Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A letter to the King about Augie

Dear King George-
It is now Day 17 of your vacation from Reality. You have been so busy with your galas, and riding/falling off
your bike with Famous Athletes, and chopping wood. I do hope you started that reading list I sent.
This week in Ohio there have been funerals, one or two a day as there were 20 to bury in the past 2 weeks.
The media have been kind enough to show the caskets, and the funerals, and Fallen returning to the airport.
Thousands have been supporting the families, lining the streets, and going to the funerals.
These are good hardworking taxpaying families trying to support their neighbors.
It is about Paying their Respects.
It is about Honor.

I decided I will do my best to help you get to know some of these Fallen.
Especially the Ones from Ohio.

Today I will tell you a bit about Auggie.

Augie was from Ohio, and his parents are speaking out loud and clear.
He was buried this week, he is one of the 20 Marines from Ohio that
died in the past few weeks.
His parents Rosemary and Paul have issued statements that tell
about him....everything from his time working with boyscouts
to EMT to rebuilding houses...
He was one of those that signed up to be in the Reserves after 911-
never thinking he would ever see combat.
That was so much more than brave and young.
He still had dreams and he effected so many in Cleveland.
And he never thought he would be sent to die in Iraq.
Read below for Augie's story:
His Parents statement ( they have been talking about their
support of Cindy)

And posts/stories about the Candlelight vigil tonight
"Peace Vigil Mom"

There are many candlelight vigils planned in Ohio tonight-
many right in the Cleveland Area- near Brook Park-
some are at Park, some at Churches, some at Vet memorials-
all will hopefully bring some comfort and honor to these grieving


Anonymous said...

I have seen a quite extraordinary movement over the past couple of weeks.
There was a marine that lived locally that died. The local news gave coverage to his funeral, but not as a funeral -- as a protest.
You see, there were these Christian Right people there with signs and stuff protesting this dead kid's funeral. The had short sound-bites from the lady that organized the protest. Her reasoning was that every fallen soldier is evidence of God's wrath for having turned away from him.
The first I personally have ever heard of such a thing.
They interviewed one fellow from the funeral party, an old bearded biker type. He said that they have a right to protest, but he wished they would show a little respect for the family.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say in my original comment: There was this one person at the protest carrying this sign that said, "Thank God for IED's," or IUD's or whatever those things are.

enigma4ever said...

To Progressive Traditionalist- I tried to write you back off line- but I can write you here- hoping that you come back....I am stunned that people would protest at the funeral- I mean what you describe is very disrespectful....and yet it kind of reminds me of the crosses being demolished at Camp Casey... And I have no idea what this "god's wrath" reasoning is? I read about Augie and it just made me cry- I mean these are mostly just kids in the past few weeks- and I am sorry if you witnessed something so heartless and insensitive. Please read what I posted tonight- maybe it will make you feel a bit better....again I am so sorry... It really is time we came together and realized we are losing really good people daily, and so are Iraqi families, we are all neighbors if we think about it. Augie or Casey could have been my son....or really is that simple. And it is time to admit that this has to stop-
it is up to each of us. And we must take care of the returned vets- they are in such bad shape, and also take care of the vet is time.

enigma4ever said...

Oh, by the way IUD's were failed -recalled contracetive devices of the 1970s- huge lawsuit for some big corrupt company- anyway later when I reread this I actually found humor in that- thinking I hope they were so dumb to have IUD on the sign because that would actually somehow make sense....I mean here is what I think is so odd someone showing up at a funeral procession drives by holding a sign that says" I support the war" , what kind of messege does that send a grieving family???!