Friday, May 30, 2008

THE PEACE COOKBOOK.....( Thank You Naj...look what you started)

So over at Naj's Blog...she came up with the Idea of sharing ideas about Food, and Reciepes and Great resturants...and in the thread there was talk of a Peace Cookbook, more sharing and it really got me thinking.....what a great idea.. and left me sooo hungry...and thoughtful...if we could just all sit down somewhere and share a meal...a really good meal...wouldn't we talk and share more...wouldn't that help heal so much strife...I think it would....We could sit and sup and talk....So In this Spirit I am sharing My Curry Chicken....and Please do go see Naj's Blog and give some receipes...and also go see Fallenmonk, he is talking Spam over there....So What are you cooking this weekend....Or do you have something to go with the Curry Chicken?

12 Chicken thighs ( Amish if you can - no antibiotics, or steroids)
one can of Coconut Milk ( 12 or 16 oz)
A&W Orange Creme Float Soda ( yeah, sounds odd- but it works)
2 cups of strong coffee
2 tablespoons Coffee Creamer ( amaretto)
1 tablespoon Butter
5 garlic cloves chopped very fine
red onion ( half cup)
Half English Cucumber ( bitesize chunks)
Half cup chopped Cantalope
20 grapes ( green or red) Chop in half
3 tablespoons Red Curry
sprinkle Nutmeg and Cinnamon
Old Bay Seasoning sprinkle on Chicken

Mix the Wet Ingredients, use mixer or Blender, then put in Casserole Pan, and put the chicken in and add the chopped onions and fruit...Put in pan, put lid on and bake at 350 degrees ( if glass pan) cook for one hour, it metal pan you can up heat to 375, but the fruit does not taste as sweet. So I reccommend a glass pan...

**{ And the Music is Linked to the Title...something special for your Friday...Good Music to cook by}**


X. Dell said...

I would never have thought of putting in orange pop. Sounds delicious, though.

Christopher said...

Maybe that is why my curry efforts never quite work out as planned.

Mystery ingredients:

1. A&W Orange Creme Float Soda
2. 2 tablespoons Amaretto Coffee Creamer

I'll give it another try.

Sometimes I do a quasi-Indian Dahl or lentil dish with yellow curry, chicken broth and spinach. It's OK but I would get laughed out of the worst restaurant in Mumbai.

DivaJood said...

I put falafel over at her place. Put the link at my place a few days ago. It could be a good cookbook.

MandT said...


enigma4ever said...

I saw it...yummmmmm.I think I left a comment there- you are quite the chef...

same to you...

the coffee too...those three things- and I use RED curry NOT the yellow....RED is soooo much better...don't forget the nutmeg, Old Bay and cinnamon too...Also Raisens are great with this receipe....( serve with Rice of noodles...)

I needed a break from Political Blogging...BUT

I am having HUGE internet and Cable If I am not back - don't take it personally...

enigma4ever said...

OOops _ Hey there Xdell..missed you up there..opps..

It's not really soda- it is this float stuff that you buy- but it has a real interesting flavor....

( My relatives came from the South- they cooked with Coca Cola all the time....)


Christopher said...

Spice is always the key.

I make great meat sauce for pasta or rice and the "secret" ingredient is Allspice.

Allspice darkens and enriches the tomato flavor. Plus a dash of Balsamic vinegar.

enigma4ever said...

you are killing me here..Allspice if Wonderful....and you are right especially with I am craving totally sprung me out of my Curry addiction...
( which has gone on all week)

Oh, the other spice that is great with Curry- Pumpkin Pie Spice....

Christopher said...

I love curry. In fact, I think we're going to China Chef in Fairport Village tonight for curry.

We found this splendid little place run by these delightful people from Sichuan, China and their food is as good as anything I grew up eating in Chinatown in San Francisco.

Plus, they let me practice my perfectly awful conversational Mandarin!

enigma4ever said... fav..that area of China has wonderful food....( I bet they are worried about people at home...)

I have been eating curry all week....too much.....and NOW I am having Wasabi cravings...

Anyways...about eating out...I gave up all Carryout and eating out at all UNTIL Obama clinges the Nomination and ANY extra money that we have ( for such dining goodies) has gone to the Obama Fund...NOW obviously I never ever knew that it would last THIS long...oye....

Soooo Please eat something Wonderful and savory for me...or even some Dimsum...I will enjoy it virtually ;-)

Naj said...


I actually didn't want to make a "PEACE COOKBOOK"

I wanted to create a dialog about food, between people of different cultures, countries that stand in opposition to each other; because food is a desire we share in common, as humans. It is something basic, something that our bodies need, and our tastes enjoy.

I wanted to create a dialog about the folkloric tales associated with food.

A cookbook is a commercial commodity; and I am not interested in that ;)

But I guess in America everything is for commodification!

Thanks for the recipe; I will try it :)

enigma4ever said...

I am so sorry, I corrected the post....I think Someone suggested it the thread at your place- I thought it was error- I corrected it above...

See here's the thing...I am not about commodifitcation or anything like that..I LOVE books..all kinds , but especially Cookbooks....I love old ones and well loved ones..ones shared at Flea Markets and Swap meets, and old books stores and garage's with finger marks and dripping stains...sigh....

I too think that if we just share food, and a good meal and talk that it does heal souls...( and it is one of the reasons I have posted food and reciepes here over the last year...that well, it is better to share a meal...and yes by all means true...)

And even like Diva put on your post about Street Food....

and I don';t go to for me - it is always about sharing ideas about HOW to make Something taste better...

Anyways..I am so sorry if I offended or took it all out of was meant as a compliment and sharing of food....and

yes, I like to picture all of us sitting in that big beautiful room above, under the cool of the Canopy sharing a nice meal...and sharing Family Style, passing bowls and plates .....


D.K. Raed said...

Green Onions! I haven't heard that in a loooong time! Now about cooking stories: many years ago, when my sister married a man of Lebanese descent, we all went out to dinner at one of those bellydancing restaurants where everyone sits on the floor & eats w/their fingers & drinks sweet tea out of little glasses. I think it was called something like The Marrakesh. Jewish husband ended up as the straight man under the bellydancer's "skirts" with Mr Lebanese egging him on. All in good fun. By the end of the evening, they were both wondering why everyone in the middle east couldn't get along as well as they did. This was around the time of the Beirut melt-down when we pulled the marines out. They decided we should open up an international peace restaurant because everyone can come together over good food. I came up with the name, "The Happy Medium". Unfortunately none of us can cook, so it was just a thought dream. Maybe we were on to something?!?

enigma4ever said...

You indeed were very much on to Something...Something really special...

kid said...

Never knew there was red curry, I got to try it one day.Next time I send you a recipe for BBQ pork shoulder sandwiches or Polish boys . Here's one you can try:

Popeye's Style Chicken Strips

5 chicken tenders
2 tablespoons white pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons paprika
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 Cup all purpose flour**
2 Eggs
1/2 cup milk
Blend milk and two eggs in a bowl to create egg wash. Mix all dry ingredients into another large bowl. Dip chicken tenders into egg wash and then roll in dry mixture until all surfaces are coated. Set chicken tenders aside for 15-20 minutes. Once cooking oil in deep fryer is at the correct temperature, fry chicken tenders for 5-6 minutes. Remove chicken tenders from cooking oil and place on a paper towel on a plate for 2-3 minutes to allow excess oil to drip off. Serve with ranch dressing or your favorite condiment.

** For crispy strips, add 1 tablespoon of corn starch and subtract 1 tablespoon of flour from dry mixture.

enigma4ever said...

I love Wings and grandmother used to do an egg wash...I completely forgot how wonderful that can be...thanks ;-)