Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Cat....

We have had Xena for almost 8 years. She is our Millenium kitty that was homeless at 4, and she came to us to her dismay. She needed a home,and she came to live with us. She didn't like us at first. She would not come in the house at first, she would reside in the garage, and on the Old RumRunner we had behind the Garage. That Rumrunner she loved, it was battered and tattered, from the 1920's, sitting up on old barrels so that we could attempt to repair it. She would walk the decks and make horrible noises at the dogs in the alley. We moved away from the Northwest and her Boat went to another home. Today she struts across the Kitchen Counters with the Same Authority and Grace. And in her old age she has discovered that she can easily dine from the Dog's bowls on the floor. And the poor little yellow dog that she tolerates is losing weight because of her snack habits. And then this week The Lady of the House brought new kitty litter, litter that was suposed to be better for the environment, it is made from Wheat. But now I have found that both the cat and the dog view this as a whole new snack food. I have to admit that it does have a nice vanilla cookie scent. So today I am taking away the Wheat Litter, which became the Critter Snack Food. So there will be long critter faces here.....No More Kitty Litter Snacks.

{ Click the title: your friday treat: Jack Bauer Rabbit new 24 episode is excellent....Xena likes 24, she has watched all of the episodes with 6-6}

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