Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More About Marine Mascot Beans

This is a messege for Blog Friends...NOT King George...
I mentioned a day or two ago about Beans. Beans is a little dog who has been the glue to a company that has suffered many losses over in Iraq. Too many. She is more than the Unit Mascot - she is their Friend, and someone to talk to. Families are working to bring her home to be with the unit when they return in September.
Jennifer Salzer spearheaded this drive because she needs to stay with her unit. 'Of course there is red tape and funds needed to make this happen. And the story has been sent to big media to raise the money, most will go to quarentine and travel and other tedious expenses, but the funds are pouring in, so it looks like Beans will return home with her she should.

If you want to give to support the 325th Unit or Beans:
Beans Foundation
157 South Main Street
Akron, Ohio

I also want to add if you have loving slobbery dog- think about looking into
volunteering and do pet therapy with your pet at a local VA center or hospital.
I have been doing some street therapy with homeless vets with my
dog Lilly and it is amazing the joy and comfort she brings....
Think about it....

Please read about Beans at

Update 8-17-05
I spoke with Jennifer tonight and it looks like Beans will be hopefully shipping out
in the next ten days..hopefully and enough funds have been raised to
hopefully put towards bringing more Unit Mascots back from Iraq-
apparently there are quite a few.
WEWS- has a new update tonight by Leon Bibbs-
they have been doing a nice job to support this effort.
She hopes to have Beans on the Tarmac to greet the Marines when they the next month.


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