Sunday, October 08, 2006


Olbermann- Bush is Unacceptable


NEWSGUY said...

KO is right on track. Dubya has no idea what this country is supposed to be about anymore than an Albanian farmer or an alien from outer space. No idea at all. Totally ignorant. He doesn't read. He obviously has no idea what's even in the United States Constitution. I'm surprised he actually knows there are supposed to be three branches of government. He acts like he's the only branch that counts. "I'm the decider." This moron is no more qualified to be president than my gerbil.

enigma4ever said...

Yup...Your Gerbil is more qualified...what' s his name I will start making bumper stickers....( BTW the Constitution was used as Kitty litter years ago by the BUSHCO Regime- maybe Iraq would lend us theirs - since that is going so well too.)

Anonymous said...

Right on,,"We are losing freedom one conservative at a time."