Friday, August 12, 2005

A Letter to the King Day 11 of the Vacation

It is day 11 of your longest Vacation (yet) at The Western Whitehouse, your ranch. How long will you make Cindy and the other families wait in the Ditch by the road ? How long will they have to Endure the sweltering egg-frying sizzling heat, red ants, and drainage goo? They are enduring and waiting, showing grace and dignity at Camp Casey as you whiz by in your armored Suburbans on your way to yet another fundraising beer guzzling Pork Feast.

Did you even think of her as you dressed for your latest feast, slapping on extra Aqua Velva as you admired yourself in the mirror ?( You're not man enough for Old Spice). Did you think about her as you flew over in the helicopter ? Did you think about her as you engaged in "Hard Work" of chopping wood ? Or meeting with your advisors planning a Hoedown at the Pentagon on Sept 11 ? Or signing the gluttonous Energy Bill that benifits your buddies ?

You even came to Illinois this week to have a gloating visit to the Caterpillar Plant, yet you could not take time to come to Ohio where we are having a Funeral a day for 20 Marines that you called Noble last week. I guess you don't view Funerals as Noble or Grieving Families.

You say you go to the Ranch to get in touch with the People. I guess that would Not be the Ditch People. Be Careful when you drive by the Ditch People at Camp Casey and be quietly respectful, they are holding Vigil. They are Grieving. If you look Closely you will see something that you don't want to see.

How many flagdraped coffins will return home while you are down on the Ranch? Have you gone to a single funeral yet? Even ONE ? Have you ever had young uniformed officers come knock on your door? Do you know about the Knock ? The Knock when the worst news you could ever recieve is brought to your door, taking away Someone that you love. It is a parents worst nightmare, it is a wife's worst nightmare. It is a Heartbreaking moment.

She is asking for an hour of your time. An hour to ask a couple of important questions. She wants to look you in the eye and ask these questions. The questions you don't want to answer, and that you don't want asked by Anyone. And yet now millions are asking those Questions. She is not alone in the Ditch.

And instead of walking down the road to the Camp Casey your goon squad is set in motion, the full Propaganda Machine all oiled up. Ms. Rice would call it " impugning her dignity and integrity". Only you can't SwiftBoat this woman, this mom. She has Guts. She is NOT "Fair Game". She is Fearless because she is filled with a Loss that you can not comprehend. Do you and your administration think it Noble to attack women on any level ? You have underestimated the women in this country. Especially the moms.

Yesterday she wrote a widely published piece about Accountability. Do you know what it means to be Accountable? It means:
required to be responsible, liable, chargeable. It means you owe her an Explanation for her loss, the loss that you caused.

You said in an interview on August 11 standing on the side of the road with your dusty sunbaked team, " I have heard from others of her position...she has a Right to her position". You were down the road from Camp Casey, yet you took your photo op looking irritated, peevish, and inconvenienced. She has the Right to ask Questions of Her Leader that caused her son's death. She has the Right to ask for the Truth. No one should have the right to send her son or anyone's son or daughter to a "war" based on Lies.
No one.
Not even you.

Your Administration and you like to say "We are Pro-life. We support Life."
Maybe you need to know that the Anti-War Movement is actually that , a movement that supports Ending Something that is killing people, ending lives. Mere monthes ago you rushed back to DC from the ranch to issue an inappropriate edict regarding Life ( Terri Schiavo). Maybe some lives matter more than others to our leadership.

It is merely day 11 of your 35 day vacation, a vacation that has become uncomfortable for you, The families of the dead loved ones are sitting in a ditch holding vigil with a grieving mom, waiting for you. Waiting for you to find Something you don't have and never will.

Cindy's Courage has galvanized millions right in your back yard.
Those millions know the Truth that this war was based on Lies and Greed.
The Truth that the troops need to come home for the sake of the Iraqi's and the Troops there.

We are waiting and watching with Cindy at Camp Casey where the Truth is.
And it is only day 11.


srt said...

Very good entry into the "blogosphere"! Welcome - we need all the voices we can get. Thanks for leaving your address in your comment at Against the Madness.

afb said...

Hey enigma4ever,
We really need to get the word out about the need of food donations to help with supply shortages. Please post this link.

Just let folks know that 1.00 can help someone to get to Crawford and feed a few of the growing mouths.

I posted your link. Keep doing what your doing! It's great. Cindy is a member of our forum at the link below. We are all new to this so we're a little scattered but motivated. Tahnk you so much for helping out. We just want folks to know that Cindy is surrounded by normal tax paying Americans who have similar questions for Bush. Many parents of fallen soldiers have shown up to assist. Feel free to post anything from my blog or PS. We aim to support Cindy. We are also hoping folks will send postcards to Crawford if they cannot be there....see my blog for addresses.