Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Blog Round Up....

I used to get up and walk to the nearest Coffee Shop and grab a New York Sunday Times, and then stagger home in bleary fashion tripping over the dog and spilling coffee....ready for a little bit of heaven. But now I don't do that. I sit in bed in my jammies reading I thought I would share some morning Stumblings with you. My Stumblings usually have a little Art, and Music and Some Food For Thought....and Do Click the TITLE, there is a soothing only for a rainy Sunday.

Heavenly Sunday Blogs:
  • Grubstreet Journal

  • Thailand Gal

  • In Good Time

  • Take Your Medicine

  • Guilty with an Explanation

    Josie said...

    Oh, wow...! I am honored. You have a fabulous blog, and I am going to add you to my blog roll as well.

    Have a wonderful Sunday...!


    enigma4ever said...

    Well Hey there Josie- How could I not add you to the Sunday Roundup ? I stumbled over this morning and sure enough you Frank Sinatra on and You have a Great Frankie Story....aawesome...Everyone head over- it will make you smile all day ;-)

    Cartledge said...

    Thank you, I am touched.

    Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

    I think you made a great choice in adding Josie, she has a wonderful way with words and such great reminders of past times.

    The morning in bed is nice, sounds comfy but there is something about stumbling over the dog with my coffee that is silly and fun as well. That is of course if I had a dog and drank coffee. Which I do not. So instead, I will have to live on your afternoons for now. I did notice that you have a few other blogs. I think I might have me a look If you do not mind.

    wonderful weekend to you

    Robert Rouse said...

    Thanks for helping me expand my Blogroll.

    Robert Rouse said...

    Oh, and Josie, I love your blog, too!

    Larry said...

    Good job of stumbling Enigma.

    enigma4ever said...

    Why thank you to everyone..

    ...sometimes that Is How Life is...a bit of coffee get spilled, and you stumble, and you may even stubb your toe...but along the way you bump into new friends....and learn Something new....

    thailandchani said...

    I would love to be able to read blogs in my jammies.

    Maybe one day.. when I get around to buying a laptop. :)

    Thanks for the add!