Saturday, August 20, 2005

HOW DARE THE MEDIA SWIFTBOAT CINDY OR ANY MOM: Gold Stars, White Crosses, and the Return of the Collective Conscience

There is a About-Damn-Time Phenomena that is occurring, in some subtle and not so subtle ways.This is Not one of my kinder gentler pieces, so if you like Feel Good Fluff, step out of the way, I am taking the gloves off, and as a Mom, I am not Nice when you kick sand in Another Mom's Face. You don't like It?! Then Get the Hell out of My Sandbox.

And since Cindy is caring for her mom , I as a Mom have a little something to Say. Because I as a mom am tired of the Media sandbagging and Swiftboating a Grieving Mom, a good mom, a Patriotic mom. They even did it this weekend while she cared for her mom. ( Get a CCN transcript of Sunday's Reliable Sources to start). So here it goes.

The Training Wheels are indeed falling off the Shock"N"Awe Bus for Mr.Bush and for the Spinning Wheel of the Mainstream Media. (And I am not just talking FOX here folks.) Watching Cindy, and the VETS and the Gold Star families who are The Ditch People,and other grieving supporters as a Mom many miles away there is a piece of this month I will always remember. Always. And thanks to, REAL Journalism experienced a Rebirth..... I will always remember this month. Always. And always the following.

Finally, Finally Grieving families have a Voice, and their loved ones were no longer just Numbers on some dusty tripped over collateral damage ledger on the floor of Rummie's office. These dead soldiers suddenly were Given ( long over due) Attention and Coverage- Photos were shared, even flag draped caskets were shown. Even Funerals and funeral processions were shown on the Local while you-choke-down-dinner News. The Media has been reluctant to do This until now- toting some kind of Polite-my-ass Propaganda that showing such photos was "disrespectful and Unpatriotic".

Really ???! So those Brave Young Souls Died for CENSORSHIP ? Really???! They died thinking that we still had a Press that had READ the Constituion and Knew about Freedom of Speech. Remember the Constitution. Peter Jennings did, he carried it in his back pocket each and every day. Maybe Iraq is NOT the only Country having problems with a Constitution. You know if you read History one of the main problems in Europe and Germany in the 1930's was the Mainstream Media was busy being Polite and trying to not notice they were already being heavily censored, and that oh,yeah a Patriotic Propaganda Line was used , very effectively with Tragic Results. Mr.Bush has been Peddling more than his Bike in Crawford, He has been having the Media Peddle his own maligning Cowardice, kicking sand in the Grieving Mom sitting in his "Sandbox". It is time for us to find our Collective Conscience and hold the Our Elected paid by our taxes, as well as Our Media Accountable. You can Not Corporitize a Collective Conscience.


And here's a Question for You? WHY should we not HEAR THEIR NAMES?, SEE THEIR FACES ?, HEAR THEIR STORIES?
And I don't mean see their Proud Military photo and rank flashed across my screen. I mean REAL photos, laughing with co-workers, dancing with wives and girlfriends, having a beer with buddies,wedding photos, standing next to their first car, hell, even their embarrassing tux photos from their prom.


Because that is how their family REMEMBERS them at each and every moment....They now can only see them in their dreams.And yes, the Media should be showing Gravesites, and Funerals. And letting Parents and families and VETS have a VOICE.We should hear their stories. That means the WOUNDS, DEAD BUDDIES and all the other Bloody awful mess. We should see the TRUTH. Those Families in the Ditch at Camp Casey should be honored, not be wiping the dust out of their eyes when the Presidential Cowboy Suburban Motorgade whips by at 60 miles/hour. If the Presidential Coward can't honor these families atleast our Media should.

Because those families are Patriotic , even in their Grief. What is Not Patriotic is Pretending they do not Exist and Don't have Grief !? Handing out little cheesy Chinamade Red/White/Blue flags at Events is Not Patriotic Enough. Mainstream Media has let All of Us as Americans Down, and it is time for us to hold their feet to the Fire. And Instead of wearing those cheapass little Metallic Patriotic Emblems on their Right lapels like the Invisible Elected Senators who can't seem to find their way to Crawford to Support the Military Families and Vets, maybe we should all be wearing GOLD STARS over our Hearts to let the Military Families know that we are thinking about them and supporting them. That we do carry them in Our Hearts, that is WHY we want Peace. We should wear the Gold Stars To let them know we are by their side, they are not Forgotten by Real Americans, Even Peace Loving Americans. That Peace is Still Patriotic.

At any time in Our history did any Military families have to go on Food Stamps or Welfare because they were so unsupported?
You and I both know the answer to that. There are already Homeless Iraqi vets with PTSD, some untreated due to Reserve benifits that ran out monthes ago. ( They are only covered for TWO years after duty, the PUBLIC is never told that). The Media won't even go NEAR the Sagging Leaders Poll "Numbers", much less the Dead and Injured Civilian Numbers. And God-Forbid they should now have to Report the Downing Street Memos that Bloggers Investigated Monthes ago. ( I will now stop my aneurysm driven list here,the Point is made).

The "Media" didn't EVER properly report or INVESTIGATE THE WMD'S , or ANY of Bush's, Powell's, Rice, Or Rove, Cheney's or Tenet's assertions, they were merely a Voicepiece for an Agenda that they did Not Question.The Media Still hasn't reported the Downing Street Memos,Mr.Bernie" Almost" Homeland Security Director, The White House FairGame Scandal, The WMDS, much less the War in Iraq. They merely Sold IT, like bad luggage at a FIRE SALE- Cheap and Fast.They were too busy selecting music to go with SHOCK and AWE, like some kind of crystal-methalized 4th of July Fireworks "Special". So now They can question a Mom's Grief, even scrutinize it and call it "A Nutcase with an AGENDA?"??!! What school of Journalism teaches that kind of Reporting? I say this , Write and Call CNN and the other Biggies, Hold them Accountable, write letters, do what ever you can to let them know that this is not RIGHT. That this is NOT how a MOTHER in America should be treated. And if this is the Mr.Bush's NEW Let's Bash all Apple Pie Moms, then when are the Burka ads going to start, I just want to know???

Also maybe Americans should call the Local Media, make Them report the Truth.That means Interview VETS, Families, SHOW REAL photos, GET REAL NUMBERS ( which is really,really hard work- and almost impossible for us civilian moms). See Last Spring they could not Report Dying Starving Terri Schiavo fast enough. They spent HOURS showing the "Feed Terri " Spoon Protestors ( Yes, young religous girls carrying huge Poster Spoon Signs- you must remember?!). Yet this past week we were lucky if Mainstream Media gave Cindy and Camp Casey more than the Obligatory Short Shrift "She's a ranting protestor" ten minutes.

The Mainstream Media has barely given any coverage to the Ditch People or Gold Star Families. They also just barely covered the Craword Destructive, Gun-Club-president, Real Estate "Neighbor" of Mr.Bush who maliciously mowed down the Crosses represented fallen soldiers.They haven't even covered the "President "and his Secret Service Surburbon Convoy Whizzing by the Ditch of Camp Casey at Breakneck speeds. I think most Americans would be horrified and disgusted to see their "Leader" behave in such a Disrespectful manner. Yet they need to See IT. Not just his adolescent Ohh, I -get-to-ride- with-a- Famous Athlete bike ride moments (2 hours long).

So let me get this straight, the Media will "Report", and I use that term oh,so loosely at this point, Mr.Rove's and Mr.Bush' s Agenda. But they will not properly Report the Real Story of this It-ain't-SEXY but a Big-Hairy-Mess of a "War" ,this whatever the Hell Bush &co. are "calling" IT this week, is Hell-in-a-Handbasket. And the Basket is FULL of Gut WrenchingBlood Dripping Stinking Dying Casualities at this point, hundreds of Iraqi "Security Police" and Civilians,Even Some Poor Iraqi Moms and Children, as well as Dead Soldiers. Troops that are underfed, lack basic supplies,lack the right training and even basic protection. I will even take it one step further, people keep saying in Polite tones "Whelp,Please don't compare it to Vietnam, It's Not Anything like Vietnam..."

Yeah, they Might be Right. IT IS WORSE THAN VIETNAM. Am I the only thougtful half awake educated over 6yr old that maybe has thought THIS? I am not a bettin'woman, but I bet I am Not Alone.

And the Media says that a Grieving mom, and the other grieving families who have joined her in the Ditch, and the Vets and Returning Iraqi Soldiers, are WRONG TO QUESTION THIS PRESIDENTS AGENDA ? Has the "Mainstream Media" bothered to Question any of the Others at the Ditch- The Vets? The Iraq Vets? The other Military Families?Other Gold Start Families? The People who worked for thsi country for DECADES- such as Anne Wright (who has MUCH Military and State Dept Experience? ), Ray McGovern ? ( And I could go on and on). It makes me Wonder WHO is the Bigger Coward ? Bush or the Media, it is a close Contest.I think Peter Jennings must be shaking his head up there in the PressRoom in the Sky, and not with wonder. Maybe we should also start boycotting the sponsers of the Mainstream Media, and writing them as well, that if the coverage does not improve their sales will suffer. The Joke with that is, Car sales are already as low as Bush ratings, so I am not sure if that is even an effective tool. The Media is having trouble recognizing the Biggest Story of the Summer, Hell, the past FIVE years.


Because they can't count? Can't see the Lines of Cars coming to Crawford? The WHOLE WORLD is WATCHING? DO they understand That ? Even if Mr.Bush is watching, he is on "Vacation". Yet many Patriotic Americans Are coming to Crawford to pay their Respects and Honor the Grieving Families in the Ditch, yeah, on their vacations.The Code Pink Moms even tried to deliver Hundreds of Letters to Mrs.Bush, but the Media missed it. And Maybe Millions of Americans should start writing letters to the Western White House, after all it is the Western White House that is featured on the Bush Christmas Cards to foreign Countries. Maybe since White House letters are ignored, maybe citizens would have better luck writing to Mr.Bush in Crawford. It is only day 20 of the Five Week Vacation, so there is time for Mr.Bush to Hear from Other Americans.

The Mainstream Media can't save or Effect Mr.Bush's sagging Approval Ratings, as of August 5th, BC, (Before Cindy), he only was above 50% in SEVEN states. Media shouls think about that- seven states.The Blogs have closely examined the Unreported Polls. Seven. That means that 43, yes 43, states are Very Unhappy, and that was before Cindy pitched her tent in the Ditch.

And Now Certain Entities are asking Cindy to tone down her Language. "Because more people will listen if they aren't offended". Death is Offensive, Ugly , Dirty and it smells. Hell Right now it Reeks. Have any of them lost a child ? Do they know what Death feels like ? Smells like ? Even what Salty tears taste like? Especially those of a Mom.

War is many things- Polite Ain't one of them Folks. I am an old ER nurse, and I can tell you that This Iraq is like one Bad Train Wreck at this point and there just isn't that much that looks palatable- because there is nothing Polite about tattered limbs and cold blood drained faces. So the Next time you hear someone say the above "about be-more-polite" in their Hushed Concerned voices, take them on a Little Virtual Trip. First you take them to website gives a "Balanced "picture of the war- blown up rubble of lives, as well as photos of some of the fine Americans we have lost. And then make them read some of esp. the new postings of Robert Fisk " Baghdad Morgue article and Sidney Blumentals' The Vacationer". Some of this Journalism tells the Real Story. And then make them watch the Streaming Video, hell, even send your Local News there, give them a Lesson.

As Moms we need to tell the Media HOW to be Real Journalists again, before it is too late.

That Moms are to be Respected and Honored even here in America. They are Patriotic Americans, even when Grieving.
Hell, It was even part of Some Presidential Candiate's Platform last Summer, Cloaked as the "Return of Family Values".
So as a Mom, I say this to the Mainstream Media and this "Government" before you attempt to further SWIFTBOAT this Mom Cindy,or any other mom, and turn her into the Next"Fair Game".
Because Cindy is Not the Only Pissed Off Mom in this Country. There are MILLIONS. SHAME on the Damn People that have perpetuated the Impolite "Fair Game" Arrogance and Ignorance of this White House.


afb said...

Wow! I think you nailed it on the head. I am so sick of the radical righties and their fowl mouths. They need their mouths washed out with soap. Nice piece you should post this on Upbeat Defiance. Seriously it's very good.

enigma4ever said...

Marie-I am kind of new to blogging-world..but please send it far and wide....I meant every word...I am sending to Truthout and Also to "Mainstream Media"...Thanks for saying it is very good, I am too pissed to really see that....Sunday talk shows were not fit to line my kitty poop pan....And I thought , HA!, that considering Cindy is taking care of her mom, that maybe they would find their, um, Integrity....HA!...they went too again send where ever you want...and I will write Defiance...and hopefully Cindy and Camp Casey will know we have their backs- ALWAYS.

Darryl said...

Well done girl! But get the MSM off their asses and get them to start reporting the real news? I don't think so. At least not until we can show them their shit is costing them money! SO STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP! WRITE AND CALL AND FAX THE CLOWNS WHO ADVERTISE ON TV AND PAY FOR THIS SHIT! Then and only then will the bastards listen. It's the bottom line, stupid!


enigma4ever said...

Ahh, GOM... I did say that in one of the pragraphs ( about letting the sponsers know..etc)...don't think I said it as "succinctly "as you ;) anyways thanks..I will keep passing it around- and I am sending it to media....for what it is worth..I don't buy much these days- actually most folks I know are living on a pretty tight budget... I mean we all know the economy is in the ol'crapper but that is a story for another day....another rant....

Dada said...

Enigma: Well, it was just another morning--much like every other morning. You know, checking for the latest outrage that happened while I was sleeping. These days it's usually something outrageous, upsetting, or downright obscene, i.e. a hell of a way to start each new day.

Then I happened over here and got absorbed in your rant. Excellent post! There's nothing like an angry mother to cut to the heart of matters (no medical metaphor intended!).

Welcome to blogdom. I think you've got a long and glorious future here!

Kevin said...

Bush hates to see people like Cindy putting doubt in the minds of the American people. I personally hope she continues her "crusade". It's an honorable one. And one that is revealing many negative sides of the Bush administration.

Now is the time for the Democrats to capitalize. That means quit pissing around and letting Michael Moore do all the work for you. Jump in there and organize something so that '06 can be a good year for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I made it about 2/3 of the way through this post before it became too disarming to continue.

You see, I was at a local community college last night, and I picked up the school paper there (I wrote for my school paper, so I am interested in what stories they are covering). On the back were the opinion columns. One was from a student blasting "liberal bias" in the media. He quoted some old Andy Rooney stuff to help make his point. All I could think was how out-of-touch this young man was.

Speaking with my brother about it, we arrived at the conclusion that the myth of "liberal bias" is exacerbated by the perceived universalism of the conservative agenda. Therefore, ANY dissent constitutes "liberal bias."

These days, the media tends to overcompensate for charges of bias, becoming more and more right-leaning. But they could never lean far enough to quieten those complaints. Even were they fully compliant with the right-wing agenda (which they pretty much are), those same complaints would be there.

With that said, while journalists DO tend toward the liberal end of the spectrum, EDITORS are the ones that call the shots. These are the ones who have failed the public and defame themselves through service to their corporate overlords.

In the end, the myth of liberal bias is likely to persist. The self-evident has no power to sway the thoroughly convinced.

enigma4ever said...

To all those who survived my longest rave yet- and even had some postive things to say- wow - you are a brave bunch...and thanks...MSM is a FFFing corpritized mess...anyways also PT below wrote you back at your site....I will post some new stuff tomorrow- on July info showing Bush should never have gone on Vacation...and also about the Military Rave Raid in Utah....but for today I am working on that post...thanks again....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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afb said...

Ahhhhhhhh yes the blog spammers are out again.

If you ever need any help with technology.......please give me a hollar and I'll be there in a jif. We gottat stick together. The more you write the better you will get.

Had a bad week so am just getting around to you.....sorry for the delay!

Keep blogging. :)