Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dumbass DC Press Corp Quote of the Week, Ed Henry has decided that ANTI Torture People are some kind of Wacked Out Liberal Lefties ? Really Ed ?

"What changed over the last 24 hours?" asked CNN's Ed Henry. "Because yesterday you were flat in saying that we're not going there, as Rahm was on Sunday. And in the last 24 hours we've seen groups like on the left come out and write a petition to the Attorney General saying they want accountability from the Bush administration. Is this an example of this White House giving in to pressure from the left?"
My Question : So only the LEFT are people that believe in International Law and Believe that Torture is Immoral and Inhumane ???
Dear Ed,
I am sending you the Move On Video on Torture and some other posts to help you better Understand that Torure occurred under the Bush Regime and it was ORDERED under by the Bush Regime, and that it is Immoral and against the Law. And Note to you, Obama won the Election the Age of Bush Propaganda and Fear Mongering is over, you might want to check your desk and see if you have any Journalistic Integrity tucked away. And while you are at it- do Google " Geneva Conventions and War Crimes" it would really help educate you.

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