Friday, December 03, 2010

Scenes From To Kill a Mockingbird....

This week I have been wrestling with some very hard situations at work, having to make some hard calls, some life altering decisions. As a Nurse this happens, but it tugs at my heart , my soul in a way that can not be measured. So I find myself at 3am watching "To Kill a Mockingbird". This one movie and Book have often brought me the answers I was looking for at very odd moments. At heart I also know I am Scout and that my lessons were learned by watching the world ferociously like her. The scene that still gives me chills is when Atticus has to shoot the rabid dog. Ultimately the Story is about having to Do What Needs to Be Done and recognizing that we are not always in control of the consequences. It is Life's hardest most painful lesson.

Famous Speeches From The Movie (6min)

Much of Life is seen through a Lens, snapshots...a Scrapbook of Moments. And in an odd way Music is attached to these shots that run through our minds.For me this fall will always be a scrapbook of learning of the world through the Eyes of working with refugees. Seeing what they see.....It is powerful. This video of shots from the film with it's haunting music reminds me that it okay to treasure Moments and hold them dear.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love that movie too, and Scout. I can see Scout in you, for sure. It is hard that we have no control over things.....all we can do is the Next Right Thing, and trust all will unfold as it must. Good luck to you in your struggles. I hope you - and that little family - work your way through to peace and good outcomes.