Sunday, May 20, 2012

We Have Been Flooded Out of Our Home.....( and do see the Posts and photos below...) you all know that 6-6 and I were trying to get to Brooklyn, and we had started to pack. And we were still looking, and that even our Landlord was being uncooperative by refusing to write a reference letter for us for NYC. ( Which one needs for NYC). We had rented from him for 5.5 years, and yes I admit that some of those years were difficult with him, but Rent and Bills were always paid. Always.But I also know I was an excellent Tenant and did my best. Our homes were clean, well cared for and yes beautiful thanks to many of my efforts.

Below you can read what happened very late Mothers Day Night, and read how a Water Disaster was actually made worst by the Landlord Response (or lack there of). 6-6 and I are living in a hotel, I have actually been spending my money I had saved for The Move ( and thank heavens I had it and thank heavens for those who Donated to our Move, for without that little nest egg 6-6,critters and I would have been Homeless by Wednesday AM. ). The Rental Insurance Company is working with us and will help, and have now put us in a Different Hotel, but this is going to be a process. We did lose almost everything. We have a little pile left, that the Insurance Company is storing and I will go through and try to salvage what I can. We lost
everything from clothes to furniture to electronics to books ( yes our precious Library).

I did have a Tornado bag that had some basic clothes ( jeans shirts and tea, and a screw driver and scissors and phone charger and flashlight and pet food...I wish I had put shoes in it , I really do....I did grab that) We did grab the one laptop ( it did get wet, but so far seems ok). And then I did grab my Signed Michelle Obama book ( I always wondered in an emergency would I remember that....I did...) And I did also grab the suitcase with the Photos. ( the ones in the storage part of basement and attic are gone.)

I spent all week dragging wet stuff to the curb, because Landlord would not allow SERVE PRO to house, so I basically emptied a 3 story house by myself, and it was strange watching so many people come and pick through my wet stuff at the Tree lawn. I am documenting everything here and Facebook and I do have two TV investigative teams reading/ following these posts and updates. So you might see a story soon on Local News on why a SHUT OFF VALVE is so critical on ALL Toilets.

The Renters Insurance Company have been wonderful, once they realized we lost our home they have been great. And the Fire Dept I can not thank enough or sing their praises loud enough, I am beyond grateful that they tried to save my Art and books.

It's funny as a Nurse for years I have taken care of people in Disasters, even worked for Red Cross, and even tweeted help to Japan and Haiti, and I never thought I would have one. I always have had a Earthquake or Tornado Bag, but never thought I would need to use it....There are Lessons in all of this, and I know 6-6 and I will find them...Lilly Dog and Harry Cat and 6-6 and I are at a Hotel, and we are grateful to have beds to sleep in and a place that is warm and dry.

So for now 6-6 and critters and I are in Hotel and trying to figure out what next and what to do and how to get through this. We are survivors and we are strong and we will somehow still get to Brooklyn. I am doing a 99 Report this Friday to explain about this Critical Toilet Issue, Renter Rights, and why this matters. I think with so many renting due to the Housing Collapse, some of these Renter Skills might be helpful for others. And yes if you want to help during this crisis, we would be grateful, as it will be awhile before there is a check from the Insurance Company ( PayPal is on the side). And yes do send us good thoughts, much Light....we would be grateful. Thank you.


Christopher said...

I hope once things return to some sense of normalcy, you hire a lawyer and sue the shit out of the landlord for having an illegal commode set up in your house.

Everywhere I've lived, from CA to NY, require something called a Certificate of Occupancy BEFORE the abode can be lived in. This is true of owner occupied homes and rental homes alike.

There is no way your landlord had a Certificate of Occupancy if he had an illegal commode lacking a shut-off valve. He has opened himself up to serious legal action.

Good luck.

Fran said...

Oh my! All you did not need. Glad you decided to leave the mop parked where the landlord left it.
Is he kidding?

First- here is a song for you--

Second- There has to be a renters advocate/enforcement division of the city or State government.
It really sounds like there were multiple code violations.

Third- I hope you are getting help from the local Red Cross type places where you have been displaced & this is an emergency
in the meantime.

Fourth- You might want to call legal aid to see what lawyers specialize in this type of situation & might take your case pro bono.

I seriously hope you are able to maintain....
and regroup.

D.K. Raed said...

oh no, what a giant mess! I am so sorry. sending you hope and more.

people always say at least no one was hurt, but all your books and possessions were an important part of your lives. and you certainly did not need the mental and physical strain of clearing out 3 floors of flooding! Fran had good tips and also your Renters Insurance should've guided you through the quagmire.

your landlord needs to be slapped with the full weight of the law ... he can take his moldy old mop and twirl on it ... jeez, what an ass he was in a terrible situation when he could've been of so much help just by shutting off the water main.

did not even realize xena was gone until I scrolled down. so sorry for everything you are going through.

enigma4ever said...

Thank you all ...very the support and the ideas and thoughts...yes Renters Insurance is working with us...yes I have contacted all Legal and Advocacy groups and also also contacted local news agencies....and yes the landlord was horrible...and he did not need to all....and I am still kind of reeling and trying to stay afloat at this's nerve wracking on all levels....and I just hope a month from now we are in a better place....

Unknown said...

That was definitely a rough time for you. I’m so sorry that you had to contend with an uncooperative landlord on top of all the water and the potential damage they were causing. I am, however, glad to hear that the insurance company was being very supportive and generous with their help. I hope that you didn’t have to deal with a lot of damage, and that whatever caused the flooding in the first place has since been remedied.

- Carlene Maysonet -