Friday, January 09, 2009

Flooding in the Northwest Updates, Day 3 :: Friday Updates:::Whatcom County Washington FLOOD Photos and Aerials

Nooksack River (not that it can be recognized or banks located)

Mudslide in Deming ( there were mudslides reported in Deming, and along Mount Baker Highway)

Farm in Ferndale ( questionable where sheen plume is coming from )It is also to be noted in the farm photos,
not certain where farm animals have been re-located to....

photos: aerials of Northern part of County-Ferndale and Lyndon
First Bellingham Herald is doing an Amazing job covering this flood and covering What parts of the County are suffering, Pretty much ALL of the County has been effected with Urban Flooding in Bellingham and Extensive Flooding around Lake Whatcom and ALL along the Nooksack and ALL Creeks , Rivers and Waterways. Go here to see more Amazing Photos and Aerials. I have linked Bellingham Herald to the title for you to read more about ALL the areas effected. Most of Ferndale and Lyndon are under water....and roads are under water ( as well as farms). Whatcom County just beneath the Canadian Border, and Fraser Valley is full of Farm and Dairy Land, and is under many feet of water. This is also indicative of how the Fraser Valley is suffering as well. Look at the roadways in these photos, and you will see that the Nooksack River is no longer a defined waterway, as no banks can be seen in any of the photos.....More updates during the day.

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Annette said...

I am wondering if there is a vehicle that is leaking oil or gas, or if they had a storage tank or something.

Or else there may have been an old service station somewhere close that had a storage tank no one knew about. Always of the old logger camps or something.