Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Washington Post Find Your Journalistic Integrity, use the Word TORTURE , Stop calling it "Interrogation Methods", and Show the Bloody Photos.

Dear Washington Post,
You did an abysmal job reporting and investigating The War, the Build Up to the War, and the War Crimes that were first revealed in 2004 from Abu Gahraib. And now you are still trying to be the Bush Propaganda Machine ? I read the attached article about Cheney wanting Materials released about HOW Torture and War Crimes "worked" ? And you are helping him ? What happened to the Washington Post that Investigated and reported Watergate ? Now More than Ever at this Critical Moment, please examine Where you as a Paper stand on Reporting The Truth. We The People are asking for the Truth About War Crimes. That is the True Bush Legacy, and at this point you all are Nothing More than a Propaganda Tool.

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