Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Abstinence Only SEX Education has failed OUR Teens Nationwide

As an RN I worked for over 10 years with AIDS patients, and on my days off I taught HIV classes and also taught Sex Ed and AIDS prevention to Highschoolers.....and this was back in the Nineties when the Abstinance Only Programs had just started, with parents starting Contracts with their chidren, and the decline of REAL Sex Ed. I also worked at Clinic that was doing HIV testing, and there was nothing sadder than having to offer a HIV test to a crying Teen who had "Broken " their Abstinance Contract with their parents, and was more worried about having to tell the Truth to their parents AND find out if they were HIV positive....Fear and Anxiety.....and also the feeling of failure....I felt like these Abstinance Contracts and teaching were a set up for failure....and that time would reveal how Dangerous this "plan" is/was , especially enacted Nationallly and so now STD and HIV/AIDS cases are rising again.....Public Health Policy and Teaching should never Endanger OUR Youth....
How badly has Sex Ed failed our Youth in this Country, read about How Birth rates have risen in 26 states, and ask WHAT could have caused such a Signifigant Rise ???? ( other than Nationwide Defective Condoms....there is ONLY one Explanation.....)

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Fran said...

The only time in over a decade when teen pregnancy rates were on the rise were with the Bush abstinence only programs.

It DOES NOT WORK- and w unprotected sex also goes the STD's , AIDS/HIV.

So many school health clinics dropped out of federal funding because of this failed program, they felt they were doing a disservice to the students health care to follow his disastrous program.

More death & destruction in the path of Bush.