Sunday, May 20, 2012

Final Letter to Landlord After Flood Disaster....

(1) House Vacated. ALL Wet /Damaged Belongings put to curb, mostly in garbage bags.
( If Serve-Pro had come they would have removed the wet belongings.) Home was
thoroughly vacated by 3PM today.

(2) House is emptied, 2 dressers left and 2 sets of shelves. On third floor there are a few pieces of furniture.
ALL wet furniture and materials from first and 2nd floor and Basement were removed. One Dresser in
Basement was too heavy, but seems to be drying. ( The Back Room of basement has water stains
still, those were at the home before I even moved in, I always wondered if there had been previous
flooding or water damage. You blamed previous tenants. )

It is Unfortunate that you would not allow me to use SERVE Pro to come and clean out the water.
2 Fans and windows open are not enough with that amount of water that flooded home. My Insurance
Company did step in and help me do FINAL Clean out today as I had no help all week, and worked
to remove all my wet belongings. You had said on Monday that you were going to have your people
come to the home ( Noon Monday). That is what you said, yet at 3PM you arrived with your plumbers,
and they changed the In Fill Tubing on the 3rd Floor toilet, and also put a VALVE on the Toilet.
It is a shame that those two pieces were not on Toilet all along, 10 Dollars would have saved much
damage to Home and my family's Belongings.

I saw no people arrive to mitigate the Water or the damage or assist with the clean out that you
had said were coming. You left a Mop for me to clean the floors, it is still on the Back Porch.
I don't do Water Damage Clean Up. I did work hard to try to save my own belongings from the
excessive Water and Mold.I did this alone while Ceilings were Falling and water was dripping.
I did pull out all 5 Giant Tarps that were water filled, and removed water and debris. I cleaned
four of them and returned to the Fire Dept. The Fifth one is still out back drying out,
you can return it to them. The Falling Debris was swept to the side of the rooms.

At 12 Noon on Monday you had ordered us out and said that The Flood was our fault, it is
not our fault, it is due to a Illegal Toilet Set Up, and that NO ONE came to shut off the water,
that is why the Fire Dept. called you in the middle of the night , early Monday Morning.

(3) During Clean Out Someone did come and open first floor windows while I was cleaning out,
and also spare keys were removed from kitchen counter. ( I assume you came to home
as you left me messages and emails about the floors and windows, that you perhaps
also collected my keys of the counter.) Front Door is locked, windows were left
open as you requested.

(4) On Monday at Noon, You had said that if I wanted Reference Letter I needed to sign an agreement with you.
I have rented from you for 5.5 years,. paid rent and bills and took care your premises.
I will not be signing any agreements or making any "deals". As a Tenant I met my obligations.
Please do not contact me. Your "reference letter' is no longer needed. Rent and Water for May
were paid to you in full. ( For the record you said that I needed to pay May because I "did not
give enough notice", yet I did lose Half Month Rent, and had to pay hotel bills for loss of
housing as of May 14th, as Home was not inhabitable.)

(5) Keys have been mailed to you. ( They have been sent certified.)

(6) Utilities :

(a) Electric has been taken out of my name, you must call them by Monday to set up bill in your name,
or it will be turned off to the Home.

(b) Dominion Gas, I will be paying off my bill, as of Monday the company will come to the Home,
assess integrity of the Water Heater, and Furnace and the Stove as both were submerged with massive amounts of water.
As they are your property, you will need to be there between Noon and 4PM and they will also do Final Meter Readings.
( I have written down the Final Numbers.)

(c) water is also shut off on my side.

(7) For contact you may email or send written mail only.

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