Sunday, May 20, 2012

NEW Toilet Set up as of 4PM Monday....

As of 3PM Monday Landlord arrived. At Noon I had pointed out to him that the Illegal Toilet Set up had flooded home, when he tried to blame me and my son for this awful disaster. At 3PM he came back and within half hour, his Plumber Steve and assistant arrived, he took them to the attic and showed them the toilet. And they then walked to local ACE hardware and brought supplies to FIX the toilet , setting it to PROPER code. ( The sticker was left on the new line and new valve, the actual replacement parts were under 10 dollars.)

THIS is what a legal toilet set up should look like. The Tubing should be sturdy and strong and there should be a shut off valve. This is code for most cities.

( Please see the Landlord Response post about that Noon conversation and handling of the Disaster.)

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