

(4) Offer to help, ask if there is anyone you can call for them, anyone that might be able to help. ( This is also to remind them that there are others close by that care about them and that would miss them. )

(5) By looking at their page try to ascertain do they have Intent, Means, ( ie weapons, alcohol, pills, drugs, razors, sharp things, even rope, hints do happen, especially on twitter ). Again do keep them talking, tweet at them , tell them they are Loved, that they matter.

(6) Do not try to deal with the Situation alone-do get help and try to work it as a team, do try to engage people that are known to the person to also help, even dig through their tweets trying to assess their followers, friends etc. If needed try to find out their name , location etc, even from the friends.

(7) If they say they want to be Dead or Dead by a certain time, and if they show photos of Plan etc. DO CALL POLICE. Be specific. If you live in another state, be emphatic when you call. Do explain why you are concerned. Do also Screen Save the Page and keep track of time called etc.

(8) As an Old ER Nurse and Old Time Blogger I have seen these situations turn out a number of ways, bottomline unless you re THERE, you don't know the facts, so you have to assume the person is in pain and needs help, so you must do what you can. If you see someone Taunting them or Bullying them , or worse Daring them Shut THAT DOWN. It is Critical, as taunting like that can literally push someone over a psychological edge. ( I mention this as there are many bullies in Cyberworld and they tend to show up during crisis times, and compassion can be lacking.) Cyber Bullying is very real , and they do say things like "Oh Just do it" "Stop Whining" etc etc. So for every tweet of compassion you send, do know that there are other tweets out there that are pushing that person, doing damage.

(9) No one due to distance and Internet constrictions, No one can make assumptions or yell at the person " attention seeking" or worse, because no one knows the state of mind of the Person Tweeting. But if they are tweeting Pain, Death Wishes etc, they must be in a good amount of pain.They Need Compassion and Help. And if a Team works together, it can make a difference.

** This page was written due to concern over an Occupy Seattle Person tonight who did have a plan and was in the middle of acting on it... and there was a massive effort to mobilize resources and help. And Police were contacted, and even Other Media searched for this person. Please know that at the different Occupy sites that there are problems of depression, PTSD and especially among Unemployed, VETS and homeless, these are Real Issues, and Real People in Real Pain.**
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - With Help Comes Hope
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255): Suicide hotline, 24/ 7 free and confidential, nationwide network of crisis centers

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