Sunday, January 11, 2009

WHY Uninsured can NOT afford Health Insurance- Hawaii

I encourage you to read the story linked to the title, I am going to try to post signifigant Health Stories as much as possible....this story is about Health Insurance problems in Hawaii, but each and every state has them, so please email them to me as well. I really am trying to track how BAD it really is.....I suspect that the Numbers are MUCH HIGHER than we know of Un-Insured and UnderInsured in Every state.

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Annette said...

The health care in Missouri reached a crisis level when Matt "baby" Blunt was elected governor and he decided the only way to reduce spending in the state and balance the budget was to cut medicaide. Then he lowered the income level to where you had to be literally destitute to get on it. For example a single mother with 2 kids could only make $76.00 a WEEK in order to qualify. If she made more than that she made too much.
I qualify as disabled, but even with my low income of $1,000 a month my spend down is $259.00. I either have to pay them that much or spend that much in meds or doctor bills in order to get medicaid. Matt Blunt is the son of Roy Blunt, the minority whip of the US congress from Missouri. He ruined our states economy. He and his wife couldn't live in the Governor's mansion so they had to drive over 100 miles one way with full escort to his home, had to have security installed in his home because she didn't think the mansion was good enough for them. He and Palin make a good pair.