Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Thoughts....8.03.07

"To sin by SIlence, When they should Protest makes Cowards out of men." Abraham Lincoln
So it is Friday eve. It is humid and hot here by the Lake. My Critters are draped around the house. The Cat shifts from window to window so she can watch the chipmunks and the songbirds. By 4pm she as given up her perchs and is lying in front of the fan parked in the best position in the house. As the fan is by the TV occasionally she glances over at the screen and yawns and stretches.

CNN is covering the Bridge Collapse, and using words like " Infrastructure Collapse" and bringing up issues about HOW ALL bridges of 30 or more years need review. They keep showing the crumpled Bridge and playing Katrina Music, haunting and disturbing, and so sad.Thousands have sent in their video and pictures to CNN and NBC. I think we all learned after Katrina- get a Good Camera, Make A Record of Events, it is the ONLY way to fight Propaganda.And now the words Failing Infrastructure are on the Table, and the 2008 Candiates have to discuss the Billions that are going to Iraq are NEEDED here at home. ( gee , something we ALL have known for over 2 years).We are no longer just "witnesses " to these Events of our times, the Media call us "I reporters".

Maybe we all are Witnesses during this Dangerous Arrogant Incompetent Regime. Maybe that is ALL we are. Witnesses. Here in Cleveland during the Basketball Playoffs the Cavaliers had two Mottos, the First was " Witness". This One Word was everywhere this Spring, it was inspiring and empowering seeing this One Word in Black everywhere. Then as the Cavs rose in the Playoffs, the next Phrase came" Rise Up". I was struck by this, in this city that has suffered so much under the Bushco Regime, loss of jobs, lost young lives, Increased crime, lost wages, lost hope....RISE UP. It was Everywhere,on cars and hanging on Huge Banners off old tattered buildings. It was in Black and White.....RISE UP.

There is a messege here.
Can you hear it ?

Kitty can't ...she is asleep by the fan , she is waiting for the NEWS to get IT Right. Finally.

**[ music is from Down Under, Bernard Fanning sings Songbird....dedicated to our DownUnder friends and to Xena,our kitty.Have a good Friday eve, don't fall off your perch, and don't lose Hope....]**


Mary said...

I think the blinders are on preventing people from seeing the message. I wish it were different or that I wasn't feeling so cynical. Stay cool.

enigma4ever said...

I know Mary- I think what you say is true....I also think people are so stay cool too...

an average patriot said...

We are led and surrounded by cowards. I hope this is not too sober but I wanted to make sure you saw my response to your comment and I thank you.
Thanks Enigma!
We are all nola. What amazes me is some people will never get it. I am a survivalist and can raise and keep my own veggies and meats and am 100% mentally prepared to take care of things and live off whatever if that is the case and I 100% expect it to be.
My wife divorced me when I told her what was going to happen and the way I felt. It is going to happen.
We are increasingly told we are on our own at least for a while if there is a crisis . There will be and we will be.
The Government can not even function let alone do anything right. They want the job but not the responsibility.
As I said, we are increasingly on our own, the Government is taken care of, and the military will live to fight another day.
Together they can start over. With all that has been allowed to happen to our society and our infrastructure coupled with this still just developing war to end all not wars but civilizations someone will be left in the mess of a planet we call earth but if it can still sustain whoever is left it will be a small group left to start over.
What a mess. Just watch what is getting ready to happen and no one wants to avoid it because they all think they can win it militarily.

Peacechick Mary said...

True. I think the CNN coverage is maudlin and I turn it off. There is a message. I hope people eventually hear it. Maybe we live in a deaf society. Stay cool.

enigma4ever said...

Peacechick: eventually I too turn it off or just give up_ I guess I am always hoping that Media will come back - real journalists...I guess I hope too stay cool too...

Patriot....well, I don't know what will happen, I do know that at a certain point we all have to realize that we ar NOLA...I just want us to get OUR Country back...and yes, I keep hoping...I have to...

Daniel said...

Hey, guys and gals, don't despair. Daniel is here to inspire you, lift you up.

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enigma4ever said...

Daniel: did you click the title- music from a downunder dude...good music..

Hmmm , a contest...well hell I will be right over..or down..what ever...I love contests..

Larry said...

Silence is golden until it takes your freedom.

Then its too late. This seems to be the attitude of people who see all the losses you named, and say nothing.

People who see the Democrats they had hope in, become the enablers we feared they would be.

Silence may be golden. But the loss of freedom and livelihood is hell.

Tom Harper said...

I'll bet the bridges around Crawford and Kennebunkport are all just fine. I guess the rest of us can just go F#$!# ourselves. It's definitely time for all of us to "rise up."

Who Hijacked Our Country

alaskababy said...

I went alone to see "Good Night and Good Luck" and cried in the dark. I guess I grieved the belief that some news gathering/reporting hero would come along and spare us all. It hit me very hard that this would not/should not happen.

Olbermann is great but times've changed. We are no longer a nation with an ear to a single, popular radio program.

We should all feel responsible to act as witness and reporter to what we see happening around us... yes, rise up. We who have eyes to see, ears to hear and camera phones... puhleeze. Turning our power over to corporate media is just stupid anymore.

Tell Kitty to stick with the fan.

Fans don't lie :p

Great blog, enigma. I'm honored to add you to my favs list.

enigma4ever said...

Alaska: Many of us cried at GoodNight and Goodluck...and many more should have....and yes, keith has kept many of us sane...and we should all feel responisible...and I wish more did too...Thanks for adding me to your fav's list..I am indeed honored... I will add you to the Blogroll as well, you have a thoughtful blog....please read away here...and come anytime- you will never be alone- wonderful souls hang out here..

Tom dear- please don't be shy...tell us how you really feel...I know it sucks...and we need change...we need to Rise we do that I am still trying to figure it out just like the rest of us...
( I am adding you to my blogroll- I thought I did- I need to check....)

enigma4ever said...

Alaska - I forgot to tell you- Immoral Minority is another great Alaska Blogger- go meet each other...okay..? ( I mean virtual...ya know)

Dusty said...

What really jacks my jaw is that the governor of MN vetoed a bill that would provide funding to fix the 'infrastructure' yet they managed to find money to buy a billionaire a new baseball stadium.