Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Watch these Videos of Gonzales being Questioned about the Canadian that was Renditioned and Sent to Syria to be Tortured....Watch his answers.

We need to ReWatch the Actual Hearings of What Gonzales said when he was Confirmed to be the Director of the JD , but here are some videos that raise Real Questions about Torture and WHO wrote the Memos, remember Gonzales was Bush's Attorney in the White House from 2001 forward... He was questioned about Torture in 2007, in particular the Canadian Citizen who was held Without Charges, Renditioned to Syria and tortured for 10 monthes ( Included below is video explaining What happened to Maher Arar.)
January 18th, 2007

Leahy wants answers on why Canadian Maher Arar was sent to Syria where he was tortured. ( He was Renditioned). Arar was cleared of all terrorism charges by the Canadian government, because there were no charges ever officially filed by any Government.The Video below is How the Canadians reported it, it is important to recognize that America does not act in a Vacuum, that foreign citizens were held, detained and tortured and possibly even killed in our care.

This Video documents the story of Maher Arar the Canadian that was tortured by the Bush Administration

And then on Feb 4th, 2009, Watch this BBC Interview ( never shown here in the States of Gonzalez being Interviewed about Torture at Gitmo-Listen closely to what he says.)

I encourage All Bloggers and Internet News Sites to Post these Videos and to find more that expose the Lies and Shame about the Torture that occurred under the Bush Administration, and to also send to Our Elected, to Eric Holder and to the MSM.The videos show Why we need Accountability.


Omnipotent Poobah said...

Much as I'd like to, he always gives me a headache and I've already busted the TV by throwing shoes at it when he's on.

enigma4ever said...

I know, and I have heaved plenty of shoes too....sigh...but believe it or not now that he is in Bush Disfavor and jobless and facing charges...I can watch him....

let's put it this way- the BBC video is NOT going to get him a job ....and that's a good thing ...** Hell it might even get the criminal indicted....****