Sunday, October 02, 2011

@Awop Radio Sunday Show 10.2.11...Eric Byler of the Coffee Party and a LIVE report from OccupyWallstreet


This Sunday we have Eric Byler of the Coffee Party on as our Guest at 7:30PM EST to talk about his work with Annabell Park and the Coffee Party and their projects and the history of the Coffee Party. It should be a really interesting Round Table discussion. You can read more about the Coffee Party on their website and also about the October 29th Rally. They have a Rally planned for October 29th "Enough is Enough". The Coffee Party is the 7th collaboration between these two amazing Film Makers.Two of Eric's feature films, "9500 Liberty" released in 2010,(and co-directed with Annabel Park) and "Charlotte Sometimes" (2003) will be offered on Comcast VOD during the month of October 2011. { Coffee Party is on Twitter @coffeepartyusa and @ericbyler )

**** Do rent or order "9500 Liberty" on DVD it is an amazing film.****

Who is the Coffee Party and What are they ? Eric Byler explained to CBS in San Francisco last April,"The Coffee Party was started by Eric Byler and Annabelle Park in 2010. According to Byler, it began as an online meeting place where political and social ideology could be discussed. Byler calls it a “virtual town hall” with Facebook and Twitter as its primary vehicles. The Coffee Party boasts an email list of 80,000 people. Byler says it differs from the rival Tea Party in that everything discussed on it’s site must be fact based."

Here is a Must Read essay by Eric explaining the Coffee Party and how be became involved, as well as his history with Annabell and their political work that began with their shared work Film Making. This essay insightfully explains how politics impacts lives and how so many issues and lives are being swept up in these times. He explains and explores how Immigration issues combined with media created a real vehicle for discussion and motivation for Film and activism.


The Radio show is 7-9PM EST, and Eric Byler should be on at 7:30 PM. You can click the radio on the Sidebar..Or you can click here to listen to the Current Show or Past PodCasts.....
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH October 29th Website
Eric Byler's Coffee Party Facebook page is updated on the OccupyWallstreet Event and the LiveStream Eric's Video from Occupy DC.

On the Radio Show tonight we also interviewed Flux Nostrum LIVE from #OccupyWallstreet and he gave an update from NYC and since he is working on the LIVESTREAM for the OCCUPY Movement and Mobile Broadcast News has the LIVESTREAM Links on the website, they are now streaming video from NYC and around the Country. You can also follow Flux on Facebook.

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Carolyn Moon said...

I tuned in on Sunday under my blog radio ID which is also the name of my blog site...Another Way to View.
My comment was acknowledged and I must say that this movement is exciting and I hope it continues.

I love the program and look forward to future guests.

Take care and peace!