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Japan Disaster Day 23 (4.2.11):: First Two Fukushima Workers Bodies Found at Reactor #4 And More Radiation Leaking into Pacific

Condition of Fukushima Reactors #3 and #4 after Fires and Explosions ( by the 16th there had been atleast 4explosions in 4 days and episodes of Overheating, Smoke, Fires, and Steam Releases and some episodes called "Hydrogen Releases".

Note The Number of them and remember that the Reactors are only 200 feet apart. So Violent explosions could effect the other reactors. Do See that Reactor #4 experienced explosion March 15th, but may have been experiencing heat from explosions of #3 on the 14th. ( Do See Videos Below as they detail more of the events and damages).
Day 22 4.2.11 at 11 PM EST :: It was released via numerous media that Two Bodies had been found dead at Reactor Number #4 in the Turbine Building. Media Per Tepco reported that these two young men died in the Tsunami that followed the Quake. They were 21 and 24 years old. Immediately within first few hours all media picked up this story and released it as is. Yet there are are some questions that need to be asked. The Weekend of 3.12-3.14 The Public was told by Tepco to the Media that ALL workers had been accounted for within the plant. Then the First Explosion happened the weekend of the 12th, still the reports came that all workers were accounted for. Then came the Explosions of the 14th, and still no reports of missing workers.

On March 15th there was an explosion at Number #4 and workers were finally pulled from the scene, and it was reported that 17 were wounded , injured and that Two were Missing. And the Status of those two Missing Workers has never been reported or revealed. ( It was reported by Numerous Papers, including The Guardian, NYT and Reuters. I have included the Links Below. The Missing Two Workers were even admitted to be possibly, or last know to be in Turbine Building of #4. It is Important that this be properly clarified as if these two Brave Workers did indeed Survive the Quake and the Tsunami to Lose their lives Fighting a Nuclear Situation, they need to be Honored and Remembered for the Heroic Efforts of what they were trying to do.

I am asking that Some Responsible Media Source Look into This Situation and further investigate How these First Two Fukushima Workers really did die ? And is there any possibility that these Two Workers are ineed the 2 Missing Workers from the Explosion of Reactor #4 on March 15th ?
References for the Dead Fukushima Workers :::
*** MSNBC reporting the discovery of the Dead Fukushima bodies 4.2.11 and again the Natural Events are blamed and the Nuclear situation is not mentioned. More from CNNI Traumatic injuries in quake/tsunami caused death, as two Bodies of nuclear plant workers found.******

(1) NYT revealed that Bodies of Missing Fukushima Workers Found at Japanese Nuclear Plant had been found, but indicated that they supposedly died in Quake and Tsunami. ( No mention of March 15th Explosions or fire of Missing Workers from that series of events.
(2) CNN also covering the discovery of the Two Bodies, but no mention of the Missing from March 15th.
(3) Two workers missing after #Fukushima explosion, last known to be in turbine area of No.4 reactor via #AlJazeera
(4) More from Reuters on the Missing after 15th Explosion of #4, 2Missing Workers After Explosion Fukushima Tuesday March15/16-AND they were In Turbine for Reactor#4 .
(5) From the Australian 2 Missing Workers After Explosion MARCH15th via Australian/Reuters reported Missing, And they had been in/near Reactor#4.
VIDEOS Related to Explosions of March 15th and Status of Reactor #4 and Missing Workers::::
(1) This Video is by RT (Russia) and NHK Explaining Explosions at Reactors #2 and #4 on March 15th, and subsequent Fires, also shows the structures and the explosions and explains the huge risks of the Spent Fuel in #4 and efforts that had been made to cool it since it's cooling systems were knocked out. Title of video "Fresh Fire at Reactor #4"

(Question raised in videos:: More on the Spent Fuel Fires in #4 ( confusing if this is before explosion March14 or 15 ? says fire was ignited by hydrogen ?))

(2) RT/NHK video explaing Explosions and Fires at #4

(3) Very brief video shows actual Burst and Explosion at #3 ( March 14th or March 15th) But raises questions about the explosions and the damage.

OTHER UPDATES On Radiation Leaking into Sea Water and what is being attempted to stop the Radiation Leak::::

Excellent & extensive summary of Fukushima crisis (cont) From @silvermanman has the latest Report from Concerned Scientists explains all that is involved with the Fukushima Reactors at this point, both Core Issues and Spent Fuel Issues.
LA TIMES reports Japan radiation leak: Concrete fails to plug leak at Fukushima nuclear plant
During Night it was revealed that Cracked Reactor Pit "Repair" is being attempted with "DiaperLikeMaterials" (Reuters)
This Article in the NYT explores the forensics of the current situation that is being examined by Scientists far and wide.

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