Monday, April 20, 2009

The Torture Memos are being Read Around the World: Read this Scottish Article, " Obama's Shame"

The Whole World is watching HOW we as a Country handle this...and they are watching how Obama handles the title to read the Scotsman Article.


Fran said...

Excellent article.
But his further decision to rule out any prosecution of the CIA operatives involved in applying the techniques has brought a flood of criticism from liberal commentators who fear the President, despite his own objections to the methods, has now become complicit in their application.

David Cole, a professor at Georgetown University Law Centre, and the author of Justice At War: The Men and Ideas That Shaped America's 'War on Terror', said: "The four legal memos released by the Obama administration on Thursday confirm in excruciating detail that the Bush administration employed twisted and macabre legal reasoning to authorise the unspeakable – the torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of human beings.

So I have to wonder-- what is the method of Obama's madness? He himself does not have the time & resources to prosecute the torturer's, but put the info out there for someone else to go after?

His hands are full & frankly I would rather have him
be focusing on Health Care & Education than mired in prosecuting the bush criminals.

enigma4ever said...

I don't have an answer Fran...I wish I did...and on another level is he trying to let the Evidence Flood the airwaves, is he trying to let "Doscovery" lead to the prosecution ? is the Executive branch going to take any stand on this other than " looking forward ?"
Last night Sheldon Whitehorse was on with rachel and he pointed out that all the memos coming out now are
concerning- and that the administration can not just claim to look forward....and now cheney wants more released ( and for once I am saying well,, hell's bells let's make the sob happy)....maybe when the evidence becomes overwhelming then Obama's people can pursue- also on rachel it was revealed there are a bunch of investigations going on that we don't know about that are going to bring forth even more evidence....

but I don't know anymore......