Sunday, October 02, 2011

OCCUPY Movement Advice from an Old Hippie Nurse....

(1) Do carry a Camera and Cellphone Camera. Cameras keep People safe. Mobile Broadcast News is LIVESTREAMING video from around the Country. The More Cameras the better, they keep people safe and the Cops accountable. Even if your camera runs out of film or batteries, always act like you are still filming. Make sure you share all video and photos, especially on Twitter as the Viral team will do their best to share videos and photos as we know the MSM has not been covering this Movement well enough.

(2) If you are confronted by cops or meet belligerence, remember the Cops are working Short Staffed, Lower Wages, taking cuts in Pensions and Healthcare. If you can even find a way to have that conversation with the Cops do that. If you can make eye contact or even share coffee or food with the Cops "Guarding " the Occupy Area do that. Bring Compassion and Humanity to the Table, it can make the difference and help bring level the playing field. Remember this is a People's Movement, that means all People.

(3) Do review and read Ghandi and MLK and even carry their writings with you, these brave wise men understood the Patience and Courage it takes to stand strong in heat of the moment. A Movement , A Protests takes Determiniation, Clarity and Focus, and many calm heads. Do carry copies of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with you, read it and share it. Know your Rights.

(4) Sing, In Tense Moments do SING. Sing American Songs. National Anthem, "God Bless America", And even old Union Songs like "This Land is Our Land" and "Whose Side are you on" "Imagine" "People Get Ready" "Amazing Grace". Even while being arrested SING.

(5) Do write your name and important cellphone numbers on your arm with a sharpie in case you need and lose your phone . If you have allergies or medical condition try to stay near the Medical people. All good Movements have a Medic or Medical Crew.Do pack in your knapsack supplies that might help. Water, Bandannas, Soft Teashirts, Saline Eye Rinse, Milk ( works to rinse tea gas), Duct Tape. If someone gets hurt then you have supplies to help. If you have such a condition as asthma you may ask to keep your inhaler.

(6) Practice Staying Calm and calming others, breath deeply and join hands with those around you if this helps you or others. Share your Strength and your Courage. If you have watched any of the Egypt or Uprisings in the Middle East this year, you saw how they walked tall and together and sang and stood by each other. Courage is always shared.

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You are amazing! I'm always impressed anew!