Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bush's August Numbers In the Ditch

Before you read the numbers in the Ditch....
Pass on Elizabeth Edwards letter..pass on to the Red Blogs as well if you can...
it is something to stir Every mom :

So I was trolling the internet and there are alot of polls coming out for August- and what is amazing, is that they are actually only for the First week- Aug 5 &6, which is only a few days into the Camp Casey Vigil ( and the King's Vacation).

( So we really bet they must Really Suck now ?!)
This poll is of all States and compares numbers falling in Red States and Blue States.
*** Be Sure to read this with the Google Game Part I : Bush there are some interesting overlaps with these numbers****

Go to the August 5th survey that just came out August 16th :

Bottem Line:
Weighted Average:
Approval of President's Bush's job as president : 41%
Dissapproval : 55%

Lowest 29 % : Rhode Island
Highest : Idaho 58%

RED STATES that are now Below 50% Approval: ( This includes 50% and below)
ALASKA (46), ARIZONA (45), ARKANSAS (40), COLORADO (45), FLORIDA (44), GEORGIA (47),INDIANA (48), IOWA (42),

Blue States that Have below 50% rating:
Delaware (32), California (32), Hawaii (43), Illinois (38), New Hampshire (42), New Jersey (35), New York (34),Connecticut (?),
Massachusetts (?), Oregon (41),Vermont (33), Washington(40), Wisconsin (41),

And so WHAT does this mean ? Here is a List of States that are above 50% in Approving King George's handling of his job as President ( and by the way 50 % is nothing to be Proud of.....)
The States that still Approve: ( Damn Short list) : Idaho(59), Utah (57), Alabama (52), North Dakota (51), Texas (54), Nebraska (55),Wyoming (58). Yup KIng George is still "approved" above 50% - by a slim margin in some- In SEVEN STATES...SEVEN.

AND on another level it shows ALOT of Americans are Very Unhappy with the King....Republicans too?


Anonymous said...

I just wish these numbers had been around during election time. Maybe then we could have avoided 4 more years of declining international opinion on the United States, avoided the constant battle between the US and UN, avoided Bolton, Rumsfeld, Rice and Cheney, and the ongoing madness, misery and failure of the War on Terror...I could go on but you get the picture.

It's a shame that - as much as these statistics imply about President Bush's standing and confidence rating (or lack thereof) - they won't make a bit of difference in his policy decisions. If he won't even listen to his own State Department - [Click here for article] - about the mess he was about to get the US into, why would he listen to people like us who really don't like him.

All I can say right now is: Thank God for term limits!

enigma4ever said...

I wrote you back ( offline) didn't realized that you had posted...haven't been to my blog in a while...and the data mining Penta is doing is in NAME of the No Child Left Behind Act- that is how schools are to get money...if you don't want info given to govt- parents have to tell the school..which is when I am sure those kids are put on a very special list...groan....Draft boards are already set up- secretly- it is why they have not increased the recruiting budget....and yes I saw the State memo....pretty bad.,..keep writing ,,,thinking...and writing...and blogging..

afb said...

Great post! I'm going to share your post at R/L. You did your homework on this one and I love the Google post below.


Unknown said...

No wonder The W, Rove and Co Machine is headed to Idaho after the long, restful sojourn in Texas.

enigma4ever said...

whelp- it turns out the AC numbers ( After Cindy Numbers are Astounding after all)...American Research Council today -Aug 20- YUP ...36 % Approval rating...A whole new low....