Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Images from Japan Week 3

A man talks to a dog at a Shelter, many of the displaced have been allowed to move with their pets to Shelters. Estimates are that 250,000-450,000 are still displaced and living in shelters as of Week 3. Many have moved in with relatives on other parts of the Islands, and the government has started building shelters and housing. Unfortunately the Fukushima Evac Zones are expanding and are now up to 18 Miles from plant is being voluntarily evacuated, with most focus on families with young children or pregnant women.
Photos from Japan Week 3 ( more posted on Twitter @watergatesummer and on Facebook-whole albums ( This Newsweek: " Inside the Exclusion Zone" album is haunting. Watch for more areas within 50 KM from Fukushima to be evacuated

Along the Tsunami ridden Coast debris has been cleared to make paths and leave markers.....

From the DailyYomiuri A Chiba Prefecture resident has painted an inspirational message for the nation that reads "Fight on, Japan."

From the DailyYomiuri : A Miyagi man stands by the foundation of his destroyed home and a red flag he planted to tell workers "demolition ok". Even though it appears that the Tsunami did most of the demolition. Home owners in tsunami-hit areas put up green flags to say "do not touch", yellow for "only clean up wreckage" and red for "demolition ok".

Children have returned to school this week, some of the schools are still serving as shelters to thousands of displaced due to the Tsunami and the Quake. In Schools along the NE Coast, especially the fishing villages, many students and families were lost, so the some school populations have been cut 50-80%. Sadly the quake and tsunami happened as many parents were going to pick up children from school.

Bodies recovered from Tsunami zone neatly covered and set in orderly rows await burial ( in a School in Miyagi ).

People make their way through a Debris field attempting to locate belongings or locate possessions

Fishing Industry of NE Coast of Japan has been ravaged as boats were tossed like toys up onto the Coast. Researchers reveal tsunami's greatest height was 37.9 metres in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture ||that's 124 feet...?height of 9/10 story building?

A reporter traveling in Miyako found a Tsunami Evacuation map in the debris....

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mommapolitico said...

Thanks for the photos - devastating. And the repercussions from all of this stretch so far. It's a brand-new scenario for handling the mess made out of the reactors...that alone will be a factor for decades. I read that they're already finding trace amounts of radiation in milk in CA. Seems like something this dramatic can't help but affect the rest of the world.

Thanks for being a go-to place for news, Enigma. Much appreciate your powerful posts.