Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coming Undone

So in the papers this week there are reports that American Pain Pill use has doubled in the past 5 years, is Anyone really shocked by this news ? I am not shocked at all, saddened and worried, but not shocked. We are living in an era when many people feel the need for anesthesia. Reality is painful at times, downright drive a nail thought my foot excrutiating.I am not saying that to complain, I am pointing out that When Reality gets painful everyone seeks their Medicine, that is a fact. I choose to read and get my Newsjunkie Fix, because my head and my soul crave cerebral overdose. And that is the way I have trained my body and mind to fight back, with Knowlege. But Others can not navigate without some sort of analgesia. Pain Killers are not the only Sales Anyone should look at, Also up are Sleeping Pills, Liquor, and Anti-depressents. Please understand me, I want people to get what they need Medicinally, but I also know when you start looking at it all statistically People are In Pain and Suffering.The Stats show they are Coming Undone. The Question is How Many of Us are Undone....or coming Undone ?

How many are suffering under this administration ? How many are suffering ? And what are we doing for the suffering of our fellow man , are we just letting those around us suffer ? Are not even noticing that they are suffering ? Are we reaching out to those around us ?If we take care of each other and acknowoledge the pain of this era will take make a difference ?

* [I think that we are suffering under this administration...and have been for the entire time, and one of my goals with this blog is sooth , offer a bit of comfort and allow a place to talk about some of these issues...and a place to think.].

**** Click the Title: Duran Duran: Come Undone. is the song. Haunting Video, metaphorically accurate of our Times, of Sharks causing feelings of Entrapment.....***


Aaron A. said...

That picture is so telling of the seemingly incessant American Experience.

TomCat said...

Very well said.

Larry said...

Good one Enigma and beside the wealthy elitist in America, we have all suffered under Bush's rule.

Some suffer more than others.