Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Amazing Vigils: Did They Come? They Came.....all over.

I couldn't sleep. I kept flopping back and forth and Wondering....How many people poured out for the Vigils ????
Because I feel hopeful, and that a shift has occurred this month. And that Cindy has opened a wondrous flood gate.
That a movement is now in full momentum. And I have not felt that way in a VERY long time.

So at 4am I started trolling, blogging and googling on the Internet- and WOW- Holy Shit....
I was right Batman.
(If I had Cindy's phone number I would call her right now!!!)

So I googled Cindy + Peace Vigils and the posts started ROLLING in- even small little papers and
all kinds of articles. And what struck me was that all the articles had similiarities, painful and beautiful.
Many Many Churches and Religous Groups and Orgs were involved in the planning of these Vigils.
Offering sanctuary and comfort- as they should.
And many grieving families, and also VETS finally had support..
This needed to help heal these troubled souls.
This needed to happen ....because we are all neighbors and family.
This needed to happen ...because it is still our country.
This needed to happen...because it is TIME.

So here in random order as I pulled down the newly google articles, is
a Partial- very partial list of just some of the towns and villages that held Peace Vigils in support of Cindy and Casey
and all the Troops and Gold Star Families.:
Gallatin, Waco,Crawford,Dallas,Austin, Gallveston,San Antonio, Munster, Wand, Nathcez, Columbia, Lansing,Roseburg,Houghton.Fresno, Phoenix, Detroit, Seattle,Tacoma, Bremerton, Tallahassee, Burlington,Salt Lake City, Chapel Hill, Joplin, South Bend, Akron, Cleveland, Boca Raton, Beaverton,Baltimore, Frederick, Miami, Phuli, Buffalo, Twin Falls, Bozeman, Louisville, Kare, Corvalis, Heart of the Valley, Boston, Lompoc, Vacaville, Decator, Talequah, daton, Dayton, Columbus, Salem, Iron Range, New Haven, Wilkes Barre, Twin Falls, Fairfield.Forward, Knoxville......
and on and on and on the list goes.


Darryl said...

Just so you know Spanish TV had a big feature this morning on Cindy and the vigils. This is the second time they have featured her over here so the word is getting out around the world.

Stay pissed off!

Grumpy old man

enigma4ever said...

No Problem, I am still very pissed, even though I have hope....It is time for King George to learn the Truth.....and I read your blog all the time, you are one of my favs- That is good news about Spanish TV- and I am not sad about the helicopter in afgansistan of spanish peace keepers...later today I am posting a story about Bush numbers that will knock your socks off .....stay tuned.

Words said...

Know how u feel! Thanks for visiting and commenting at WORDS LIGHT FIRES.

Darryl said...

just a quick update. The vigils were again highlighted on the midday newscasts here in Spain. Does this mean Deacon Dumb will invade us?

enigma4ever said...

ahh, no...I don't think Deacon Dumb will invade - I mean there is not enough oil there, and I think he is eyeing the map of Iran that Uncle Dicky left out....I think it means you have Real Jouranalists there....hmmm, I may have to put Spain on the top of my "Who will take a pissed politico refugee mom" list.....( Canada has been #1 for awhile- so I was learning french....I don't want to go anywhere really......I 'm still fightin'....My heart is with the Ditch people...and my country...that I want back)

Anonymous said...

As Cindy was being praised in an interview yesterday, she interrupted the talk of her being "the Rosa Parks of the peace movement" to put things in a humbler, but even better perspective.
Cindy said "I'm no hero. I'm just a little spark that started a big fire."
Well, let's hope that the virtual fire consumes the current administration and helps relieve the stench from what they've been doing with our country.

Darryl said...

Believe me honey, You'ed be welcome. They took me in didn't they? And I left the US when Nixon was elected. I wouldn't live in a country that elected a crook like that. And I figured he had to be the bottom of the pit. How bloody wrong can you be?

Grumpy Old Man

enigma4ever said...

Okay GOM- I will start studying they need broken nurses? ...oh and by the way....More of the Google Hits Game- since you brought up Nixon-
My son said to try [Bush +Evil Bastard= 620,000- he was [ Bush +Evil= 7,590,000 !!!!] and then [Nixon + Crook= 104,000] and then [Bush+Crook= 413,000]....come to Watergate Summer later my son and I have compiled a pretty complete list ....