Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MoveOn's New Ad : A Message to Holder about Torture...... already has asked its members, in the form of an email petition, to call on Holder to appoint a special prosecutor. Its new video petition is based, in part, off a Senate report released Tuesday evening that shows interrogators used torture techniques to try and get detainees to admit to a link between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

As the accompanying email announcing the video reads: "The report calls the program 'a perfect storm of ignorance and enthusiasm,' and it confirms that officials at the highest levels, from Dick Cheney to John Aschcroft, were deeply involved. Calls for action are growing by the hour--and getting noticed... We're delivering your signatures and comments to Attorney General Holder tomorrow--but to make sure he hears our message loud and clear, we still need more people to join the campaign."
Click the title to see the MoveOn Accountability Page and sign the Petition that is being sent to Holder tomorrow.
Please note it highlights Dick Cheney's "role"....and do read the Award post below- and yes, I sent a copy of this over to CNN Ed Henry.....I had to.

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