Sunday, August 14, 2005

Day 14 of King George's Vacation

Dear King George-
This might be a bit long maybe the Queen will read it to you .....
Shame On You....yet again.
Did you go to any Funerals ? They are still burying and honoring 20 fallen Marines in Ohio... And 7 more funerals being planned after this weekend. Is your heart Heavy ? It should be.....

Did you go to Church Today, did you say a prayer for the grieving families in your backyard at Camp Casey?

I know that you are on Day 14 of your Vacation on your comfortable ranch. And that you have been soooo busy, I mean you have to keep busy so that you won't SEE the hundreds of grieving souls in your own backyard. ( I think it is more than 700 now on Day 8). The Hundreds who are grieving the loss of their precious family members. I know it was easy for you and Mr.Turd Blossum Rove to yell at the press and tell them to sandbag the poor grieving mom. There just isn't enough Aqua Velva to make you smell good through all of This. The Ditch People of Camp Casey have seen you coming and going in your Armored Surburban Herd, you could not get past them fast enough. I guess the speed limit applies to protecting cattle but not the Ditch People. It must be so embarassing to you when the Brave Ditch People and the Courageous Mom are getting Press Worldwide ( even the French papers, even the Chinese, even Brazil, Even India, Even Africa...etc etc- soon Camp Casey will need translators to help all the journalists reporting the Real Truth).

I don't know if you blog, or read, or read the papers, but if you Google Cindy Sheehan you will get 789,359 hits. That is Not so Fuzzy Math, that is a really big number. It means people are reading about her, her loss, reading her messege, that she has a Brave Courageous Voice.That she is Telling the truth....and the Whole World is Watching.

When you whizzed by humping your way to yet Another Foot Stomping Orgasmic Gluttonous Pork Snorting Beer Guzzling Fundraiser did you see Anything ? Anything that would Shock or Awe you ? Did you see moms holding baby pictures of Lost Sons ? Did you see Prayer flags strung between the Tents waving in the oven hot breezes sending prayers of hope and love to the Troops still sweltering in the Oily Hell Hole we know is Iraq? Did you see the Dads and Vets, and even some of the Bush supporters sharing stories, worries,frustation ? Some of the Bush supporters- a meager amount showed up this weekend - and what they met were not a bunch of stinky protestors, but real families, patriotic families- real people- just like them. And soon small flags were placed at Arlington West next to Camp Casey . And Suddenly "your" people are Not your people anymore they are parents and neighbors, just like Cindy. Walmart workers,construction workers, bloggers,students, nurses, school teachers, grandparents, truckers, lawyers,filmakers, bread bakers, suddenly are Talking to each other,discussing your lies, sharing tears, hugs, sharing the Truth. We were told by the media that you go to the ranch to get in touch with "your" people, your folks. Whelp- your "folks", your people- all of them are right in your back yard. This is your Shock and Awe Moment- but you perhaps are too Busy Oiling Up the Next Deal. We can only pray it is NOT the next Battle zone.
( Iran ??!!?)

Maybe you need to work on your Summer Reading List while you are spending so much time on the ranch. Please be sure to see the Reading List at the bottem of this letter....but to start with you might want to pick up my favorite that I have been rereading with All the Presidents Men. ( I do apologize that the reading list is all chapter books- no picture books).

I have been rereading the Emperor's New Clothes. Perhaps you don't remember it, maybe you should review it ( It has pictures). In the Story the King is deluded and he has a wonderful Propaganda Cabinet and Propaganda Footmen, and last but not least Propaganda Tailors weaving and sewing him quite a Costume, an Image, an Illusion. Only finally is there a Parade, and at the parade to honor the deluded leader Things Fall Apart. At the Parade there is an Moment of Epiphany, a moment of Truth where an extraordinary child points out the obvious and asks some Hard Questions. I know the story is mere child 's play, but surely you can see the parallels, minus missing evil dictators and missing evil weapons and "evil doers". And in the story the child was not forced to sit in a Ditch......and once the Truth was out, Nothing was ever the same, especially for the King.
( I think he was Impeached ?... or was it Beheaded ?...or was is tried for War Crimes ?)
Ahh, There is Nothing worse than the Naked Truth....Except a Naked King.

Maybe while you are home on the ranch we should review some of your previous summer exploits......

In 2001 Your Polls plummeted ( not as low as they are now) and Uncle Dick asked for money to build new bases ( august 2001) and yet NO ONE noticed the Security MEMO OF August 6, I know we are susposed to Remember 911. Not me, I am remembering 8-6-01 and how the Warnings of John Oneill, Mr.Clarke, and the Alex Project were TOTALLY ignored- right there while you were on the ranch. The Memo talked about Bin Laden planning to use Planes to Attack( even said it in the title) and the memo was sent to you after a very Concerning Video was sent from Bin Laden that year ( although the Public Never saw or heard of THAT) ( And the Public NEVER learned of the August 6 Warning until it was Pried out during the 911 Hearings, literally wrung out of Condelezza Rice Summer 2003). And certainly no one was aware that you had sent Afghanistan Taliban millions weeks after you took you oath in 2001 (something about pesticides to slow down the Herion Trade....)
Not that it really matters Now, because Iraq has nothing to do with 911, We All Know That Now.

But we also know that as early as March 2002 you were cooking up plans to send troops to Iraq, and by July you were really working on it. Working on it at the Ranch on your Vacation that August. Reporters asked you and Mr.Rumsfeld about Iraq as you both stood in the seething sun, and you both snickered and giggled and sneered" No".

And now we all know about the Downing Street Memos from that fateful secret that what The Giggle was about ?
( Perhaps a Giggle was shared with Mr.Tony at a Good ol'lipsmackin' Ranch BBQ that summer as well...)

And we all know that in Summer 2003 the White House chose Mr.Wilson's Wife to be Fair Game.
( And now we all know that MOMS are NOT Fair Game, maybe you should tell Turd Blossom).

And now you "say" you are staying "YOUR" Course. Even though no one knows What GodSmacked GodForsaken Course that is ??!

You see Cindy is Staying her Course, her Course is that she is there, Right in your backyard , because you took something from her and she wants Answers. Because it is too late to bring back her son....
She is still a Mom, a Patriotic American.....

And what you don't seem to See is that many people under your " leadership" have lost So Much: jobs, homes, health insurance,health, hope for research to stop deadly diseases, hope for some level of US Diplomacy, and security....and now children. People have sacrificed and not on their own terms, sacrificed so your goodol'boy Buddies and your Daddy could make HUGE profits. And the people in your backyard have sacrificed their own flesh and blood. I will keep asking this everyday- WHAT? WHAT have you sacrificed ?

It's kind of like the Emperor's New Clothes Epiphany Moment right now, only the parade moment is the Ditch in your backyard, and it isn't celebratory, it is a Vigil for the Fallen. Camp Casey is Moms and Dads and Vets who Want Answers, no more Lies, Answers and The Truth. No More Delusional Parades or Tirades from a immoral yellow bellyed Bring'em On leader. Because there are no parades for their Losses at Camp Casey....not even any words of kindness from your Soiled House.

My Great Aunt May , was a real Sensible Southern Woman- she could hold her Bourbon, and look you in the eye Know your "salt". ( She would be so proud of Cindy).She grew up after the Civil War, raised by one of Lincoln's photographers. Thanks to that upbringing she was real fond of quoting President gave her a sense of honor, of dignity. She would dust those old cracked photographs with love and respect, like he was family.
Yet She had a saying of her own " Lies are alot like Fish, The longer they sit out, The worse they Stink."
In that hot Texas unwavering sun Something is Really Stinkin' now. And it ain't Fish.
Until Tomorrow.....

**** Don't forget your Summer Reading List, after all Knowledge is Power****

The Man who warned America by Murray Weiss
The Price of Loyalty by Ron Suskind ( you remember Paul O'Neil)
Against all Enemies Richard A.Clarke
The Politics of Truth by Joseph Wilson


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