Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When The Truth Is Miles Away...

[we need to get them]
I spend way too much time looking for the Truth, and especially the Truth about Iraq, and it is not just that it Miles Away, it is not being told to us properly on a Daily basis. At times I think it has merely become a Covert Mission that occasionally get propagandized for Republican Glory Events.But we aren't getting the Truth, we are being spoonfed lies daily, and most of us know it.

I was digging around on YouTube last night. I was actually looking for 911 Footage to see if Iraq is mentioned in those early days after 911 ? ( It was to settle that question that has been rattling around my head now for monthes). And I ended up looking at 911 Footage again. And what haunts me is that the footage from that day, we really were on OUR Own, it was the First Katrina if we think about it. I mean literally for hours we had NO REAL Accurate Information. And the people that got us through that day were actually "Journalists", on CNN there was Arron Brown, and on ABC there was Peter Jennings. And what I remember is that both of them STILL even in that Castrohphic Moment , they still knew HOW to ASK Questions and they did not try to Edit or even Editoriliize the Moment. They just ran the live feed and the footage as it came and they asked questions when they could get Someone on the Phone. Even though it was painful they strove for accuracy. They aired the Reality of the Moment.

Arron Brown was just starting at CNN , matter of fact that was his first day.All day and most of that week that is who we watched on my street in the Northwest. Arron is teaching Somewhere now. And Peter Jennings has died from Lung Cancer, but there is still a Journalistic Chasm there.

And now to my point I was thinking about Vietnam and WHAT really Brought the reality of War Home. It was not just the Statistics , or that the Draft, or that the Middle Class had had it. It was the REALITY OF IT ON TV everyday , every night for many monthes, People could NOT take IT anymore. But it was not just the Pictures, and footage, it was the Journalists Let the FACTS speak and they aired IT, ALL OF IT, even the BODY Bags,the Bodies, the Tears, and the Blood. The Government did NOT Dictate the News, Censor it, or Edit It, or Control It. They Do Now. THIS HAS TO STOP, and WE MUST STOP IT.I have some ideas in September how we can pressure the News Medias ( and no not Faux , but others). It is one thing to Have Us Numbed Up , and it is another to have us Numbed Up and Dumbed Down. And we are not going to get OUR Country back and End a War until we work on Both Problems. And Also WE NEED THE MSM to start being Responsible and Accurate.

During the Week of Katrina in 2005 We had REAL News Again, and it made all of us look inside of ourselves and each other and DC alot harder, and Finally A Real Event was properly documented for the sake of History.We need More of THAT. ( And the media should have learned that their Ratings Soared. And it was better when we were not told to go out and "shopping").
I KNOW Keith Olbermann has had a huge Impact, but we need MORE. And we need it NOW and we need it on Iraq and we need it NOW.

And here's Why, because some parts of the Country are not much different than the 1970s'. Not everyone has cable and not everyone has the Internet. It is up to the rest of us to Help Advocate and Educate the Others. And make the Media do their Job again, instead of the Infotainment Crap, we NEED Real Journalism Again. The Reality is the Truth, and we all need it NOW.

***Click Title: "Gimme Shelter", Rolling Stones, and it is a historical Perspective of Vietnam.I also need to say because of the number of Iraq Vet families that come to this site, and the Number of VETS that come I try hard NOT to post images that are painful. My blog is about many things- healing, soulfood, comfort. And yes,at times I do write about the pain and mess of ALL of this, but because We Need Change as a Country.If you are a VET don't watch this video. If you are 18 and want to enlist- watch the Video. ****


Cartledge said...

Even with a general election in the wind my fellow Australians show no interest at all in Iraq. True we don’t have a big force there, more strategic specialist troops. We also have no real casualties, either in Iraq or Afghanistan.
But it struck me recently how long it is taking our country to even begin to recognise those we sent to Korea and Vietnam. Many of the latter group are my contemporaries; I missed the draft and certainly had no intention of putting my hand up.
I hope Australia’s ‘invisible’ troops in war zones now don’t suffer the same fate as those of the two previous conflicts. I don’t see them returning anytime soon, but much as I detest these conflicts I sincerely hope they don’t return as pariahs or are just forgotten this time.

Robert Rouse said...

Drop by Left of Centrist for a major announcement.

Aaron A. said...

Its hard to imagine we are journeying back into the Heart of Darkness.

The only real correlation between Vietnam and Iraq seem to be the millions of dead civilians.

We do need real journalism. Real journalism and Net Neutrality.

Josie said...

I think I like Anderson Cooper. I trust him. I'm not sure I trust many of the others.

Our hearts go out to you guys. This really is Vietnam all over again.

enigma4ever said...

JOSIE: Ohhh , i meant to mention Anderson , thank you Josie- and also if you look over at the top of my blogroll I have Anderson's blog- and it is really interesting- it is a Blog used by Anderson, but also producers etc ( you won't ever ever find Wolf is very interesting).

Aaron: here are so right...

Cartedge: So interesting...good to hear from down under...we never hear of the what is going on the Aussies is very frustating....thank you for keeping us up to date...informed...

Robert: Hmm, a Major is exciting...( as long as you don;t leave us..)

TomCat said...

E4e, excellent article. The warmongers learned from Vietnam. They spoon feed the MSM, but the media have changed two. What used to be news, is now a mix of infotainment and infoganda. Over 90 percent of all our broadcast and print media are owned by just seven giant corporations and their subsidiaries. Only one thing matters to them: profit. Their main advertisers, multinational corporations, are making big bucks of this war, so they just go along and rake in the cash. They are being a little more honest in the last year or so, primarily because progressive bloggers, dedicated to spreading truthful information, have embarrassed them into it. We matter!

an average patriot said...

Well said enigma!
You never hear the truth from the MSM today. You hear what they want you to think of as the truth. If you want to find the truth you have to go outside the country and even then you have to search for it.
Anyway, Some kids you can not tell anything to. I was one as was another brother who volunteered for the marines during Nam but neither of us went for whatever reason. I wanted to be a tunnel rat, go figure, be careful what you ask for.
I have read every single book from veterans I could find, my favorite was soldier. Anyway you know at least 2 of my sons are in this. The 18 year old that wants to join the marines does not talk to me and neither will his brothers talk about him anymore because I think he is a fool.
I just got off the phone with one of his older brothers over there flying support and he will leave there in about 10 days. his older brother is volunteering to go back to Iraq to lead his EOD troops as I told you.
He is a Bush fan despite what I tell them. I will see both of them in October. Anyway some kids have to find out for themselve's and you can only hope for the beast and wish them luck.
The thing that bothers me is knowing we have been lied to from beginning to end and it just continues. Today the chief idiot was comparing Iraq to Vietnam for his gain with all the wrong examples. He said millions were murdered because we left early.
Everything he said was a lie. We learned nothing from Vietnam and have duplicated every misstep. The so called terrorists have learned though. Anyway I am just so sick of the blatant obvious lies just so the chief idiot can stay in the middle of that civil war until he can use our military elsewhere there.
The loss he guaranteed the day he attacked Iraq to get our men and equipment into the middle east was a given day one and that will not be turned around period but will encompass the entire middle east and then spread from there.
Fighting so called terrorists in Iraq has only worsened things for us in the long run and despite Bush's idiotic rhetoric they will be following us here.

Gryphen said...

Well I am just stuck wondering what the question rattling around in your head was? Was it how soon after 9-11 did they first bring up Iraq?

Anon-Paranoid said...

I hope your ready for Iran as we will soon be involved over there in a new front and war.

And as with Iraq, Faux news is leading the way.

enigma, have you seen my latest post?

God Bless.

Larry said...

Look who owns the media, Viacom, Murdoch, GE and the list goes on of the Corporate elite who own the media and they own the news, and what we hear.

Cosmic Messenger said...

The TRUTH shall set you free ... anyone seen it lately ?

P.S. Billary speaks with forked tongue !


Jim Yeager said...

It isn't just the greater concentration of the media into fewer hands since Vietnam. It's also the explosion of superfluous McGadgets, advertised through the more concentrated media, which we use for the purpose of perpetual distraction.

There were no walkmans or iPods back then, so people couldn't erect an audio barrier and disengage from their immediate surroundings on a personal level. There were no cell phones for people to use in public places, pretending to be oblivious to all that was happening around them. There weren't hundreds of cable channels for people to get lost in, searching of the perfect form of cheap amusement. There were therapeutic drugs available and in use, but certainly not on today's scale, where Americans just might be ingesting more anti-depressants than the rest of the world combined. And then there's the organized religion of the Christian right, which has been busy, busy, busy turning insecure and seeking people into relieved but mindless empty shells for decades -- a religion of pure distraction.

I don't mean to diminish people who've had their eyes plucked out for being blind. But until recently I thought that such people would, at the very least, exhibit an interest in trying to regain some of their vision. Yet so many people aren't even trying. They just don't want to look at what's going on anymore. They're content with their collection of distractions.

Sure, our highly concentrated media encourage adopting that sort of attitude. But the final choice on whether to adopt it is ours. I, for one, refuse it -- and in light of what has befallen the people of Iraq since we invaded it based on a pack of lies, I have little sympathy for those who accept it...

Graeme said...

telling that we have to go to citizen journalists for the news

vanillabirdies said...

Excellently put, the world we live in at the moment revolves quite a lot around pain. Pain or turning the other way.

It's horrible. I'm so thankful for the people who really do pay attention and to strive to make a difference.

Daniel said...

It's the mobile phone and the portable CD player what done it! The human mind no longer has time to think.

It spends 18 hours a day being stimulated by rubbish. Every moment is taken up: wake-up, CD/mobile stimulation, work, CD/phone stimulation, television, bed, sex while answering the mobile and watching the late shows, sleep, repeat!

Coffee Messiah said...

If, like the Europeans, we would rise up and shut down life in the US as we know it for one day, or more, this would indeed get the gov't to take notice. Unfortunately, we are so divided, by work travel etc, it scares too many people. Why? We are paying them, and we still have no say where the $$$ goes. It's major depressing and all you hear is stupid shit about stuph that has nothing to do with our everyday life here and its effect on those around us! ; (

But don't get me started. Hope all is well your way. Hot and humid here. ; (

Mary said...

E- I spoke to my son the other day and he told me how he came across this little kitten in Baghdad. This picture kept flashing in my head. I couldn't recall whose blog I had seen it on. Glad to find it again. Michael is an animal lover. Sad he's not here to see the bunnies.

enigma4ever said...

I have been reading all of your comments and I know in my heart that all of you speak the truth- and to be honest it is just so nice to see that people have been thoughtful and are still thinking after it is all said and done.....namaste....

( mary....I am glad that it brought a bit of joy for's funny because I decided to post it after reading about your bunnies...and I found it in my cat/bunny file..I keep all my cat/bunny pics together...)