Sunday, April 12, 2009

For all the Cav and Lebron Fans out there...."Can I get a Witness ???""

The Poster above by Nike is on Buildings in Ctown and has been the Motto for the past 2 years....WE ARE ALL WITNESSES...I personally think it has alot of meanings....not just about B-Ball.....About the Cav's 40 Wins and only ONE loss at Home - No one can match that record except Larry Bird of the 85/86 Celtics....they will go all the way this year...make no mistake..and Speaking of the Celtics, they are biting the dust here in CTown...losing by over 20 points, the Cav's are on fire...and to the Dumb announcer- guess what an Elbow to the Family Jewels is indeed a Foul- a Technical....
( I finally got to watch a WHOLE game...phew...)

And from the " Amazing" series for the NBA ( the Ads ask " where will Amazing happen this year ?)..Lebron....

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