Friday, August 17, 2007


[CLICK THE TITLE: YouTube ONE by BONO and MJBlige.}
So it is Summer, hot and humid and when it is like this I always end up doing things to cool off, looking at Winter Photos and listening to Christmas Music. And this photo got me thinking. Aren't we all tired of the Merry-Go-Round ? Riding it round and round, and praying it will stop. And yet over the the summer Some of the Bushco Puppets have fallen off,first it was Rove, today Denny Hastert and Tony Snow fell off. Hmmm, WHO will be next ?
When 6-6 was six he rode this Merry-Go-Round with his best friend who was living with us at the time.It was a brisk December Northwest Evening and we had just finished watching the Nutcracker Play. And they both rode beautiful Painted Horses Next to Each Other, and nobody fell off. And they laughed because they could not reach the Brass Ring and they did not care, they had each other. And to this day, 6-6 laughs and says he is just relieved that he didn't throw up.

Have a Good Night...Listen to the song..Things will get better....

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Larry said...

Nothing like a musical Friday to soothe the soul.