Monday, December 13, 2010

December Blog Round Up.....(Blogs,Food&Other Great Finds)

New Tiny Hopefully Sturdy Christmas Tree put up and so far thwarting all efforts by 20 Pound Wonder Cat to take it down. As some remember he took the Tree down last year, splitting it in half in one fell swoop. ( My Christmas cheer literally lasted a grand total of 45 minutes.) So this year I went to the Dollar store and bought a respectable tree for 20 dollars and have reinforced with duct tape and fishing line to wall, it was a true DIY project. We are now at 72 hours and counting, but I wanted to share with you before the 20 Pound Fates Intervene. Please enjoy this post as it is time to hunker down in these frigid Temperatures and read and blog and eat soup.

This amazing video is being passed around Twitter and Facebook, it is stunning...please do share...Eagle Owl in Flight -in Slow Motion...
If anyone has followed this blog for over 5 years -well, first I pity you and should offer you a reward, but you also know that this blog has an Immense Blogroll, but it is not valuable unless I give you a Road Map or an Occasional Blog Round Up. I need to do these more ( I used to do them weekly, and maybe I should start back in that habit.) But especially for the New Followers this is a way of sharing the Wonders of Blogland. Enjoy.

(1) Ragine Celt ( of Twitter ) has an great post up about how to deal with the Christmas Blahs....a Must Read.

(2) Margaret and Helen is an amazing blog, it has snark, wisdom and insight delivered with just the right balance of Humor and Political sophistication. It will make you laugh and scratch your head.....but mostly it will make you think.

(3) Many don't realize that Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers has an amazing website (blog?) that covers a variety of issues, and this week he has a Must read/See Post on the WikiLeaks Issue, please do check it out.....

(4) This Blog is new and I think it is off to a promising start and I hope you give Tim a Warm Welcome, it is called the Inner Workings of Tim and covers a wide range of topics and issues.

(5) If you need more wisdom, Robert Reich has great posts up at his Blog ( website as well, many will remember he was on Blogspot, now he has great website ) that continues to have his well thought out insights explained and shared. His latest post about our Economic Situation is really eye opening, please do read it.

(6) And for more Pure Wisdom there is Jonathon Turley's Blog ( I feel like I am sharing a great secret), he shares great political analysis, but also some UnExpected Treasures. IE: Please do do see the post " Who Killed Frosty" from this week.

(7) Do also check out Truthout's William Rivers Pitt's Post on Bernie Sanders, it is a Must Read, and is really well written, and is part one in a series on him. I start every day reading Truthout and also Skippy, please do give them both a read. ( And this Christmas Season do think of giving to Truthout as it is one of the best Journalistic Online Efforts out there....)

(8) This is a new favorite that I just found this week, Black Magpie Theory it is written by a fine group of longtime bloggers and has talent, perspective and some of the finest Writers out there......please check it out, you will be hooked.

(9) It is SOUP Season, but to go with every great soup, you need a great Sandwich, so here is the blog for you with daily photos and great sandwich Greatness....definitely droolworthy....Enjoy.

(10) And yes, since it is Soup Season and because it is so Cold, I have started blogging on My Food Blog again. "Naked Sushi" is again open to visitors and I am trying to post more there. This Week it is "Thai Spinach Curry Soup" do go over for a visit, I think you may like how easy the recipes are to prepare....


tom said...

Black Magpie, is that anything like Black Helicopter???
just askin!!

enigma4ever said...


no the Black Magpies are a group of really talented longtime Bloggers....

D.K. Raed said...

the tree looks great! note you thoughtfully placed the rocker so a certain hefty cat will have a good leap-off point for attacking tinsel.

I've been reacquainting myself with Daniel Ellsberg, the most dangerous man in america. Watched him & Ray McGovern speak last week at the snowy WH fence, before getting arrested. They are truly inspiring.

Thanks for the Turley reminder. I definitely need to know who killed frosty, LOL!