Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Song and Thought.....( "BandAid "to Goats: The Art of Giving so it Matters)

‎"Each time a person stands up for an ideal,or acts to improve the lot of others...he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope,and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring,those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."~Robert F. Kennedy I am asking that all of us to find ways to Spread the Ripples of Hope, to be a Ripple in Something Bigger even in These Times....

This amazing video was shot in 1984, and gathered together many fine performers to raise money and awareness about Hunger and Starvation in Africa. Even then the continent was struggling with so many issues related to refugees, famine and political turmoil. Oddly this was before the AIDS epidemic wreaked more havoc and before much more conflict effected the Food Security of Millions. Even today this song remains poignant as we watch what is effecting Millions. Haiti comes to mind this year as they are in the grips of Political Chaos, Earthquake recovery,and Cholera. This song is really how to Give so it Matters....

(If you want to learn more about the actual video and hear the remarkable story of HOW Bob Geldoff put this action together in a very short time, you can read about it here on Wikipedia. Do see if you can name all the performers, or even recognize them in their youth....)

This Christmas I know so many of us have little to give, but think of how you can give and give creatively to those that have less or are struggling. It might mean checking your closet and donating old blankets, sweaters and coats to Good Will. It might mean digging out extra change before you go into the market and putting it in the Salvation Army Bucket. ( And think of buying that Bell Ringer a cup of Hot Coco if you want to see a huge smile.) On you can even research how to contribute a small amount to a project that will have future rewards for someone struggling.

Microfinance Projects that Help Women,Children & Families ( yes, Giving Goats....)
(1) This article explains about people contributing to Women in Florida by helping them buy Goats. It is good to see MicroFinance Projects finally springing up here in the States to help our Women and Families in this Economy.

(2) This 2008 NYT article explains more about Microfinance and how it works to benefit families and Communities . It is about Aid that gives back and helps families and communities strengthen with sustainable projects.

(3) This article explains how Microfinance helps multiple women of a village, and is about donating Goats to Women in India, and tells how the project benefits the villages.

(4) If you wish to contribute to a Microfinance Project as a Family and want to explain it to your children this wonderful Children's Book is really helpful and beautifully explains the process of families helping families, and has beautiful illustrations and explains it in very real terms a child can grasp."Beatrice's Goat" explains how giving a goat to a family in Uganda helped a family send their little girl to school.


NEWSGUY said...

Ellie, you continue to bring into public view some amazing and important thoughts. I invite you to read The Speech I Wish Obama Would Give. (fat chance) over at

I'd post over at Facebook, but all those God people are my relatives and I suspect they are Big Republicans. OR Teapartyers.

NEWSGUY said...

Did I write Ellie? I meant Allie.

-- Ross

enigma4ever said...

I will definently read the speech...the fat chance speech....and it's ok that you got my name not quite right....half my neighbor's call me my dog's name...lol...

( and I didn't think your name was ross I thought it was russ ? or am I confused too...)

Fran said...

Sweet post.
We kicked in to a few feed drives... we know the need is great right now.
A bunch of people "the 99'ers" lost unemployment benefits for a month... but now they will kick back in... but jeez does Congress have a clue that cutting people off in winter is a double whammy?

They thought it was sacrilege to have to work around the X mas holiday... but not to cut off all those people needing unemployment as a lifeline.

Anyway.... thank you for your humble reminder to help others.

D.K. Raed said...

all good ideas. microfinance does work wonders in underdeveloped countries. had no idea it is being trialed here in the US.

ps, whatever happened to Boy George?