Sunday, August 05, 2007


Will you be there ?
Will you be ready to give DC a messege ?
*Click title: Pink sings MrPresident...*


Anon-Paranoid said...

I can't be there, however I hope its huge.

God Bless.

Tom Harper said...

I can't make it either but I'll be there in spirit.

Great to see that Pink video again. Very moving lyrics.

Who Hijacked Our Country

enigma4ever said...

Hey AnonyP: I don't know if I will be there either...time will tell...but I think it is time to Walk For Impeachment...or rally for it..I actually hope that they do this around the Country- as it is the day the Surge report is to be"released" ( "staged").

Tom: Hey there ...I will be there in spirit..but I may depends on many things...but either way needs to happen....yes, the PINK video is very moving...and dead on...

Dusty said...

I hope there are national marches to show solidarity with the folks in DC.

Millions of us want to impeach the asshats, but few can afford to trek to DC.

Mary said...

I will SO be there!

dada said...

No, I won't be there. As like many of you, I was there with the hundreds of thousands, no, the millions before the war who marched against this insanity; I've been there on the anniversary of the start of this war the past three years demonstrating against this fucking bullying by America that has the rest of the world shuttering in their shoes; I've been there for the Memorial Day protests for the past three years as well--the most recent attended by a disappointing handful (the apathy grows while as our freedoms shrivel); and I've accompanied my wife occasionally on her faithful weekly protests outside our federal building at noon every Friday for the past several years. All for naught.

So, no, count me out. No more meaningless demonstrations in DC as Bush and his cronies laugh to themselves while ignoring us from Crawford, Camp David, or Wyoming. No more writing/calling my representatives as turn and deaf ear and stomp on our rights and our constitution.

But let there be a REAL demonstration by Americans who are genuinely fed up with this shit. Americans who'll march on DC and lay seige to this white house, those congressional chambers, until the bastards shiver in THEIR boots and relent and I'll be there with the rest of you.

Until then, we but whimper and they but laugh, and the "Beat goes on!"

'You say you want a revolution?"

Anonymous said...

ty for that PINK vid enigma4ever very powerful

i am with dada... shoulder to shoulder... torches all tarred and feathers fluffed & ready...

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n