Thursday, October 06, 2011

@Awop Radio Sunday Show 10.9.11 Tune In and Listen Up....

This coming week on the radio show 7-9PM EST we have some wonderful guests on our @awopradio show. @awopradio ( Kim) and @mommapolitico (Perry) and I will be welcoming some Twitter Wonders.....

(1) We have Micheal Stinson known as @symbolman on Twitter. He is very talented,creative and he is sharing with us about his 4 books and also his music. We will be hearing about his song "Corporation" and it's origins and playing it as it seems timely with the events of #occupywallstreet. (Posted below with his band Round House) We will also talk to him about his "Rouge Coloring book" that was written with his wife about Sarah Palin. (The Coloring Book Link). And more about his other his other writings and books.

(2) Another guest this week is @EileenLeft a wonderful California Progressive who started the #connecttheleft hashtag and movement on Twitter. This amazing mom is also raising five boys and she's a premie family counselor,who also works hard to help progressives work together and is a truly positive force on Twitter.

(3) @Faydra_deon is also on Twitter, she blogs, writes and is a social media goddess. And this year she wrote a book called "The Pride" about the strength of four women. Many of us met her during different Disasters as she tweeted for Humanity, she created a whole site that offers folks creative ways to give to areas that are suffering and need our help. Be sure to see about her book, and it is available digitally and on Amazon.

(4) Jasmine Beach-Ferrara will be joining the program to discuss her work with Southern Equality. Org , they are working hard for Marriage Equality in North Carolina. You can also follow them on Facebook at Southern Equality and also on Twitter at @CSElive. And if you want to read more about Jasmine her bio is here.

Please do read the Post below if you want to learn more about the Populist Movements going and want information on #occupywallstreet or #occupytogether, there is alot going on in America with real Americans really finding Voice in this Battle on the Working Class and Unemployed and UnderEmployed. And you can always click the Radio over in the Sidebar to hear past shows, via podcasts or on iTunes as we have really been honoring those that are Fighting the Good Fight.

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Carolyn Moon said...

As usual great information and although I'm on Twitter, I'm still learning how to use it more effectively. This particular post about Twitter world really made that abundantly clear to me. I continue to learn and grow in cyberspace!

The google group still has me puzzled...have you figured that out Allie?