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The 99 Report : Sunday November 21,2011

Blogpost Explaining this Letter.
Today is Monday November 20th This is the Letter that Lori Vest Wrote to the Mayor and the New York Times,

Nov. 20, 2011
( emailed from Japan)

To the editor of the NY Times, Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Kelly, and US citizens,

I made my first trip to New York City last summer and spent a small fortune (not for you, Mr. Bloomberg, but on our school teachers' salaries) enjoying city life. We paid our share of sales tax, city fees, tourist fees, etc. Little did I realize that this would help fund the NYPD to beat my son over the head with a metal club, as he was peacefully trying to follow his convictions and help the US people. He was on the front page of this paper, the NY Times, on Friday, Nov. 18th. My son is a self-employed farmer, a small business owner, an educator in sustainable farming, and a young man who has helped build houses for Habit for Humanity in three different countries.

As a first grade teacher, I spend lots of time discussing that it is not okay to hurt others, no matter how mad you are. Lately we have all seen pictures of dictators abusing the people of their country and we are appalled. President Obama said on Jan. 28th, 2011, “The people of Egypt have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. And the United States will stand up for them everywhere “. However, the same brutality is being shown to peaceful US citizens. It is time we get appalled and stop it, whether we agree with the OWS protests on all levels or not. Each one of the demonstrators is someone's son, daughter, parent, brother, sister, etc.


Lori Vest
"When I see a policeman with a club beating a man on the ground, I don't have to ask whose side I'm on." ~~George Orwell
The Front Page that Lori Vest a Mom far away saw Last Friday Morning....


Questions about Our Civil Liberties in this Country...
Rev. Freddie Pinkney speaking about Democracy ::

( He is with the Benton Harbor Occupy, and on Awopradio we will be giving them a Shout out..and his radio show on BlogTalkRadio).

He has a disturbing report of a Man that is missing ( who was in police custody at the time). Timonthy Bulldog Williams. Rev.Freddie Pinkney also interviewed the family on his Radio Program.

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